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This site, on the whole, has made a GREAT difference in my life.

I am more optimistic, and look for the humor in situations that used to just frustrate me. I can thank this site for that.

The people here are also great. I love the differing points of view, and the respect everyone usually has for each other!

I also would like to add a big thank you to Simon. As a note, I would not mind if this question were made a community wiki question.

Blessings, and Happy New Year 2011,


asked 02 Jan '11, 15:52

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Must admit that most of the Abe/Hicks/Esther questions. I generally follow all the links and enjoy reading those.Although by the time ive gone thru them a few hours have majically flown by!

Ive only been on this site for 4/5 months so going over old stuff written before i started is very Beneficial.



answered 02 Jan '11, 16:06

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Monty Riviera

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