I have been considering this. With us Humans removing metals,stones and oil from the earth. Wouldn't this contribute to the "balance" of the earth. And thus throw that balance off, Therefore putting it out of balance and causing weather changes with the melting ice, tidal waves and such. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands for thinking :)

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"Global warming" as some have put it (which has been changed to climate change recently) was a hoax perpetrated on many people. Though some ice has melted (and is now back to cooling again)these are natural occurrences not caused by man.

We can not assume that we are (and our actions) are not just as natural to the process itself.

Everything is as is should be.



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jim 10

First of all I think Wandering Dude is on to something that is likely closer to the truth.

When we speak of the "effects" on the earth we are dealing with our manipulation of the outermost crust and the atmospheric layer of the earth.

So are we talking about saving the planet?

If so, let me quote George Carlin by saying

"The earth will be fine loooong after we are dead and gone"

Or you can hear him tell you that himself by clicking this link below.

George Carlin - Saving The Planet


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Yep...it will. The worlds still in a good state.If it weakens im sure the power that created it will sort it out. Dont worry..be happy

(01 Jan '11, 21:28) Monty Riviera

Don't worry, the Earth has been hotter than this before. I would say that we are going into an Ice Age. The ice is back. Better check those Ice measurements again.


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Let us not concern our self about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of it self, so the world at large will be taken care of in the time of need!


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Good question!

The world is warming a little right now because the polar ice caps are melting... In the process, the earth's weather has become somewhat more severe, because the melting process is producing larger 'fronts' of cold and warm air. Being larger, these new fronts naturally produce larger and more powerful storms.

In a few years, when the melting process has abated, the world will likely return to its usual (less severe) pattern, and the crisis will be over...

However, I am still a bit concerned about the mile-thick ice mass that is likely to slip off the mountains of Greenland at some point in the near future. When that ice starts to slide, it will likely gain momentum fairly quickly and produce some very BIG waves.

So... For those who live on the West coast of Europe or the East coast of North America -- it would probably be a good idea to monitor that situation pretty closely.

For the benefit of investors: Siberia and Alaska could become excellent farm land soon.


answered 02 Jan '11, 16:12

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The Prophet

The famous American prophet Edgar Cayce had long said that the coasts would be most at risk with the coming earth changes and would be much inundated with water. He said this in the early 1900's!

(02 Jan '11, 16:52) LeeAnn 1
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