'm having a dilemma with these two seemingly contracdictory stances. Almost all spiritual teachers (Eckhart tolle, Barry Long, Krisnamurti, Alan Watts, Osho etc) stress that we are not our emotions, and that they exist like the weather. Sometimes we feel good (sun is shining) and sometimes we feel bad (bad weather), and the importance is seeing that who we are is what is beneath all these emotions, just pure awareness.

The Sedona Method suggests this also, to see emotions as just emotions and not hold any resistance to them, because they are not who you are. Let them pass through, and this will make you feel lighter as youre no longer in a state of resistance.

However, on the other hand, Abraham emphasizes the importance of raising your vibrations through different tricks and techniques, and to get into a place of feeling good. However isnt that also an emotion? Feeling good? If we should disidentify with emotions, why the significance on feeling good? Shouldn't we be trying to get into a state of just letting whatever emotion to be, and surrendering to it? Why cant that produce effective manifeststion results as oppose to getting into a good feeling space?

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I think they all mean the same, however there are differences in the understanding of how the Universe works. So the belief-systems and practical solutions are vastly different in my opinion.

For the enlightenment-seeker group of spriritual techers (like Eckhart Tolle and the Sedona Method guys), disidentifying with emotions means that there is the real you which many of them call something like "pure awareness". And there is the you who suffers and also adds to the "suffering of the world" because he identifies with his negative (and positive!) emotions.

So emotions are "suffering-amplifiers".

Practical solutions: Meditate as much as possible 24/7. Don't try to think thoughts at all. Never try to think thoughts of the past or the future. This means whenever something feels bad, either watch your negative emotions until they are neutralized or distract yourself immediately and focus on something in your the present moment. Observe the present moment all the time.

(This link leads you to my latest opinion on seeking enlightenment.)

Abraham say that you consist of two parts. The larger part of you is positive non-physical energy. The smaller part of you inhabits your physical body. So you are source energy in physical body. By experiencing your life and feeling negative emotions, you add to the expansion of the Universe. So you are doing a great job and everything is well.

Emotions are guidance from your non-physical part similar to GPS navigators in cars. They tell you where to go. They tell you if the thoughts you think are in alignment with your non-phyical self or not. The better you feel, the more you are aligned.

Practical solutions: Think thoughts that feel better/good. Think thoughts of the past, the present or the future. And whatever thought you choose, just make sure it makes you feel good because it is the only thing that matters. Optional: Do some meditation also and distract yourself from all thoughts. However, do this no more than 15 minutes a day because you are not here to hide from thoughts all the time. You are here to think better feeling thoughts and to deliberately create your own reality.

So whether you choose the belief-system of the first or the second group, in either case you are not your emotions and there is no need to identify with them by saying things like "I feel fearful therefore I am a fearful person" or "I feel unworthy right now, so this means I am an unworthy person" to yourself. You are more than negative emotions and both teaching will lead you to this perception.


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What most of the world does not know (and I am writing a book, in part to prove) is that spontaneous motions exist as a direct result of mistakes in your belief system.

Disidentifiing with your emotions does not work because they are a gift meant to help yo when you are off course. Unless you correct the mistaken belief, you will spend your life fighting your emotions rather than working towards what you want.

Mistaken beliefs form the ego. If you were to examine your belief system in an effort to clean out the mistaken beliefs that you hold, you would be amazed at how ego fades out of existence in relation to your willingness to let go of mistaken beliefs.

I have concluded that LoA is so incomplete that it is doing a disservice to many and leading them to give up when they are on the brink of success.

Emotions serve a two-fold purpose: 1) a compass telling you that you are holding a limiting belief and if you eliminate it, your life will be better. 2) A tool one uses to manifest one's desire - but even then the emotion one uses is generally happy or joyful, so it's not as painful as those other emotions.


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