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What is some insight you have had that allows you to feel relieved and more in control of your own well being, that you had never considered before ?

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Nice question B2B :)

(15 Jun '11, 04:30) Eddie

Letting go! And letting go of the illusion of being in total control.

Yes, let it all go.


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Nice Michael, cool observation :)

(15 Jun '11, 04:30) Eddie

"letting go of the illusion of being in total control"...I love it :)

(15 Jun '11, 11:30) Michaela

I guess the greatest insight for me was realizing that I always have the power to change my perceptions thus turning off that automatic response mechanism, and when I do everything else begins to change accordingly.

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When I had my OBE it was from dwelling on this one thought you just expressed

(15 Jun '11, 23:52) you

Realizing that whenever you get to where you're going, it is the right time. You cannot be where you want to be until you're actually there. Let's say you have an appointment and due to heavy traffic you realize you'll be late. Previously you may have become stressed about this, but in truth we don't know all of the circumstances or details and other parties could be late anyway. This attitude certainly frees our mind of all stress, which in turn maintains our state of well-being :)

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answered 15 Jun '11, 04:29

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It really is always the "right time"... thanks Eddie :)

(15 Jun '11, 11:31) Michaela

The insights that I have are based on a reflection of my life. I was involved in a car accident approximately 2 years ago… I was T-boned on the driver’s door. I walked away with a slight burn on my wrist from what I believe was the friction of my hand rubbing against some material in the vehicle.

This was an amazing event as you can gather…as I approached the critical impact point …time slowed down to screen by screen shots and to this day I can see the vehicle moving closer and closer to my door and just before impact I look up into the eyes of the other driver and we make contact. Then at the point of impact it’s fast forward and the next thing I recall is that I am over the curb, facing traffic, and my foot has the brake pedal all the way to the floor. I put the vehicle in “Park” take my foot off the brake pedal, then I decide to move the vehicle so I shift the selector to “Drive” and upon attempting to move the vehicle noting happens. I then realize that in spinning around I must have fried the transmission as I was 15 feet from the point of contact and facing backwards. I crawl over the center counsel and exit from the passenger side and to my amazement, there is a police officer standing next to my vehicle. I said something like “your fast” and he said, “No, I watched the whole thing happen, I was waiting for you to get through the intersection as I was going to pull you over for driving without your headlights on”. He then asked that I sit down, that he has medical vehicles in route, and that he thought I was going to be stuck in the vehicle and was amazed that I was even walking. I stated that “I was fine, that my hand hurt” and then looked down and saw the skin burn. Just then the medical vehicles showed up and wanted to place me on a stretcher. I indicated that I was fine and thus had to sign a document refusing medical service.

What a story ha! Well, my vehicle was totaled as all four sides had damage and there were obvious mechanical issues. Well, a few days after that accident I started to think about previous situations where I had escaped serious injury and I began recording them on paper. I have 16 accounts of situations where I had no control of the immediate outcome and yet I walked away with only slight cuts or bruises. (I fell off a roof, I had an extension ladder kick out from underneath me, I even slipped while cutting down a tree and was hanging upside down in the tree with a chain saw running next to my head).

The accumulation of these events made me realize that I was being protected by something. I therefore began my spiritual quest to find out more about this amazing force that was protecting me.

Even though my life’s events accounting and subsequent spiritual quest have taken place over the last 2 years I still did things based on my thoughts and perceptions. So, my recent insight, and I mean within the last 2 months is that based on my personal experiences, I am not in control, I may think I am and that’s been my problem. When I try to control the outcome or events based on my human mind I find that I get wrapped up and things begin to get very complicated. However, if I step back and ask for guidance then things seem to take on a different plan and I find that I am more at peace, things seem to just fall in place, and I am in awe at what transpires.

One day, I created a phrase and its one of my favorite that I continue to repeat to myself day in and day out…”I seek guidance from Wisdom…the guiding hand of God”.

So, my control is in seeking guidance from my source.

When I do that I know I will be guided and directed. But this is not always easy as I am still in the infancy stage and at times I do not know if I am receiving guidance or if it’s my own mortal thoughts. Wow, I just received some insight to this thought…for when I receive guidance I seem to recall that there is a tingling sensation within me…(I’ll continue to monitor this to see how accurate this proves to be).


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Jim 1

wow, very insightful, thank you for sharing...

(16 Jun '11, 22:57) Back2Basics
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