It's been approximately 12 months since I've been introduced to LOA and I was able to turn my life around in a 6 month period. I have been able to manifest most of the things I've wanted however, I always fall short.

For instance - I changed jobs and I asked (the Universe as well as my interviewers) for $15,000 take home salary, it was agreed upon, however I ended up with a take home of just under $15,000.

In my current job I asked for a salary of $30,000.00 however it falls short by just about $200 bucks. In both instances I am still very satisfied with what has come to me but I am also aware that I seem to be falling just short of what i ask for.

Now, the most current manifestation is my exams - I asked to graduate with 1st class honors, guess what..... I fell short of one point to 1st class honors.... one point. I worked on this months in advance, manifestation box, letters to the Universe, I even printed a certificate and put my name on it with 1st class honors and stuck it up on my manifestaton board. My school has advised me to query it with the university so I'm still being positive and being in the feeling place of my 1st class honors... maybe I could get some extra prayers and positive vibes from you guys out there for this turn around.

Has anyone ever experienced just falling short like this?? I am very curious as to how I can fix this.

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@MoonWillow - Interesting phenomenon. However, isn't there an easy fix to this? ...just aim that little bit higher to take account of the predicted shortfall :) Most human Law of Attraction teachers I've come across over the years consider any result within 10% of the target to be an accomplished target.

(25 Oct '12, 11:52) Stingray

@ Stingray - thank you very much for your answer. I kinda figured that I had to aim a bit highter, however I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong that needed to be fixed in some other way.

(25 Oct '12, 12:21) MoonWillow

@MoonWillow - suggested fix below :)

(25 Oct '12, 12:36) Stingray
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I am very curious as to how I can fix this

Okay. A suggested quick fix:

Ask yourself how it feels to you to always come up slightly short on your targets.

You'll undoubtedly have a negative feeling somewhere in your body, even if very slight and subtle, because it's not what you want.

Now focus on that body feeling only and try and make it as strong as you can. Once it has peaked, neutralize it (using any method you like, such as EFT) so you don't feel it in your body any more. That should, in theory, fix your "coming up short" condition.

That kind of clean-up should only take a few moments if you are familiar with a body-feelings clean-up method.

Alternatively, though it will take a little longer, you can apply a more verbal/thought-based approach like Focus Blocks/Wheels.


answered 25 Oct '12, 12:35

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@ Stingray - as always, thanks for a wonderful suggestion...

(25 Oct '12, 16:08) MoonWillow
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