Are we limiting ourselves by believing if somethings is true then it must hold true across the board. Either the law of attraction is true or it is not? Either we believe in it or we do not?

Isn't there room for other possibility or additional "workings"?

Isn't either one of these ironic in itself to the infinite nature of the universe?

I personally think it would be wise to leave the possibility open and also use what we know...


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Life is about possibility, so why should anyone want to limit their own possibilities, if opportunity comes their ways. Since we control our own destiny, and we create our own reality, then, why should we think in terms of limiting our possibility?

In my opinion the LOA is a natural law that is a part of our function, and we use it on a daily basis to create, and manifest what we desire. I understand that we do not always get what we desire, and that is also a natural part of the LOA, since we do not have total control of the outcome, and the true understanding of how the law works form one situation to another.

However, we are at liberty to try and use whatever resources are available to us for creating and manifesting our desire, so the fact is, we do have choices as to what works for us therefore there should be no room for limiting beliefs. Remember, you create your own reality! Hopes this helps.


answered 09 Nov '10, 08:20

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Are we limiting ourselves with the LOA?

Your very question allows for the possibility of disbelief of LOA; or belief that the LOA may not be real. And in a belief driven universe, belief is the underlying factor that determines the outcome of the reality we perceive. A thing can only be true for us if we believe it to be so.

Some people watched The Secret, believed it and had no resistance to the idea and so immediately started manifesting things. Others (like me) prefer to go deeper into the subject and examine the root of it. Inquiring into the root of LOA leads you to vibration. Inquiring into the root of vibration leads you to energy.

So we know that the root of every thing is vibrating energy and that like energy attracts unto itself, but what’s the catalyst that causes the movement? As thinking entities we control our vibration and point of attraction by our beliefs. We cause movement in our physical external world by our internal beliefs.

You’re the boss. Whatever you want you will receive, ask and it is given. If you say that the LOA is not real, you’re right and your experience will be a reflection of that. But if you truly inquire and examine the root, you’ll see that LOA is real. Then you’ll believe it 100% and will only need to work on your own resistance to allowing all things you’ve asked for to come through to you.

Isn't there room for other possibility or additional "workings"?

I’m not sure what you mean by additional workings. Once you inquire into and examine the immutable universal laws, you realize that you are the (co) creator of your own life experience.

At that point you automatically dismiss any idea that ’others’ have any say in your reality unless you invite them to. For example, you may not want to say something to someone because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. But the truth is you cannot hurt another’s feelings or make them feel bad, only they can do that by believing what you say or being offended by it in some way.

So you become fully self-empowered and no longer blame or hand over your personal power to other people or governments or any external system whatsoever. To see if you’re at that place, ask yourself:

”How do I feel about Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Plato, Newton, Einstein, Churchill, Kennedy, Obama, a Pleadian visitor, an Orion visitor, a visitor from our future?”

If you see any of these people as somehow more special or more important than you are, then your work is more inquiry into the immutable laws, until you see all people as no less and no more special and important than you are. Simply because you are a unique universal perspective and the very fact that you exist is proof of your value and worth. All That Is doesn’t make mistakes 8-)


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Love you answer Eddie :)

(08 Nov '10, 14:24) Michaela

Thanks Michaela :)

(08 Nov '10, 14:58) Eddie

Great answer Eddie indeed!

(09 Nov '10, 12:02) daniele

Thanks daniele :)

(10 Nov '10, 04:39) Eddie

@Eddie....for me, your words provoked powerful images, feelings and thoughts :)

(01 Jul '11, 20:31) streetsanto

Thank you streetsanto. It's always nice to receive feedback and know that others benefit from my insights :)

(02 Jul '11, 01:36) Eddie
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The Law of Attraction basically says, "Ask and Ye Shall Receive." What could be less limiting than that?

People are limited, not by the Law of Attraction, but by their own self-imposed limitations. It will take quite some time (i.e. never?) exploring your own limits (and practicing the art of transcending them) before you get to a place where you find the Law of Attraction limiting you.


answered 05 Nov '10, 20:46

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Thanks for putting my question out there Back2Basics. The law of attraction is a powerful idea and as Vesuvius mentioned it is unlimited. If there is anything greater then it would be beyond our scope of consciousness. As it is we cannot even accept the law of attraction. We cannot accept that we can have anything that we desire. What more should one desire.


answered 06 Nov '10, 00:10

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I think LOA is a universal law but there are many others. Theres sowing and reaping,the law of growth and many others.

People do seem to be inspired by LOA and it gt a lot of press. I tend towards getting a working knowledge of the laws but at the back of mind ( wherever that is ) being more conscious of Source or God,and my relationship ie oneness with Source.

With Source or God being all matter,energy and knowledge i see no limitations with Him. But im sure our sometimes incomplete knowledge does limit the creator somewhat.

As for the law being true,whatever IS true is the law. I think of LOA as the same as gravity,no more or less real. I also would stress that belief doesnt alter a law. It may alter your perception of a law but a laws a law. Gravity works just fine for those who believe or disbelieve it.

Some may say that LOA isnt working for them...but it is. There getting what there predominantly thinking. The mechanisms just fine.The universe is ticking along as its always done.



answered 08 Nov '10, 10:06

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Monty Riviera

@Graham - can you allow for the possibilty that gravity may not be an immutable universal-law, and that maybe it's a relative law that only applies to 3D time-space realities such as ours? And that although we agreed prior to incarnating that gravity would be a natural affect in this reality, if our belief is strong enough its affects can be overcome? It's true that knowledge will always be limited, but if we can grasp the essense of the immutable laws by going to the root of them, most other knowledge consists of unneccesary details.

(08 Nov '10, 12:01) Eddie

I can allow for the possibility of it being overcome by faith or knowing of other laws. Jesus is reputed to have overcome gravity by walking on water. BUT ive got to say ive never come accross this type of thing.But then i havnt been to China, but that doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

(08 Nov '10, 14:40) Monty Riviera

Nice. I think being skeptically open-minded is the way forward :)

(08 Nov '10, 15:01) Eddie

Thanks Eddie,i like that phrase, skeptically open minded!!

(08 Nov '10, 15:56) Monty Riviera
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We limit ourselves with our beliefs. Our beliefs create the lense through which we view/experience reality. Change your beliefs, change the reality which you experience. Like invisible ink, it was always there you just couldn't see it until you put on the right lenses.


answered 08 Apr '12, 10:46

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Fairy Princess

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