Sometimes, I feel like I am tapping into my own ancient wisdom. When I was a kid, older folks used to say I was an "old soul". I guess I really did not understand it then, but I am trying to figure it out now.

New souls, old souls....Could this refer to reincarnation or something else?

How do you know if you are an "old soul"?



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Me too. People told me that.

(21 Oct '12, 22:12) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- I'll bet a lot of people here are "old souls" and have never considered it...and where does the knowledge come from??? Past lives? Higher self?? Let's see what people say! Thanks! Jai

(21 Oct '12, 22:17) Jaianniah

@Jai- I'm glad you've asked this question; I am referred to an old soul almost at least once a week and am curious what the term fully embodies.

(22 Oct '12, 20:30) Nikulas
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I dont think any soul can be "older" than another, because we are all Eternal and One . Maybe it refers to a soul which has experienced many lifetimes of limitation and seperation, compared to a soul which has remained Non-physical.


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It's not something you can describe, but you know it if you see it.

As an aside, I'd say it's possible this is a misnomer as soul age may be universally the same, while one's personal distance traveled down the spiritual journey could be the actual determining variable of "old soul" versus "new soul".

I've never found any one thing that was a definite factor implying one way or the other. There are many different things that will impose either positive or negative connotations, but beyond that it's just deciding which category has most supporting evidence.

Either way, from my experience very rarely will someone worthy of being thought of as an old soul refer to themselves as such, nor make claims pertaining to (or sometimes even acknowledge) their wisdom.

Also, I find that people who are very well collected and come off as people who are "very obviously" the wise-man type are more often someone who is 'on the path' and in the process of learning and growing, maybe even on the threshold of the point where one may earn the moniker being discussed here, but usually not quite there yet.

Generally the people who I believe are worthy of the title will either have an opportunity to prove that status to me, often in a situation where they aren't even aware that I am watching them; or they will purposely reveal themselves to me, often for reasons beyond my understanding.

As for deciding whether or not one's self is an old soul.. I couldn't even begin to imagine how I would try to objectively decide that about myself. I've been told before that I was an old soul, and I've been told before that I'm the farthest thing from. I think, at least for myself, it is something that I will have to leave to be decided by others. Not 'others' being the normal average every day people who find me to be insightful, but people whose opinions I know are strong and hold weight- people who wouldn't say something like that often.


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@Snow old soul or not, good to see you !

(22 Oct '12, 17:38) ursixx

Thanks. You as well my friend. =) I actually get a nice feeling whenever I drop in here and check up on how people like yourself are doing. Unfortunately I don't quite have the same time to post as I did before, but maybe that will change some time.

(22 Oct '12, 17:46) Snow

Nice thing about IQ that "drop ins " are always welcome . No appointment necessary . ;)

(22 Oct '12, 17:51) ursixx
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Based on what I have gathered here, I think it is something grown ups say to kids/teenagers who engage in spiritual or other "adult conversations." It seems to mean, "You are wise beyond your years."


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Fairy Princess

he knows not what it is that
you seek as evidence to
your question of soul age

if we be here by chance
it may not be part of a plan
but if by design maybe

not sure what you'd accept
as factual but incase
we be is it okay


answered 22 Oct '12, 20:27

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