I have come across the term Sedona Method in several places on this site but I don't really know what it is. I did visit their web site but there was a lot of markting shpeel but not really any information on what it is.

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There's probably not much information on it because there's not much you can say.

The method ultimately consists of just three questions.

The basic idea is that whenever something is bothering you, you first identify what that feeling is and then ask yourself the questions.

After each question, you pause briefly to just let a state-change occur. There's no right or wrong answer to the questions and you basically keep looping the questions until you've had enough for then, or you feel better.

The questions are...

  1. Could I let it go?

  2. Would I let it go?

  3. When?

The Sedona Method course goes into alot more detail (obviously) about how and when to ask the questions, and the theory behind it, but that's basically what it's about.

The same ask-and-release idea is also behind the Release Technique (a Sedona Method clone - though I prefer it - except there is less emphasis on the questions and more on just visualizing your resistance leaving your body) and also The Effortfree Life System, which uses a numerical scale to help the releasing...the creator was a former Sedona Method instructor. I have found this last one to be extremely powerful in certain situations but different approaches probably suit different people.

I've used all of these methods and many more - and there is value in all of them - so I don't want to sound critical of any of them. But, obviously, there is nothing too dramatic behind any of them and they can cost quite a bit of money to learn.

If you can afford them and you are interested in learning different approaches to releasing resistance then you may get some benefit from them.

On the other hand, you could also use something even more effective (in my view) - and it's completely free...The Focus Blocks Method :)


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Stingray pretty much nailed it but here is a video if you would like to see what you get. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtXKUSPzogw&feature=related

(28 May '10, 08:02) Wade Casaldi


(28 May '10, 08:06) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Stingray for the detailed answer and Wade for the youtube link.

(28 May '10, 11:06) I Think Therefore I Am

You are welcomed both links are different, one is what you get the other is application. :-)

(28 May '10, 21:51) Wade Casaldi
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Sedona Method : http://www.sedona.com/What-Is-The-Sedona-Method.asp

I will present you my opinion about Sedona after i learned about it a little bit...it is so comprehensive and deep and complete..

By far, the ones who understand and identify deeply with the principles used in Sedona will have the greatest tool for absolutely, yes absolutely, every problem/issue AND every wish to be obtained/realized...and the results (healing or achieving something) is just...a secondary product..the first result beeing your own FREEDOM (physically,emotionally,mentally,spiritually) regarding that what you want to heal/achieve (that is cleansing tons of negativity and resistance - be that conscientious or not)!

The man who created this top therapy/tool/way of life was Lester Levenson and the man was sent home to die because of his illnesses...so much problems the doctors gave him some 2-3 months to live...and he lived for another 40 years or so ( and becoming, as i understand, a spiritually enlightened human being) : http://www.sedona.com/lesters-story.asp

Here is a link to the movie "Letting go 2010" where Hale Dwoskin, the student of Lester, who is now the promoter of Sedona, presents some amazing healing sessions along the movie : http://vimeo.com/21212572

The courses - book and cd-s (wich are entire sessions with the students ) are so comprehensive and explanatory for every aspect of a human beings' life, you could not believe!

All the best !

ps- i need to say this : since we all are different we all should search for what is best for us, what we resonate with - in terms of therapy. So, since i have talked quite a little about BSFF in other posts i need to say that i also use Sedona (the basic form) sometimes. Depends, at least for me, on how i feel, how can i approach something.

I also realized that these 2 techniques (as i see these aspects) in terms of approaching a problem/issue, "attack" differently : while BSFF is highly focused "left brain"- going from an intelectually point of adressing and solving , Sedona is highly focused "right brain"- going from "where you are" emotionally to your "deep free centered" self...and the journey continues..more free ! :)

(By the way, Lester Levenson is the founder of Realease Technique )


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If I'm not mistaken the method is a series of questions that you ask yourself that brings you around to allowing positive things to happen in your life. It is a way to bring your negative attitude about something towards the positive.


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