There's an author I enjoy reading who makes a major point that I agree with in principle, but would like to get other opinions.

He says, basically, that a state of peace, where you are just feeling the depth of inner stillness without any negative or positive emotions, is the most powerful for manifestation. He says it is even better than actually feeling positive emotions, though of course they are wonderful, too.

It is something I've thought about a lot. One of my issues with the emotional scale is that enthusiasm, joy, etc, are such high-energy emotions. They can't be kept up forever, nor would you want to. They get tiring after a while. I find that a natural state of peace is where I like to return, and it is much more sustainable.

I find that if I try to maintain a state of joy, my emotions naturally want to swing in the opposite direction eventually. It's like asking a pendulum to maintain an upward swing forever. It's not possible.

But peace, to me, is outside of the emotional scale. It is that place to which we have access always, free of emotion.

This author compares it to Bentov's Pendulum. Bentov says that when a pendulum is at its highest point, when it is actually standing still for a moment, it is at a state of timelessness, out of this dimension one could say. And so it is with peace, as well, where you experience timeless being.

Like I said, I consider this beyond the emotional scale. Joy, enthusiasm, hope, frustration and all the rest are states. Peace or stillness or whatever you want to call it, is beyond state. It's just your natural being. It's the point of void. And it seems to me, from theory as well as my own experience playing with this, that that's where the really powerful manifestations come from, from a place so utterly detached that a simple thought in a certain direction is enough to set universal forces in motion.

This is something I have been working on for a while, and I'd like to know of other experiences out there, and other opinions.

Also, this answer perfectly outlines what I'm trying to say:

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"the really powerful manifestations come from ... your natural being ... a simple thought is enough to set universal forces in motion" I believe you've answered your own question @The Magician my friend :)

(14 Nov '15, 02:05) jaz
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In my opinion, consistent peace is better than moments of exhilaration. Not that those are bad in any way but sometimes, we try to force our feelings of happiness when we're not really feeling like it. There is an article that says, when your desire feels ordinary, it's on the verge of manifestation. So, once your desire does manifest, it may be exhilarating for a while but then you'll go back to normal. Being at peace in this case is definitely better. People really obsess about being in the vortex and reaching for a better feeling place but somehow, I believe that you feel in a moment in time, whatever you are supposed to feel, and it's okay to feel that rather than resisting it and forcing happiness. Peace is...wiser. It creates a balance. You won't be too affected by something bad and neither by something good, and you will keep attracting what you want. Isn't that great? Peace is wholeness. The way you come to a natural state of wholeness/inner-calm is when you allow the restlessness totally, instead of fighting it - and this state of inner-wholeness is "permanent", not a fleeting one. I would say, yes. Yes, it is. You didn't see Buddha jumping around with excitement yelling he's on top of the world. He was just at peace.

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Yes I think you are right here. I think peace is "better" than energetic positive emotions like excitement or joy. Anymore I've just been working on surrendering, letting go and going with the flow of Life. That works the best for me.

(15 Nov '15, 16:29) The Magician

I think I can relate to the feeling of peace you are describing. It's a non-judgemental place where you feel centred and clear within you. It feels like arriving and coming home and recognizing who you really are beyond surface beliefs.

Higher emotional states don't feel like arriving and coming home to me. They feel like leaving the house and experiencing the adventurous world. They feel like enthusiasm, joy, adventure, expansion and a lot of fun.

I like to compare the "peaceful" experience in this context to sitting on your couch. It can feel very positive to do so.

Higher states are more like having the comfort of your home but leaving it to experience exhilarating new vacations.

There is no wrong way to live. Sometimes I feel like staying at home and other times I like to leave the comfort of my home.

I find that if I try to maintain a state of joy, my emotions naturally want to swing in the opposite direction eventually

Yes, that can happen with higher states. If you stay at home, there is almost no possibility of something bringing you out of balance, especially in a meditative state in which you stop all judgement. But when you leave the comfort of your home, it is much more likely to encounter people and circumstances that could reflect to you your limiting beliefs about yourself.

Some might argue that it is better to just stay home then because it feels good too and can't make one feel bad eventually (which it can be as a personal preference in life). "And, since my final destination is to return home, and since I'm already home..... Why go?". But, as Abraham say, sometimes you just want to go on vacation for the experience of it even though there might be some things you find challenging and you'll return home anyway.

Having that said, when you bring those thoughts that make you "swing your emotions to the opposite direction" into alignment, you can prolong the time you stay in higher states more and more. So it's not imperative that emotions have to swing back and forth like a pendulum. It woud be more accurate to say that our emotions are like a rocket that constantly wants to go up (and expand) but sometimes hits some elastic ceilings here and there.

So, no one is punishing anyone for staying in higher states in this Universe. Joy and ecstacy are our very natural states and our birthright in fact.

And which is better, peace or enthusiasm? It's a matter of personal choice and can change from time to time.


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Home sweet home...

(15 Nov '15, 12:58) ursixx
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