This one may seem a little tongue-in-cheek at first, but it represents a true seeking. Many faiths paint "God" as an entity separate from our earthly experiences. Does this hold true for you or is "God" an earthling like us?

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Hu Ra

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Barry Allen ♦♦

IMHO God is not any kind of personified being or entity and certainly not one who's truly separate from us or our living Earth Mother. Having said that if that idea and that belief serves you, by all means continue with it.

God, Source or I Am, by its very nature is all of ALL That Is, so in that sense, yes, God is an extra-terrestrial, but who isn't? 8-)


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Yes, Thank You Eddie! We are all extraterrestrials! LOL! Out of this world!

(06 Dec '10, 09:12) Hu Ra

God is within and without. He is everything - he is you, he is me, he is a blade of grass, a snowflake, anything you can see with your physical eyes or can imagine without seeing, every experience you're living and every person you come into contact with. There isn't anything that God is not, so if you believe in extra-terrestrials - then yes God is an extra-terrestrial too :)


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GOD he? No. We? Yes.





Separateness only exists as an idea in the mind. We are an extensional expression of GOD experiencing itself.

"For the kingdom of God is in you"

God bless,



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jim 10

Love it!.......

(06 Dec '10, 08:43) daniele

Yes and no. Gods the source of all that science can see and quantify.

So He transcends planets.He isnt FROM anywhere. He IS everywhere.

He cant really be EXTRA or outside of anything.



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Monty Riviera

gawd is EXACTLY like us. in fact, is "us." so, in that case, yes, gawd is an extra-terrestrial, as in, terrestrial beliefs do not contain gawd. gawd simply projects the terrestrial as part of the great dream in which gawd dances. doesn't matter. it's right here.


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"God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality he has created ,and yet he is within each one of these, without exeption. He is therefore within each man and women , he is also within each spider, shadow and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit. God can only be experianced, and you experience him whether or not u reailize it through your own existance. In the most inexapable truth, he is not human in ur tems at all, nor in ur terms is he a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the facitts of his multideminsonal existance,," ................Seth Speks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul...... Channeled by Jane Robberts Recorded by Robbert Butts Material by Seth

thought this might help as well !!! click there for another interesting article!

hope this all helps, love n light, rob


answered 15 Apr '11, 01:50

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TReb Bor yit-NE

I believe we need to move away from concepts such as God. It is truly misleading. I like to use the term creator. There are many creators, all on separate levels, including each and every single one of us. Extraterrestrial? I believe in oneness so I don't see a reason to dwell on it.

Thank you, namaste


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When one understands that one is Eternal Consciousness (Divinity) and Creativity (Free Will Logos), connected to and flowing within All There Is, one will understand the 'Bigger Picture' of Creation, and how Creation manifests and expands from within its heart centre outwards: an infinite array of Russian Doll-styled constructs for Itself - via expanding fractals of Itself (Us - for we are all aspects of All There Is) - to expand, fractilise, create, experience and fill in the void of Dark Energy and Matter via the intentional implementation of Light to define and contrast these constructs.

You may have heard the expression 'The Whole is greater than its parts'? This expression is delusional, for the Whole will never know Itself without unconditionally allowing and acknowleding the conscious self-awareness of Its parts. When the parts of the Whole are allowed conscious self-awareness (Free Will) and the Whole acknowledges the self-awareness of these parts and the vital role they play in the functioning of the Greater Whole, the Whole then begins to understand Itself, and what is beyond itself.

This particular Universe has many Logos, many Creators, all at different levels, all serving different functions.


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@TGunn : how do you define logos?

(01 Mar '14, 03:59) ursixx

@ursixx: Excellent question :o) Logos is Love, and Love is Creation. So Logos, put simply, means Creator. Not the Infinite Creator, but a Creator. Without Free Will (conscious self-awareness, polarity) Logos is unconditional. Logos with Free Will has a choice to be unconditional or conditional. Within creation there is Word (or Law), but this Word is finite in the realm of the Creator. Within one Word there is another, and another, etc. Within one Logos there is another, and another, etc.

(01 Mar '14, 15:55) TGunn

The concept "God" is a belief that has been reinforced and formed over time just as any other positive or negative belief is formed.

Primitive humans observing the sky with it's twinkling lights at night and a great fireball during the day, water falling from the heavens and that strange fluid substance that enters and exits the body during breathing. They searched within the bodies of animals that they had captured to eat, but found nothing but red sticky liquid and inert flesh. Then they searched within themselves and found nothing.

So gazing in wonder at all these natural phenomena, the need to believe in something much more grandiose that could fill the universe was born. God is us, we all work hand in hand. Inside we are nothing, outside we are everything

alt text


answered 01 Mar '14, 07:56

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she that created anew
was of a different star
system, was chased away
by the usurper who also is


answered 01 Jul '17, 20:10

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I don't know what this means but I like the intrigue and mystery of it :)

(17 Jul '17, 07:32) Joycelyn

@fred- good one- I missed this! she? hahaha! all the male-dominated religions will laugh... but the Creator was female for millenia; after all, who creates life? females! then came the One GOD, and HE was a HE. Hmmm. Anyway, good poem, dear!

(17 Jul '17, 23:08) Jaianniah

I believe that God is a vital organ up there with our brains and our hearts and everything else that is essential to life. But because there is no physical matter to represent God - only a feeling or sense of - science does not yet have the tools to 'measure' the reality of God. But people who have God [switched on] will tell you that the presence is felt in their hearts and throughout their entire bodies.

So God is not an 'alien' per se - far from it - but is very much a part of natural living energy. God is within.

It's lovely to look up at the sky - perhaps the only part of our planet that has remained untouched by human hands - and talk to God/meditate/pray but really you can have that two-way conversation with God anywhere - on the bus, at work, sat on the sofa, in the bathroom! Anywhere, because God is always switched on and yet is never intrusive.

The Catholic faith is one of beauty, honour and mystique but it's not necessary to have an intermediary to reach God - if anything that 'intermediary' is an obstacle if you like to knowing your real inner God. So if you want to reach God then put the feelers out. Literally. Ask the question: God where are you?" and God will answer you and then with that first step you will know that far from being an ET that is out there, God is a part of you that is within hear.


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@Jocelyn- Good answer... and welcome! We need a bit of feminine wisdom (assuming you are female, of course!) But your answers and comments have been appreciated by this female! <3

(17 Jul '17, 23:10) Jaianniah

Is anyone her familiar with Hidden Hand? He/She/It is basically an Illuminati insider (allegedly) who appeared on an internet forum about 2 years ago with the intention of of giving a Q&A session. One of the questions asked was:

Who is your "creator" and is your "creator" the same as our "creator"?

The answer given is far too long and detailed to post here, but here is a paragraph from it which basically sums it up:

Your Creator, the one you have called 'Yahweh', is not "God" inasmuch as your bible refers to him as being "the One True God". He is 'a' Creator (or Sub-Sub-Logos) rather than the One Infinite Creator. He is not even a Galactic level Logos, but rather, is the Planetary Logos for this one planet.

If you want the full detailed answer, along with many other fascinating questions and answers, here is the link:

It is quite a long but most definitely interesting read. I am not 100% convinced it is real although a lot of things on there really do make sense.


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Radius 7.25

Sounds a little bit like some aspects of mormon theology.

(05 Dec '10, 12:27) Monty Riviera

Funny you should say that, my next door neighbours are Mormons:)

(05 Dec '10, 17:43) Radius 7.25

Never met any,we dont get many of em in my neck of the woods!

(05 Dec '10, 20:46) Monty Riviera

Thanks for contributing a related (ET) link. Do you think that bloodlines have anything to do with power? To me, the only things the Rothschilds have that I don't is an absence of conscience and willingness to kill/destroy anyone in their way.

(06 Dec '10, 01:30) Hu Ra

Hello Hu Ra :) To be honest i'm not too sure. Apparently they are not from this world and have the ability to do things like shape shifting. Again, not something I completely buy but it does make you wonder.

(06 Dec '10, 05:21) Radius 7.25

I, too, wonder. As of yet, I have never experienced any evidence of the existence of "aliens". As far as I can see, ET's are a metaphor humanity uses to calm it's deepest darkest fears of being totally and utterly alone.

(06 Dec '10, 09:11) Hu Ra

I've always been interested in UFOs and have always wanted to see one but never have :( I still believe in them though.

(06 Dec '10, 13:40) Radius 7.25

David Icke thinks that the royal family ( british ) are really extra terrestrial alien like lizards...He should have stuck to commentating on the athletics!

(06 Dec '10, 16:59) Monty Riviera

I like Davind Icke but I find his belief on the Royal family being reptilians a bit hard to swallow (although I can't say i'm a big fan of the Royals either)

(06 Dec '10, 19:24) Radius 7.25
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No, God is Love and Love holds reality together. Without Love the universe is chaotic and destroys itself.

Love, Light, Compassion, Unity - whatever you want to call it, is The Glue, The Energy that holds it all together.


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By definition God is an xtra-T. No sacrilege intended he is not from earth ;however Jesus being born in Bethlehem would make him a legal resident then you get into trinity stuff ._..Bottom line God could claim both alien and native status! IMHO!


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