Buddha was a firm proponent of staying present, and the LOA teachings also remind us to stay present as well. I am learning that present-moment awareness is key to being in a flow and connected to Source Energy--which THEN creates effortless attraction of the desires of your heart.

In short: I think if we can be relaxed and calm about our goals (surrender, feel empowered, trust, a state of "whatever", etc..etc.), in addition to being focused in the moment while taking action steps, I see LOA and Buddhist teachings co-existing.

What are you thoughts?

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Being present is like a crossroad where LOA and Buddhism meet. But each of them is going in a different direction and lead to a different destination. The roads themselves are different as well.

(16 Dec '12, 12:46) CalonLan
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I believe Present Moment Awareness in an integral part of working with LOA and manifesting your desires. Some knowledge of LOA along with moment to moment awareness of what your putting out there go hand in hand.

Abraham say the only reason you don't have what you desire is because you hold yourself in a vibration that doesn't match your desire. That is the only reason ever:)

This is why Present Moment Awareness is so important. You've got to know what your putting out there right Now, right Now.

This is where all the confusion arises when working deliberately with LOA. People wonder why they haven't got what they want yet. Its simply because they are thinking thoughts (holding beliefs) contradictory to what they want and don't even know it. They are simply not Aware they are doing it.

This is why I believe daily Meditation is so important. It helps you cultivate Present Moment Awareness which slowly uncovers those resistant habits of thought that have been working against you. It also let's you experience a peaceful non-resistant state and helps keep you in the Now moment. The only place you can be. :)


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@Satori Very good point. I think also that building up awareness is key. It's like a radar that detects negative and positive emotions. When i startet using releasing tools i was very disconnected to my emotions and so they didn't work most of the time. Meditation helped rasing awareness. Now most of the tools work for me pretty well.

(16 Dec '12, 11:10) releaser99

@Releaser99 - Thanks. Yes it wasn't until I completed The Presence Process, the ultimate awareness raiser, that I got a taste of what I was really thinking. I also noticed Abraham processes working better after that:)

(16 Dec '12, 12:32) Satori

to the mesure you use it will be applied to you. are you not individual part of a whole?so if you are in truth with the whole and work in the same way will it not be done for you in the same way?it is like a men in a boat going down a river he is going in the same way and it is easy to travel. but if he go against the river it is hard to travel. so you see when things are similar and they go in the same way cooperation is possible. but when things are similar but are going in opposite direction they collide or have to go around each other. open your eyes and you see this in all the creation. even on the energy level:take magnet for example if you put them positive to positive or negative to negative(similar)and going not in the same way they repulse each other.but flip one of the magnet so they are align the same way and they attract each other(cooperation is possible). it is the same with the humen specie(similar people) because of the negative things they are colliding and making war.but if they would align them self in the same may or the point that they have in common(cooperation is possible).eventually they will stop casting stone and lift that stone and let that stone minester to them,after they will drop that stone and let it return to the dust,and after they will properly split that piece of wood. until this happen they cannot do it.if they would have know the beguinning they would have know they end and would not have tasted death. so let there be light,be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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