I ask this question only half-jokingly, because I hear so many people make the argument that this or that material should not even be allowed to be shown on television, spoken on radio, or displayed on the internet. I listen politely for awhile, but eventually I ask the person, "Well, why don't you just turn it off?"

Are the large media companies responsible for the appropriateness of the material they produce, or are people responsible for deciding what they (and their children) are exposed to? Are there certain kinds of material that should never be allowed, and where do you draw the line, and who gets to decide?

asked 14 Mar '10, 21:04

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the off switch is you, deciding into action to not view, listen, read the media


answered 15 Sep '10, 22:09

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We live in a free society and without a doubt it is fully our own decision what we watch and what we allow our kids to be exposed to.It is up to each of us as individuals to use our discernment and I don't think we can censor what other people choose to watch - we all have free will.


answered 14 Mar '10, 22:12

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You cannot control the material broadcasted or displayed by the media as that would imply that there is a set of "right" things and a set of "wrong" things that can be broadcasted. There is no absolute right and wrong that will apply to the whole of humanity.

Everybody is different and as such our perception of what is right material or not will differ. As we are all free beings like Michaela has pointed out, we should therefore be allowed to choose what we want to to be exposed to and that is only possible if there are a number of options out there to choose from according to our personal preferences.

So, the more diverse and uncontrolled the material, the better.


answered 15 Mar '10, 16:28

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Pink Diamond

Unfortunatelly, the positive tv and radio shows are so rare that the only power you have is not only to switch them off but to get rid of them completely. We did just that over three years ago and we've found tremendous relief from all that unnecessary bombardment of our beings. Now we get to fully concentrate on our lives without all that distraction. Besides we've got internet :)

You are a temple so guard closely what and who you let in............ Thanks and Blessings, namaste


answered 15 Sep '10, 10:32

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The problem is, a lot of people still do not know that just by watching TV shows and listening to broadcasting radio stations with programs that seem to be totally harmless may have an indirect effect on their thoughts in the long run. Something that may seem harmless to one may seem harmful to another, depending on one's perspective.

Naturally, the person who feels that the program is 'harmful' and also knowing that watching such programs may have an indirect negative effect on other people in the long run, would choose the ideal way out of goodwill - which is to totally prevent the program or show from being broadcasted. Maybe he just hadn't realized that there may be an easier way, which is to ask people around him to boycott the TV or radio, or maybe he just deeply believes that it is impossible for one to totally boycott the TV, radio or the internet.


answered 15 Sep '10, 16:54

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