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Has anyone here used release techniques? More specificly , the Sedona method or Larry cranes release technique. I've been trying them recently and I'm not sure if they work. They seem to be through, which is something I like. If you have tried the technique, what were your results? Was it purely emotional results or were there physical manifestations ? Also, how does it compare to Abraham Hicks processes ? I like the idea of having a pre written set of words to guide you, such as, could you welcome this experience . With Abes work it can be a challenge to find a thought that feels a little bit better. I have a real challenge doing focus blocks or focus wheels due to the fact it's hard to get that first thought that gets me on the wheel in the first place. ( I'm open to suggestions on how to get on the wheel as well ) . These methods are supposed to remove subconscious programs that are running in the back ground of our minds. Has anyone found that to be true? Thank you stingray for all your help and support.

asked 27 Dec '17, 12:51

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