I have been a member of this forum for a good few months now and have tried to put the Law of Attraction into practice with (seemingly) not much results. In fact, it has been very hard to practice LOA either as laid out in the book 'Ask and it is Given' - which I have so far only half read to be fair - and also in the helpful pages I have read through on this website. This is mainly due to a feeling of general irritability in certain situations from day to day, as well as the fact that my current employment is soon to end and I have been struggling to get my web programming skills up to a level in which I might be able to secure a new job purely in that field.

I have recently therefore - during the past week or so - started using breath meditation techniques during bit of spare time to try and help with the feelings of stress and irritability.

My question for those of you who have had success with LOA is as follows: Does LOA success only happen when you are in as relaxed a frame of mind as possible? If so, does this mean that it is pointless practising LOA unless you are relaxed due to the benefits of meditation or when combining LOA with related relaxation techniques as outlined in various Creative Visualisation self help books and websites?

Also, I am finding it difficult remembering to try and combine both LOA and meditation day to day so far, but I presume that would come with practice.

Any advice would be much appreciated. :)

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Hello, @colino green!

"...a feeling of general irritability in certain situations from day to day, as well as the fact that my current employment is soon to end and I have been struggling..."

Oh I know those feelings so well. It seems to me that this is a perfect situation for Manifesting Experiment 2 "Focus Blocks" Method. (You didn't mention specifically which helpful pages you had been reading here, so please forgive me if I'm pointing out the obvious.)

This is the method that has worked best for me, not only for intentional manifestations, but for finding my way to a generally much happier and easier life. I highly recommend it! :)

The way I understand it, very basically, is that what you are wishing for (thinking about, giving your creative power to) has already been created - the moment you wished for it. It exists within the high, clear vibration of that very happiness you anticipate experiencing due to the manifestation. It is there waiting for you; all you have to do is align yourself with that happiness.

You just need to get there from here. So you have to find ways to get happy. :)

The irritability and struggle are low vibrations that are standing between you and what you want. The ME2, "Focus Blocks" Method gives you tools to clear those feelings, and so clear your way to your manifestations. It's fully and beautifully explained by our @Stingray at the link above, and in many more questions here tagged with Manifesting Experiment 2.

Also, to answer to your question directly, I would say most definitely yes, regular meditation will help you with any spiritual quest. I can't say enough about how much good just 15 minutes a day of meditation will do for you! Have a look at @lozenge123's excellent advice here and the links to the easy guided meditations and my answer here.

Of course, you do have to actually do the meditations each day for them to work for you. But it's easy, and so worth the small effort, I promise.

Love, Grace.


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Sure @Grace I agree, everything goes better with wine, I mean mediation or both. Meditation is a must for me also. It's great. I think many members are missing the point or they don't understand LOA . The LOA is always working.. Good tips too.. Cheers..

(19 Nov '13, 01:43) ele

Many thanks for the input and the links, @Grace. I keep meaning to have a good read of the manifesting experiments. I think I may have tried one one of them out half heartedly a while ago but I probably should go back to them, especially the one you have outlined. Anyway, many thanks for the input. I have been trying to do around two lots of 10 - 15 minutes meditation a day so I will keep that up all the time from now on, hopefully :)

(19 Nov '13, 09:58) colino green

@ele and @colino green - Glad you liked. :) It's one of those things that is so simple it doesn't seem like it could do much, but it sure does.

(26 Nov '13, 15:16) Grace
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"Does Law of Attraction work best in tandem with regular meditation?"

Yes and no it is what you believe it to be..

Honestly, law of attraction PRACTICE is the best policy.. building up your belief is really good..

I like Abraham's SEGMENT INTENDING exercise from the "law of attraction" book.. it's a really good exercise that gets you working on manifesting in your daily practice..




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You said "which I have so far only half read to be fair". I mean you are fair enough to understand the failure in bringing out the results of Law of Attraction. Your want to pay attention towards improvement of your career. I suggest you to focus complete on your career improvement with your regular meditations and try to work on "thought control". After well satisfied with your career take time read the book called "Dynamic Thought".

All wishes to you from Perfect Good.


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