I have heard this too many times to count. I do love it there, and am drawn to specific areas. Mainly Southern California. I get a feeling & sensation of being home immediately whenever there. I find this quite interesting.

Have you heard this?

Do you feel a connection to California of some sort?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

After Eckhart Tolle lived in the state of presence for a few years he felt that he should move to west coast north america for some reason, so he moved to california where he was inspired to write the book "The Power of Now".


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@Nima, Love Eckhart Tolle! Didn't know this, thanks!

(14 Sep '12, 17:26) figure8shape

Very interesting! I have felt that exact feeling too, but not in California. While visiting and living on a certain island in northern Europe, I had very strong feelings throughout the entire experience that everything felt familiar, was in perfect sync with my sensibilities, and that I had "returned home." I always wondered if this was possible evidence of a past life, but aside from the sheer wondering, I never explored it further.

Expanding on what nima said, I remember Eckhart Tolle talking about certain places, locales, regions, countries, etc., having "energy fields" which attract or repel people. In his case, he felt that his native Germany at the time of his childhood had a "painful" energy field, which made him want to get the heck out.

If California is indeed a "spiritual portal" of some sort, I'd certainly be interested to know. :)


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@Lozenge123, Energy fields definitely exist. I can actually see them...but that's another topic :) Thanks so much!

(14 Sep '12, 20:54) figure8shape

@Lozenge123, I once visited a torture chamber beneath a castle that gave me that painful "get the heck out" sensation. I had initially been open to the experience, and genuinely interested in simply learning what had gone on in there, but I got much more than I bargained for. The anguish still locked within those walls was palpable.

It doesn't need to be an acceptably creepy place like that, though. I once truly ticked off my impatient boyfriend by refusing to go into a perfectly...

(15 Sep '12, 12:38) Grace

...innocent-looking convenience store, because I got a similar feeling just driving up to the place. I feel sure something bloody and horrid happened there, or was about to happen. Nothing could persuade me to ignore that feeling.

(15 Sep '12, 12:41) Grace
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I was born in southern California, and have lived here all my life. I'm aware of the reputation we have for being a bit "out there". I take it as a compliment. :) I do think that different areas of this world have different energies; I certainly feel them myself.

There is a canyon - Laguna Canyon, that leads from an inland area down to Laguna Beach, and the first time I drove through there a few years ago, I felt immediately hushed and reverent. I was driving with a friend who is not especially spiritual, but loves me and tries to understand my weirdness, so I mentioned this feeling. I was surprised that she immediately came back with "I know, isn't it amazing? I was waiting to see if you felt it, and sure enough...".

The Kern River Valley in the Southern Sierra Mountains is like this for me. There are thousands of years of Native American history there, along with incredible natural beauty. The whole valley has a personality of its own - I feel infused with its character whenever I'm there. As soon as I start the decent into that valley, everything else just slips away from me, and things that really matter start to show up in my mind. Peace. Love. Serenity. Respect for everything in that valley - every plant, animal, person (living and dead), every rock, and of course, the river. If everything has a consciousness, that river is my friend for sure. I could swear it talks to me; I can feel how it is doing.

The graveyard reaches out to me - my car used to do strange things every time I drove by that cemetery; the headlights went off once, the blinkers another time, etc. til finally I stopped and visited each grave in the place. That was years ago, and I don't have any more car problems when I pass now, though I do always remember to say hello to the folks there as I go by. :)

When I visited England, where my family came from (Mom and Dad met on the boat coming over the pond), I can still remember the feeling of seeing that green land for the very first time. It felt nothing at all like seeing something for the first time - it felt exactly as you said - like coming home. I felt so comfortable everywhere we traveled in Britain, never got lost or confused about anything. Oh.... except the money. Still haven't figured that out.



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@Grace, Laguna Cayon IS awesome! It's one my very favorite spots in California! YOU GET IT! :) Thanks!

(14 Sep '12, 20:53) figure8shape

@Grace Lovely answer - Laguna Canyon is on my list of places to visit.

(15 Sep '12, 02:49) Catherine

@figure8shape and @Catherine, oh I would dearly love to buy you a drink in Laguna if you come. How much fun would that be? :D

(15 Sep '12, 17:02) Grace
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