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When I found this website I was in a really good space/energy (vortex possibly) and I had several really positive but deeper questions and when I came to this site I was actually astonished at the answers and how easy they came and how coincidental it all felt, even though I had been researching metaphysical stuff for quite some time, I had never heard of this site before. It felt alligned. Did you guys feel this way when you came here originally or found out about this place on your first visit?

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Most definitely. My coming here has helped me so much. By helping me find information. Inspiration. and also giving em a platform to challenge my own mind to find the best way to help others with my knowledge that I am having shared with my from my channeled source. This is no accident we are here. We are all here for a reason, and mine is to learn and teach, and find inspiration when I can not nut muster it from myself. Thank you all for co creating this love and knowledge.

love u all



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Kanda, welcome to the site.

In answer to your question, yes, most definitely, being attracted to this site did come about from a raised vibration from my personal experience. And I do believe that this is the case for many if not everyone here.

Think about the vast range of questions, answers, vibrational tools and techniques that are discussed on this site, all contributing to enhancing general and spiritual knowledge and most important of all, giving us a way to make drastic positive changes in our lives.

From my perspective, you would have to have a higher vibration than a lot of people to be a vibrational match to this website.


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Pink Diamond

I was on my way up.Coming through a few personal bad spots that I really didn't have the tools or experience to deal with..grown leaps and bounds since I started here and that was two and a half years ago


answered 18 Sep '12, 18:02

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