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Support or oppose? (Anon)

Support or oppose? (NDAA)

Information explaining both, in case you don't already know: (The description has transcripts of the whole video, so you can read the information faster if you don't want to watch)

Also, I know there are a lot of non-American members here, I am particularly interested in hearing your opinions on the subject.

asked 25 Oct '12, 06:46

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I'm from the uk, support some of the things anonymous do but others they go about in the wrong way. And definitely oppose the NDAA.


answered 25 Oct '12, 08:34

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Thanks for sharing! Since the NDAA could be applied to any and every country, and the USA is a global presence, do you feel that it has any implications for you personally? Do you believe that it could be a threat to your citizens? Is it common for fellow British people to feel concerned / not concerned regarding the NDAA?

(25 Oct '12, 08:38) Snow

In my group of friends it is common for people to be concerned but that is because of who we are. I find that most people couldn't be any less bothered, no-one realises things like this effect them and even if they did they would bury their head's in the sand anyway.

(25 Oct '12, 08:44) lastplacefavourite

I think that it goes a lot higher than a countries global presence, but that is getting into conspiracy theories which although I had put energy into researching before I am trying to focus on the good in the world now. Do you believe that the revisions to the NDAA have come around because of the increase in people speaking out against governments on platforms such as facebook?

(25 Oct '12, 08:44) lastplacefavourite

No, not specifically.

I think the addition of the indefinite detention clauses to the NDAA is a natural progression in empires that grow too quickly and their power starts becoming more and more unchecked.

I'd also say it's more likely that their thought process in the matter (or at least how it was sold to them, assuming no corruption or collusion) was to allow our military and defense organizations more freedom when handling insurgents.

(25 Oct '12, 08:51) Snow
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