I recently read in the papers that a certain man in India (Prahlad Jani - 83yrs now) is living without food and water for 70yrs. This is not the conventional way humans live and this kept many skeptical. If this is true, what is the reason behind it?

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Apparently, he claims that he is nourished by a divine nectar called Amrit that he receives through a hole in the roof of his mouth. Other advanced Yogis have also claimed to have received this substance which is believed to be secreted by the pineal and pituitary glands. A supervised study has been done for 10 days verifying his claim and during that time he did not receive any food or water and neither did he have to empty his bladder or bowels.

Several years ago I would have probably said these claims were ludicrous or too incredulous to believe but the more I grow the more open I am to believing anything is possible particularly when we let the Divine take over.


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I remember reading, as a youngster, about Catholic mystics who had gone without food and water, or who had reportedly lived only on a once daily communion wafer. Here is a website that describes the lives of some of them. I read the news article about this Yogi as well. Interesting!

Catholic Mystics


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There are a number of ascetic practices which have the goal of achieving a breakthrough in spiritual enlightenment in the practitioner. Among those are the vision quest of the native American Indian, and the fasting of Tibetian monks.

Those practices are always temporary.

The practice that you refer to is called Breatharianism. It is the ability of someone to live on clean air and sunlight, more or less. This article cites several examples; the only case that appears to be notable is that of Prahlad Jani, who has apparently been observed under controlled conditions over a period of 10 days, living without food or water and not passing stool or urine.

If nothing else, it does demonstrate that there is some possible validity to his claims, and some basis for further study (if the claims are true, that is).


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Yes this is fasting it is nothing new, Jesus did it himself so he could be in a more spiritual mind set. He said some demons or sickness requires fasting to cast out.

There was some place that said how long the body survives with no food or water I remember. Water is shorter but food was surprisingly long, I remember it said most think they are going to starve to death long before they really would.

I know if I went 40 days with no food I'd be chewing on my leather shoe! LOL

Maybe it depends on how serious I take it and how important it is, if it could mean saving someone's life I think it would be easier to achieve.

There was some site it said how long with no food, how long with no water and how long with no air the body can survive.



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