sometimes we ask what we want and i'v no doubts that the answer always come in direct proportion to the vibration i send out.However, do i also attract how the thing i asked for is going to come...i mean the events, the curcumsitance or people...etc? the reason i'm asking this is cuz sometimes people or events that seems has nothing to do with what i have asked for come into the equation,and seems like i'm going forwards to what i didn't ask...but at the and a lot of time things makes sense...i don't know if my question is making sense...but what i want to know is, in the process of deliberate i have any place "how" the things i have asked for is going to way of choosing "HOW", who or what gets involved? Thanks

asked 23 May '10, 08:54

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Yes, you attract the circumstances to bring about the 'result' of the vibration.

Often, what occurs will seem entirely unrelated to what you desire. But later on, looking back, you can see how all these things formed a chain to bring about the desire...and how valuable even the most odd and 'out of place' event was.

Contrary to what our logic tells us, the shortest route between points A and B is rarely a straight line in our life. It is circuitous and winding and sometimes even seems to go backwards.

The 'fast path' has obstacles in the way we are unaware of. Guided by inner wisdom we circumvent these. The picture below shows this:

alt text

The dotted line is a simplified version of the path we take.

Also yes, you can, if you so desire - dictate the "how's and who's" of it.

I urge you to consider carefully why you might desire to do that though.

I often find when I feel compelled to do that it is because I am not being entirely honest about what my real desires are and my reasons behind them.

It also can set up a load of resistance which can put a brake on manifestation.

It places our limited viewpoints on situations, effectively undermining our inner wisdom with our thinking we know best and our excessive desire to control.

We will still get there though, provided we can ease resistance. Our inner being is definitely capable...and we're even given chances repeatedly when we are so foolish as to miss them. :)

Sometimes we just want to experience a specific journey to the destination though. That's cool. I definitely do it myself and I'm sure others here do too. Keep in mind that you're in it for the journey though in that case (we really always are anyway)...because it is unlikely to be the fastest way.


answered 23 May '10, 10:10

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thanks Liam. It was contemplating on that...but not coz i have any desire to know the How's and the who's and so on...tho it wud be nice..but it happend in my life in the past that, a lot of things that seems totaly out of my desire...they all come and fit in the whole pic. and if this is the case...once we "ask" coz we don't know the things we asked going to come...and happen... may be its a good idea not to feel bad about anything that is happening in our life...and instead just trust the whole process and relax..anways thanks again and your answer def helped.Appricated!

(23 May '10, 14:53) hanna

Really nice answer, Liam.

(23 May '10, 17:50) Vesuvius

You're welcome Hanna, glad I could help (and I agree with your conclusion ;) )

Thanks Vesuvius. :)

(24 May '10, 03:46) Liam

Like your demonstrative answer Liam.

(24 May '10, 03:55) flowingwater
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