Humans have no easy access to its immortal soul memories. And what about the opposite? Does the immortal soul remembers everything that happened during its incarnation after it has ended?

asked 21 Feb '10, 18:59

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Jader Dias

I really hope so Jader. It's my understanding that you have access to all your previous lifes and you can play them back if like.You can ask for help with this ( Spirit Guides,Angels) or you can view it privately if you choose to.

But on the flip side we have in us now, cell memory from our past lifes, and we need to work through them as well.You could call these your Shadows.

Hope this sheds some light for you.


answered 21 Feb '10, 19:28

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It's an interesting question from the other side of yourself.

I don't know exactly how we retain this experience in this particular lifetime. But every enlightened seeker has said that your past lives are stored as experiences somewhere. Is this the Akashic records?

There are others who have more experience with this knowledge. However, I like to add this one observation into the mix.

Most near death experiences (those who came back) describe the experience as "my entire life flashed before my eyes". I wonder what exactly is going on at that moment. Is your entire life's database backup being uploaded to a larger computer databank before the plug is pulled?


answered 21 Feb '10, 20:34

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The Traveller

I have heard tell too that we then get the opportunity(?!) to relive our lives backward, but this time round we are on the receiving end of all our actions...good and bad. We travel from aged to infant. This is referred to as purgatory in some religions and kamaloka (?) in others... most belief systems have and 'in between place'. Maybe this experience is why we're not to keen to die :)

"Verily I say that unless you become as little children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven". This heaven too is a temporary residence till we feel the need to re-incarnate again. When we do finally make the grade, graduate Earth life, that is the point where "we need go out no more".


answered 21 Feb '10, 23:57

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Inactive User ♦♦

of course it does, for the spirit is the true from of YOU! everyhting else is either "temporary" or as others will say "an illusion". once again, this goes back to the saying that" we are made in gods image" and if you have an undertsanding on what god is then you know he is a spiritual being. meaning he is of spirit form, not flesh (physical). so if we are made in gods image then that also means that our TRUE form is that of the spirit, not the flesh. so since our true form is that of the spirit, how could it forget about something that was temporary and not eternal?? does your mind forget about anything youve done so far?? of course not, for evryhting done was temporary. your mind being "eternal" in this world does not forget, think about your TRUE form (your spirit) forgetting something temporary. and your spirit BY FAR surpasses your mind for it is the TRUE form of who you are. so in that aspect, your MIND would actually become the temporary form. crazy haa?? peace brother


answered 22 Feb '10, 08:08

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