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It is wonderful what education and mass communication can achieve! Even if this was 500 years ago.

An educated group mind is incredibly powerful!

asked 11 Sep '12, 06:58

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Dollar Bill

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Very interesting Dollar Bill - clearly there is nothing new under the sun.

However, the internet is faster and cuts out the middle man - a good thing. Isn't it great that people from different countries/different languages (Google translate) can communicate directly at this time. It has its shadow side of course (just as pamphlets were used for ill in previous times) but on the whole it is a really good thing.

I suppose the one difference - in the 16th Century the masses were communicated TO whereas with the internet the masses are communicating with each other. It feels a bit less of a hierarchy of information.


answered 11 Sep '12, 09:05

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@Catherine - The opening up of information allows better decision making.

I feel the Internet / Google as a similar mechanism as the Universal Mind as far as information that can lead to inspiration and vice versa. I use it as a very fast manifesting box sometimes. I can get over 3 million answers in .28 seconds.

(11 Sep '12, 12:50) Dollar Bill
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