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To check if this is the appropriate manifesting approach to use in your particular life situation, first read the Manifesting Experiment Guide


The Focus Blocks Method, also known as Manifesting Experiment 2, is the sequel to Manifesting Experiment 1. If you don't know what that first experiment is, then go and read through it just so you get some idea where this new method fits in and also so that you understand some of the phrases being used below.

When I started writing this method, I put a full explanation of why each step works in these instructions, but the amount of text started growing rapidly.

And it seemed to me that it would be off-putting and confusing to newcomers to be presented with a large amount of manifesting theory when all they really wanted was a way of physically manifesting their desires.

So, instead, I've decided to strip out as much explanation as possible and just give you the method as briefly as possible.

Once you try the approach and experience the power of it, just ask any questions you have about the method as separate (normal) Inward Quest questions, tagged as Manifesting-Experiment-2 and I'll answer them as normal answers. Doing this will also provide the opportunity for other people to answer as well based on their own personal experiences as they gain more manifesting experience.

If you want to see a list of questions that people have already asked about this method, just click on the tag in the gray box in the top right-hand corner of this page marked manifesting-experiment-2. (The gray box is titled tagged)

I will use any feedback from those questions and answers to improve (or rewrite) these instructions as the experiment continues. Because I've been doing this for a while, things that might seem obvious to me might not be so obvious to you. So please ask questions if anything is not clear.

If you want to see the amendments I have made to this written method in response to feedback, just go to the bottom of this posting where it says edited (next to where it says community wiki). Next to that word will be the last time this posting was edited. If you click on that time, you will see all the revisions that have been made.


Manifesting Experiment 1 works well when you are not too attached to the things you want, or you can forget about them for a while.

But often that is not the case.

Sometimes you just can't let go enough of what you want to allow it to come to you.

In those cases, you are really left with no choice but to deal with your feelings about what you want directly. Once you feel better about what you want, you will not be standing in the way of it coming even if you do think about it.

The other major reason that a process like this is needed is much less obvious...

The vast majority of your personal vibrational offering (which the Law of Attraction responds to) comes from the little things in your life

Huh? Did I say little things?

Yes, I surely did. :)

It is actually mostly those little things that keep you unhappy and miserable and leave you wondering why your life is not the way you would like it.

They are things like the annoyance of getting stuck in traffic, or perhaps your partner keeps leaving the top off the toothpaste tube, or perhaps you are annoyed that your boss never says thank you when you do something for them and so probably have hundreds of those little things in your life right now that are pulling you down on a daily basis without you even realizing it.

Each one of these things taken by itself doesn't really affect you that much so you may not pay much attention to them.

But taken together, they are creating an enormous drag on your health, wealth and happiness.

It's not that they are somehow combining together into something bigger and badder, it's just that all those little things keep holding you consistently in bad-feeling places on a regular basis which, in turn, stop other things you want from coming.

Sometimes those little things have so much collective power that you may not even see any more what is bothering just have a general gnawing sense of anxiety about your life and you have no idea at all what to do about it.

This process will deal with all of those little things (and the big things too) and it will clean up many of them at the same time!


alt text

This diagram shows the five steps in this overall approach. Notice that we are only actually using The Focus Blocks Method in Step 3.

The reason for the other steps is to make sure you integrate this method into your daily life.

The things that are troubling you in your life did not come out of nowhere overnight. They actually came about a little bit everyday with more and more signs of manifestational force until, one day, you ended up with a clear (and perhaps painful) manifestation of something that you really didn't want.

Wouldn't it have been better if you had cleaned up those little signs of discomfort early on before any significant bad-feeling manifestations ever got started?

Well that is what this method is going to do for you...for the rest of your life :)

Now let's look in more detail at each step.


alt text

This step should be fairly obvious. Just carry something around with you from now on in which you can note down anything that is bothering you, even if it doesn't seem that bad right now. Remember that we are cleaning up all these things before they even really get started.

So whenever anything happens in your life that bothers you a bit, write it down to deal with later in a Focus Blocks session.


alt text

When you have some time, create some ready-to-use Focus Blocks for the things that are bothering you from Step 1. (You can also do this step together with the next one if you want)

Here is what a completely empty Focus Block looks like...

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size

And here is what a Focus Block that is targeted to a particular Focus Block Topic, and is now ready for use, looks like...

alt text

You can create your own layout for Focus Blocks (either on paper or on a computer) or you can download a pdf version here of the one above. You can also download an editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of this Focus Block

Notice, firstly, (from the top diagram) that you can have many Focus Blocks on one page. If you are implementing this idea electronically, you can actually have all your Focus Blocks for a single topic one after the other on just one page or in one document.

If you are using paper, you can use as many sheets as you like but try and keep them grouped together because you will discover later that Focus Blocks are linked to each other. For a paper-based approach then, it might be a good idea to use a loose-leaf file or folder into which you can insert more pages as necessary.

Secondly, notice that the only difference between the first diagram and the second diagram are the two lines that have been completed in the second diagram.

You can see the top line is filled in against the question What is bothering me?, while the second line is filled in against the question So how do I want to feel instead?.

A Focus Block that has these two lines completed is now considered ready for use for the Focus Blocks Method in Step 3.

So how do you complete the two lines?

The first line for What is bothering me? is easy enough to complete. It's just an expanded version of what you wrote in your notebook in Step 1.

You may have written in your notebook originally "don't seem to have enough time to do stuff".

You now just expand this out and write something like I don't have enough time to do everything I want.

The second line So how I do want to feel instead? is really just the opposite of the the first line.

This should be easy enough to figure out. When you clearly know what you don't want, it should then be equally clear what you do want instead.

But there is something to watch for here...all we are doing with this process is changing the way you feel. We are not actually manifesting anything.

Yes, it is true that once you change your feeling about something, it will manifest differently, but the only thing we are focusing on right now is changing that feeling.

So, in the example above, the opposite of I don't have enough time to do everything I want is something like I want to feel like I have the time to do the things that are important to me.

There is no right or wrong with how you write your description of what you want. Just write it in your own words using language you are comfortable with, and make it as brief as possible...just a sentence is ideal. You are going to use this sentence to guide yourself while you use the Focus Block Method in the next step.


alt text

Focus Blocks vs Focus Wheels

Before you can use The Focus Blocks Method, you need to understand the concept that Focus Blocks are based upon...Focus Wheels.

The Focus Wheel process is a method devised by Abraham to deliberately shift your feeling about any subject into a better place.

If you have no idea what a Focus Wheel is, go and look through these resources for learning how to create Focus Wheels.

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size

The yellow circle at the top is a Focus Wheel and the block of sentences below it is a Focus Block.

Regarding the diagram...note that the Focus Wheel shown is on a different subject to the Focus Block shown so that's why the sentences within them don't match up. Apart from that, they are the same thing, just in a different layout.

Having this different layout allows us to use them in more practical ways, as you will see shortly.

However, because the Focus Block is still also a Focus Wheel, then all the knowledge you have learned to create Focus Wheels in the past (if you have followed Abraham previously) still applies.

The Focus Block Method

You now have enough knowledge to understand the Focus Block Method.

I am assuming you now have a stack of ready-to-go Focus Block Topics in front of you either in paper or electronic form.

You will also need some way of randomly-choosing the next Focus Block Topic to deal with. alt text

You can probably achieve this effect by rolling a single die. If the number comes up 1, then choose the next topic in your stack to work on, if it comes up 2 choose the topic that is two down, and so on.

It doesn't matter how you randomly choose your next topic as long as your chosen method will eventually get you to look at all the topics.

If you just rely on yourself to do the choosing, you will eventually find that there are some topics you will keep avoiding...the random number approach makes sure you deal with even those uncomfortable topics.

So, now, here is the Focus Blocks Method...

  • Make a commitment to yourself that whatever the next topic that is randomly chosen, you are going to write at least ONE statement of belief onto the Focus Block. If you can't make this commitment beforehand, don't play the game right now. You want to build up an unbreakable habit within yourself that if you choose a topic, you are always going to write at least one statement.

alt text

  • Go to the Focus Block Topic chosen and write at least ONE statement of belief that gives you relief from the starting statement of the Focus Block. To come up with these statements of belief, just use the same process as you would for coming up with the next statements for a Focus Wheel.

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size

  • You can carry on playing with that Focus Block (writing those statements) for as long as you feel you want to. Some topics you'll be happy to play with, others you may find that you want to get away from as quickly as possible! Don't worry about these uncomfortable topics. The method will keep bringing you back to push them a little further time and again until eventually you make a break-through and suddenly find yourself feeling so much better about them

  • Once you've had enough of playing with the topic, you can now randomly choose another Focus Block Topic or you can stop playing this Focus Blocks game. This means that even if you have only a single minute to spare in your day, you can still be shifting your feelings about things into better-feeling places. Your current feelings about this subject probably came about in tiny, incremental steps with you hardly noticing the change...we are now using that same tiny-step-by-step idea to put these changes back under our own conscious control

  • Whenever you reach the 12th statement on any Focus Block Topic, you'll notice that the next line says Best-Feeling Thought From This Block. At this point, you need to make a decision about whether this Focus Block Topic needs any more vibrational work or not. You do this by reading over all the previous 12 statements in the current Focus Block. Choose the one that feels the best to you right now and write it in that box. You can consider that statement to be the most powerful declaration of belief within that block.

Here is what a completed Focus Block looks like...

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size

If the Best-Feeling Thought leaves you feeling good then you can, if you want, just file the block away somewhere safe and not use it any further in the Focus Blocks've done enough now to clean up that vibration (though you can still take it further if you want, see Step 4 below which looks at the Emotional Guidance Scale).

If you want to continue with the method for this Focus Block Topic, just consider your Best-Feeling Thought to be the starting point for the next Focus Block on this subject.

Each Focus Block is a little reusable vibrational tool that, if you ever fall back to feeling as though the starting statement is true again, then by reading the statements in this block, you will always be able to quickly lift your vibration back up to the Best-Feeling Thought again.

alt text


alt text

If the Best-Feeling Thought you have just written leaves you feeling good, what you want is on its way to manifesting. The better you feel, the quicker it will come. You don't need to do any more work on the Focus Block Topic than this.

You can just go ahead and clean up other feelings on other topics instead.

However, if you want your manifestation to come even faster, you can push your feeling about any particular subject even higher.

Look at the diagram below.

alt text

On the Emotional Guidance Scale diagram above, if you can move your feeling regarding what you want into the Green Zone (Feeling Good area), you are no longer standing in the way of what you want even if you think about it alot.

If you can move your vibration up to Hopefulness, you will now start to see vibrational matches regarding what you want.

Once you move your vibration up to Positive Expectation/Belief and above, it is on the verge of physically manifesting if it hasn't already.

The way you judge where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale is to look at the best-feeling thought on the last Focus Block you did and think about what emotion it stirs up within you. Then try and see which emotion is closest to it on the Emotional Guidance Scale.

If you are still not sure, write out a few sentences about what you want without thinking too long. Then look over the sentences and consider what overall emotion they are conveying to you. I call it taking an emotional temperature reading :)

Another method is to just talk to a friend for a few minutes about what you want. It should be very clear where your emotional setpoint (feeling about the subject) is.


alt text

You will never run out of new desires. The Universe is geared up to keep generating them within you.

Unfulfilled desire is good for makes life energy flow through you. It makes you feel energized and alive and passionate. Desire is what life is all about so you might as well get used to the fact that you will always have more and more Focus Blocks to play with. :)

And you now have at your disposal one of the most powerful methods for manifesting that exists...even if you don't realize it yet.

If you want to share any success stories you have had with this method, you can do so by posting an answer below.

There are some more advanced techniques that you can use with Focus Blocks and I will publish these in the near future once you've had a chance to play with this method.

Happy manifesting!


One of the advanced techniques I mentioned above is to intersperse Positive Aspects lists in between your Focus Blocks. This extension to the Focus Blocks Method is described here.


One of the things I've noticed people doing (which I don't do) is only having a few Focus Blocks around a few subjects. I would think this makes the method more difficult to apply.

I don't keep track of exact numbers but I seem to have about 100 available Focus Blocks to play with at any one time so I never quite know what is going to come up and often the same subject doesn't come up for days (perhaps even weeks) depending on the luck of the random selection and how much time I spend with the method.

So, for me, the method is always fresh, fun and surprising. I suspect that if you only had a few Focus Blocks and they kept re-appearing too often, it may get frustrating and annoying to keep dealing with the same few subjects.

If you are having problems with the method try increasing the number of Focus Blocks you have.

Unless you are deliberately shutting yourself off from experiencing everyday life (which I don't recommend), you should have no problem accumulating data for your Blocks.


There is now another experiment in this series available for you to try. Manifesting Experiment 3 - The 'Vibrational Goal-Getting' method is all about taking aligned physical action to get what you want.


There is now a free computer software version of the Focus Blocks Method available.

You can find out more about the Focus Blocks Spreadsheet here


This Focus Blocks method is actually part of a larger vibrational approach that I've been using for several years that systematically gets you into the Vortex.

I call it the Advanced Focus Blocks Method.

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edited 26 Jun '12, 04:50

Are the numbers (1 thru 12) in the illustrated focus block significant?

(10 May '10, 23:08) Vesuvius

The original Focus Wheel process used the numbers of a clock face at which to write the statements around the wheel. When I started to use Focus Blocks (which are linear Focus Wheels), I kept that 1 to 12 mapping. And, over time, I've found it's actually quite useful as the number of statements to keep in a block

(11 May '10, 05:32) Stingray

Conceptually I don't see much difference between the two methods. But I am much more likely to use the Focus Blocks method because the linear format seems to fit my sensibilities (I like it better, for some reason).

(11 May '10, 23:55) Vesuvius

Stingray, thank you so much for posting this. I started exploring the resources you posted earlier and the youtube videos.. and well they are just amazing. I can feel myself vibrating at a higher and more loving place than I was two days ago. It is a noticeable difference. Thank you so much for sharing your discoveries and your knowledge with others.

(13 May '10, 14:45) Nikki777

Glad to help, Nikki777 (and everyone else!)

(13 May '10, 16:48) Stingray

Really appreciate your effort and the time you have put in sharing all this information through posts on manifesting experiment 1 & 2. I am really happy to report that things are finally moving in my desired direction and I just generally feel as if a weight has lifted off my shoulders - can't remember the feeling of fear and despair I was living with just a couple of weeks ago. Thanks once again Stingray.

(16 May '10, 00:30) I Think Therefore I Am

Stingray: Is it a good idea to do another 12 statements on the same focus block?

(16 Oct '10, 20:07) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics, perhaps you could ask this as a separate new question and then I (or someone else) can answer it more fully?

(17 Oct '10, 10:03) Stingray

@Stingray how can one edit a pdf document? (meaning if I want to use the template you have..) I have been using my own template which I dont really like because I didnt know how to edit a pdf.. haha

(25 Nov '10, 02:31) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - To edit a pdf, you will probably need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional. Alternatively, if you need to edit that template, I can upload a Microsoft Word version of it. Another alternative is to use the Focus Blocks Spreadsheet which I use. This is currently in testing and you will need a copy of Microsoft Excel 2007 to run it:

(25 Nov '10, 06:40) Stingray

@Stingray- Could you upload a Word version of that template instead? The excel spreadsheet that you are using seems to be quite complicated to me, I prefer to keep things simple :)

(25 Nov '10, 09:32) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - I've found the original document and it is an Excel spreadsheet rather than a Word document. You can always copy and paste that Excel sheet into Word if you want. You can download the spreadsheet from here:

(25 Nov '10, 18:19) Stingray

Hi @Stingray, when I use focus blocks in the morning, should I select them at random (and potentially pick topics which are not problems at present) or should I only work with issues that I currently have? Thanks.

(31 Oct '14, 13:34) cod2

@cod2 - "should I only work with issues that I currently have?" - The principle of Your vibration stays where you last left it means that everything you have as a Focus Block should still be an issue unless something has happened to change your vibrational setpoint about it in the time between you creating the Block and it randomly reappearing during a session. If it is the case that anything that appears isn't a current issue, I would archive it out of the Focus Blocks system.

(01 Nov '14, 17:45) Stingray

Hi @Stingray. I am at the point where I can manifest things pretty easily, but for some reason I have been hesitant to try any of the processes to manifest money. This seems like a silly question when I write it down, but do these processes, such as focus blocks, work exactly the same way for finances?

(30 Dec '14, 01:21) Bluebell

"do these processes, such as focus blocks, work exactly the same way for finances?" - A question for you then, @Bluebell. What makes you think it matters what the subject of the processes is? Sure, you may have been fed, and accepted, more misguided "brain-washing" on the subject of money than many other subjects but, other than that, why should it make a difference?

(01 Jan '15, 06:01) Stingray

@Stingray Clever answer, thanks. I know what you're getting at. I guess I don't understand why, if it's as easy as everything else has been, so many people seem to struggle with it.

(01 Jan '15, 20:07) Bluebell

@Bluebell - "if it's as easy as everything else has been, so many people seem to struggle with it." - I see a world filled with abundance and prosperity..."the world is awash with money"...perhaps one sees what one wants to see based upon one's filter of beliefs :)

(03 Jan '15, 14:47) Stingray

''You may have been fed, and accepted, more misguided "brain-washing" on the subject of money than many other subjects but, other than that, why should it make a difference?''Just read something that identified the belief for me that money was 'different' in terms of attraction, so leaving it here in case it helps someone who comes across it: 'We imagine money is an experience and an energy that stands outside of the reality of God'

(24 May '15, 05:16) Bluebell
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Hey guys,

I just want to quickly say I've been using this and loving the results. So far I have only used it for the niggling things in my life I don't really care about too much (though do surprisingly enjoy the 'cleaned up' manifestations a lot).

I only have just today actually had all the ones I've had so far have at least one 'belief' in them, because I keep adding them at such a rate that I wasn't keeping up. :P

One interesting result I particularly enjoyed, because it occurred the same day I wrote a few statements and has continued since is people sitting next to me on the bus - when there are many empty seats still available. (as you probably know, definitely a 'no no' of standard social protocol on public transport)

I've used it concerning my experiments in trading and the various emotional reactions I was having to trades going bad, indecision about when to 'take profit' or 'let it run' etc. I'll just say the results on that front have been very good, don't care to go into details.

I've also been using it specifically for molding some personality traits with great success (some which I had been 'struggling with' for a while).

Basically, all around in relationships, finances, self work (and then loads of others too numerous to mention) it has shown results for me, FAST.

I haven't tried it on any big goals of mine yet - I told myself I would as soon as I had 'finished' the little things. It seems I was being silly though - they aren't finishing any time soon. :P But, it also seems I don't need to use it on the big goals I have, since they seem to be coming very fast now...and honestly, I am enjoying playing with these small things a whole lot!

I just want to say a big thank you to Stingray for posting this method - I had used Focus Wheels before with good success but using it for all those small things is just a whole different level and I find it more fun (for whatever reason...). And I look forward to any more "advanced techniques" (hint hint ;)).

EDIT: Just saw these youtube videos of Abraham that relate to this topic and thought I'd link them here.

When bad memories throw you out of the vortex (Part 1)

Part 2

Part 3


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edited 16 Jul '10, 22:49

Many thanks for sharing your experiences, Liam. I hope they inspire others to try this approach in their own lives. Focus Blocks and, before them, Focus Wheels, are responsible for completing transforming my own life. Being a fairly private person, I don't tend to talk much about my own experiences, but I've had so many seemingly-impossible manifestations from this approach that people simply wouldn't believe me anyway. The advanced techniques I have in mind are aimed at forcing manifestations to happen in a very deliberate way. I think of it like squeezing the toothpaste out of...

(30 May '10, 07:47) Stingray

...a tube, instead of just holding the tube vertically and waiting for it to drip out, which is what most sit-back-and-wait manifesting is like. The basic ideas were inspired by Stuart Lichtman's Cybernetic Transpositions but his method is way too complicated and time-consuming. I just do the same sort of thing simply, quickly and elegantly with Focus Blocks instead. So if you want to get some more ideas for using Focus Blocks even more powerfully, I recommend you take a look at his ideas and think about how they would work in conjunction with them.

(30 May '10, 07:56) Stingray

I really need a bunch of people to have tried Focus Blocks and discovered how powerful they are before going into more detail about advanced approaches...otherwise there's a danger of over-complicating the ideas too early and putting-off newcomers who might think that the method doesn't really work because they don't see people getting steady results. In any case, the existing approach will transform anyone's life in a short space of time all by itself. The advanced stuff is aimed at manifesting junkies who just can't get enough of it :)

(30 May '10, 08:15) Stingray

Thanks for that...and yeah, Lichtman's stuff is pretty time consuming. I am considering how I could 'merge them' in a way like you suggested. :) And I understand your desire to have many others try it out as is - I have plenty to play with in any case.

(01 Jun '10, 04:06) Liam

@Stingray Can you explain more about those advanced techniques? I read Stuart Lichtman's book. Which of his techniques do you combine with focus blocks? He says

  1. Reread your goal 50-100 times a day and rewrite it if needed to "clear" resistance to it. (instead just do 1 focus block?:)

  2. Monitor and read your target every day and check if you feel "joy" and "certainty of achievement".

  3. Inner Anchor Point: You visualize that you are going to die soon and link this feeling to your goal.

(12 Dec '12, 23:07) releaser99

@releaser99 - This was a few years ago now :) but I think mainly it was to do with Metastories - the rewriting of memories until they score "10" - and a more efficient clearing method, namely EFT. With Metastories, if you brainstorm everything that comes up and clean it all up, you are going to have no resistance left to what you want. Basically, the ideas are embodied within ME-4, the Surfing method plus a few others

(13 Dec '12, 11:51) Stingray

@releaser99 - These days I would probably say that Faster EFT's Super Power Tap, where you brainstorm everything bad-feeling in your life and clean it all up in a few mins, is probably a superior (i.e. more efficient) approach to Lichtman's. The testing/monitoring is also built in to that method. So the basic idea is think clearly of what you want in your life, clean up everything that comes up regarding it, and just monitor /re-test from time to time

(13 Dec '12, 11:55) Stingray

@Stingray Thank you so much. Makes sense to combine "surfing the desire" with "ME4" and the "super power tap".

(13 Dec '12, 13:56) releaser99
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This method is one of the best LOA/manifesting methods I have come across. For some reason, I was very turned away from this method and AH's Focus Wheels... I'm glad I decided to try this out, because I'm extremely pleased and impressed with it.

I highly recommend this to everyone. I actually went out and paid $80 for Microsoft Excel just so I could use the spreadsheet, and it was definitely worth that money for me.

The biggest benefit of this method is it keeps you very focused and continuously moving towards better feelings. Sometimes it's difficult to move into a better feeling place simply because we are trying so hard to push against whatever obstacle we're currently facing. Having everything out in front of me and being able to shift my attention to easier subjects has really helped minimize those vibrational boulders and keep me more consistently where I would like to be.

It is amazing to see how much cleaning up the little things can really help you overall. I have several focus blocks and a majority of them are really not that important, but are giving me a great advantage, since they're so easy to turn around.

I really, really recommend it, this is a brilliant and well constructed tool! Thank you Stingray :) I'm sure you already know you could make a fortune off it if you really wanted to!


answered 17 Mar '13, 18:47

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@LapisLazuli Yes, I agree. Actually I have 2 different FB Spreadsheed copys for myself. "Copy A" is for really little, mundane things. "Copy B" is for big issues that I only want to solve with FB when I feel like it. I completely ignore big issues of "Copy B" for a few days sometimes. I enjoy solving little issues with "Copy A" because I get into the vortex easily every time.

(17 Mar '13, 19:22) releaser99

It's like playing with a professional winner team against an amateur team. You always win easily:). When I'm in the vortex and I feel really really amazing, I then open "Copy B" sometimes if I feel like it's the right time for it. This way doing FB is not only much more fun, but it's incredibly easy to solve those big issues after being confidently in the vortex first.

(17 Mar '13, 19:22) releaser99

@LapisLazuli - You're very welcome. Glad you're finding it useful. I don't tend to "push" the spreadsheet (or even the Focus Blocks System) much at people because, until one is brave/mad enough to honestly try it, it seems like a crazily over-complicated way to live your life. But, as it sounds like you are discovering, it's really a gem of a method that has stood up to every life situation I've thrown at it over the past several years. I don't know how I would live my life without it :)

(21 Mar '13, 11:15) Stingray

And for those waiting for a web-based version, I had a flash of inspiration the other day for making Focus Blocks work with some existing (free) web-based software. I'm just working out the details of the approach myself but I may be able to unveil something within the next few weeks that will make a (slightly modified) Focus Blocks idea accessible to anyone anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection.

(21 Mar '13, 11:20) Stingray

@Stingray - Cool, thank you! I'm really looking forward to that. I don't know how I would live without my Focus Blocks, either. It seems so unneccessarily limiting and toxic to walk around with a bunch of stuff piling up inside, when it's so easy to be free of it... Like not taking out the garbage. Thank you for working to bring us all easy access to regular trash pick up in our own neighborhoods! :)

(23 Mar '13, 00:45) Grace

It's been about a week and I've already had a couple things clear up :) This is such a fun method. It's really exciting to see how beneficial it's been for all of you, too. Can't wait to see what else happens as I continue to play with it! :)

(23 Mar '13, 01:09) LapisLazuli
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This bit about the little things is brilliant and holds a lot of answers for me. @Stingray 's ideas of dealing with these little things makes an awful lot of sense!

I have been curious about Rage. That a seemingly insignificant event can put someone into a rage state. Now I realize it is the product of a lot of little bothersome bricks that wind up building a powerful and sometimes painful structure.

The big things we can deal with. I see a lion. I grab my shotgun and he is a rug on my floor. But a pile of small seemingly insignificant events can lead to a BIG problem.

For instance, a hypothetical example. Let's say that you are driving to work and someone cuts you off in traffic. Grrr. You get to work late and the boss is staring at you. Grrr. Your stapler is out of staples and you can't find more without a lot of time and effort. Grrr. You spill a little coffee on your shirt. Grrr. You notice a small ding in the paint on your new car. Grrr. A good friend tells you at the last moment they can't help you with something you need. Grrr. Your computer gets a key stuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Grrr

You are building a bothersome brick structure.

To cap it off, on your way home that very same day, you buy a newspaper from a vendor that has been costing a dollar and he tells you the price went up and you yell at him for being a freaking robber! So you MUST have a problem with the vendor? Right? Wrong. You have a problem with your structure. A ticking disuseful bomb.

You are not mad at the newspaper vendor. You feel foolish for having responded like you (I) did. Maybe angry with yourself? Grrr. Maybe you justify it that ALL newspaper vendors are robbers? More bricks!

You can deal with individual bricks. You can pick a brick up and do something with it. But a thousand bricks, cemented together? Ain't no way honeychild! Focus Blocks is how you deal with the individual bricks and take apart that structure. Brilliant!!!

So, let's deal with the Focus Blocks Method!

  1. I respect @Stingray greatly! I want what he has! Brilliant insight and sensitivity. Read any of his posts. Wow! There is a Stingray Book in there and I would pay to publish it sight unseen!

  2. Since Stingray has what I want, I am modeling him. If he says he is where he is because of methods like using Focus Blocks, and I resonate with this concept, I am aboard that train!

Motivation is there. I am focusing on this being a habit.


answered 28 May '12, 09:44

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill - Nicely said, I think your Rage example is spot on. And, yes, dismantling that structure (on a continuing basis) is what Focus Blocks is all about. It's still my favorite method and the key to making it work well is to dump everything uncomfortable in your life into it. Also bear in mind the context, that Focus Blocks is about giving you enough in-the-moment relief to allow you to step back up the emotional scale into the Vortex:

(31 May '12, 05:05) Stingray

@stingray - Thank you.

(31 May '12, 07:50) Dollar Bill

I look forward to participating in this. I was just going to add a great vibrational match to the first experiment ( which I will do in a few minutes). As you just pointed out, I have noticed the last few days a couple of things I would like in the box but it is very difficult to take complete attention away from them so this came at just the right time. Thanks Stingray:-)


answered 08 May '10, 13:08

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I am going through this process for the first time. The thought occurred to me that I needed to define what was bothering me as follows:

What Is Bothering Me: I hate it when people DISRESPECT me.

Before getting to the So How Do I Want To Feel Instead part, I thought it would be helpful to put my 'bother' under the microscope and take a really close look.

WHO is disrespecting me? (usually it's one main person, your arch-nemesis. In my case, my 13-year-old step-daughter seems to trigger a ton of hot buttons lately)

What is DISRESPECT to me? (what does it look and feel like; is it REALLY disrespect - eg. my wife tells me it's just the kid being a goofy young teen which I'll allow for... sometimes)


Over-riding (when I say NO, the kid goes to Mommy seeking a YES. If Mommy also says NO, the kid goes to her school teacher who then calls Mommy to lay a heavy guilt-trip on her, "Are you using this as a PUNISHMENT for your child? The ultimate over-ride is when the kid tries to bring her dad's rules into our house)

Ignoring me (OK, what young teen doesn't ignore their parent? Still, it BOTHERS me so I write it down)

Treating me like I'm invisible (closely related to the ignore, but with subtle differences. eg her dad says it's OK to do/not do something so the kid doesn't have to listen to me or do what is expected of her)

Saying 'Yes', then doing something entirely different (I would much rather she tell me the TRUTH rather than what she THINKS I want to hear)

Back-stabbing (the kid and her dad have a field day with this one, spreading lies and rumors behind my back)

Acting better than (everything is better at her dad's house where she spends her weekends - the food, the house rules, curfew, etc. and she let's her mom and I know it, not so much with words, but mostly through actions and attitudes. Also, she has recently become extremely religious - an influence from her step-mom - and is very self-righteous when she returns to our home during the week)

Irresponsible (not doing what she said she was going to do; be where she said she was going to be, when she was supposed to be there. Leaving her things hanging around the house; losing things at school - glasses, clothing, umbrellas, musical instruments... all with the attitude, "No big deal, Mommy will get me another."

Lack of cooperation (house routines... what house routines? I don't have to do that at my DAD'S house)

So by spelling these things out, I find it very helpful as it tells me EXACTLY what I'm dealing with and more importantly, WHY? I hope others might find this useful as well.


answered 19 May '10, 13:53

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Russ Hamel

I've been having great results with Focus Blocks. I can't say that a complete manifestation has occured on any of the things I was working on - but then I have been working on major things! But having said that so many I have noticed several things happening which are bringing full manifestations closer. A possibility of a cure for my mom is a phenomenal vibration match, work is flowing more effortlessly towards me, I am getting more and more exciting projects to work on etc.

But the most important result has been that feeling of empowerment that I am inchrage of my life and the really positive and happy feeling which stems from that empowerment. I have also worked on a lot of very limiting beliefs and they are now a thing of the past. I'm just generally happy nowadays and even when faced with bills and other problems I am able to deliberately change my emotional state to a more positive vibration.

Stingray I'm really looking forward to your sharing more advanced techniques with us and thank you for all that you have shared with us till now.


answered 30 May '10, 20:33

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

Sure. Law of Attraction says everything you focus upon grows. It's like watering plants. So, if you don't like weed in your garden, just stop watering it and only water the flowers or plants you want to see flourish.

When you make a long list of things you don't want or of things that are bothering you, you focus on things not working. And making a list, writing things down requires quite some focus. So you are sending a lot of energy into that direction and it gets bigger and bigger.

And when you have completed your list (which is unlikely to happen), your problems are more active in you than before you made that list. So, vibrationally speaking, you are in a worse situation. OK, you might say that now you have clarity about what's bothering you and it will be easier now to clean it up, but every time you try to clean something up, it only gets dirtier. Because during the cleaning process you have to focus upon those dirty things again. And focus lets them grow.

From that feeling place, turning your negative statements into positive ones is really hard work, and actually not possible. Because your vibrating is in the problem range, so solutions are out of reach for you.

My suggestion would be to NOT make those lists of things that are bothering you. Better make a list of things that you like. That way you are watering the flowers and not the weed anymore. The reason why those things that bother you are still part of your experience is simply because you still focus upon them, you still water the weed. So if you would just focus on things that are already working, your issues/problems would die of lack of attention, your weed dries out and disappears.

And you only have to find one single thing to appreciate. If you focus upon it, Law of Attraction will bring you more and more. And then you are in a whole new vibrational stratosphere. You have access to thoughts and resources that will boggle your mind!

So, the way you explained it is something like this: I know I go into the wrong direction, but to turn around, I first accelerate a bit more into the wrong direction so that I know that I'm really really heading into the wrong direction. And then, at maximum speed, I will make a u-turn and start heading into the right direction. But that's not likely, you will leave a lot of ugly skid marks on the road and your (negative) momentum will still push you into the wrong direction.

That's why I said your approach is a bit counterintuitive to how Law of Attraction works. When you notice you are heading into the wrong direction, slow down immediately (focus less on the negative), make your u-turn (focus more positively than negatively) and then accelerate (start focusing purely positive).


answered 28 Jun '11, 02:44

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Reefs 1

Thank you for your comments. What you're suggesting is to make a list of Positive Aspects instead ( ) and the "Advanced" version of this method incorporates that idea ( ) . The problem, however, with making Positive Aspects lists is that you can only manage it successfully when you generally don't dip further down than Frustration on the Emotional Guidance Scale (see diagram above).

(28 Jun '11, 06:18) Stingray

For people who generally dip below that level on the activated subjects in their life, writing out a list of Positive Aspects will prove rather annoying and self-defeating ( ). So what this method does is to dip into those subjects that are below that level and move them to a point where Positive Aspects is possible (See the Advanced method referenced above). Your vibration on any subject is where you last left it so disengaging completely from...

(28 Jun '11, 06:24) Stingray

...those subjects is a fine approach if you can be sure they will not reactivate again in your life. If you notice Step 1 in this method, it is not about making a "long list of things you don't want" (as though you are intently focusing on them), it's about noting down those subjects that get activated and then using the shifted vibrational setpoints as stepping-stones into The Vortex. If you try the approach for a while, you'll see what I mean :)

(28 Jun '11, 06:29) Stingray
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No, no lists at all. It's all about distraction actually. Your natural state of being is one of joy and abundance and well-being. It's your natural state means you cannot lose it, you cannot acquire it. But you can focus otherwise and follow some illusion of your choice. So, as soon as you give that up, your natural state comes into focus again automatically. Processes distract you only from your negative focus. That's all what they are designed to do.

And you only need to find one single positive thing. That's all. Law of Attraction will do the rest. You only have to focus on it for a while in the beginning until it gains some momentum.

Nothing really wrong with your methods, it's just going about it the hard way, at least from my point of view.


answered 28 Jun '11, 07:36

Reefs%202's gravatar image

Reefs 2

Sure, I agree with you, all you really need to do is Get Happy and everything takes care of itself: . I find in our action-oriented world though that it is more satisfying to work through some process because it then gives you the feeling of "involvement" in what manifests and, after all, as creators, we all like to create :)

(28 Jun '11, 07:49) Stingray

Yes, some like it the hard way. And actually you cannot 'get' happy. You can only let your happiness and joy shine through again, it's your natural state after all! :) Creating is fun and physical action too, but only really fun from inside the vortex. I agree, it is a little satisfying to feel less unhappy when you worked yourself from frustration to boredom. But still, it's outside the vortex, it's still unhappiness! No comparison to being in the vortex.

And you cannot work yourself into the vortex anyway, you cannot force yourself in. The vortex has to suck you in. And that happens spontaneously. So, what all those processes can do is to bring you to the gate only.


answered 28 Jun '11, 08:37

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Reefs 3

Well said :) And, by the way, welcome to Inward Quest :)

(28 Jun '11, 09:22) Stingray

So, the processes are not that useless after all :)

And thanks for the warm welcome, I will look around a bit, lots to explore!


answered 28 Jun '11, 09:59

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Reefs 4

Hi stingray!

I have been using the focus blocks method and it's great. I always find relief using the focus blocks method:) thank you for sharing this;) Would the focus block method help you train your mind to think more positive over time or would you recommend other processes for that such as the "pivoting" process? Thank You;)


answered 22 Aug '11, 17:02

Satori's gravatar image


Yes, it will train you into staying in that good-feeling by itself - especially if you use the "advanced" method to tune yourself into the Vortex once a day: . Apart from a bit of daily meditation, I actually use nothing else but the Focus Blocks spreadsheet (a slightly more advanced version than the one I released) and it handles everything my life can throw at it. It's still the best all-in-one vibrational molding system I've yet come across :)

(22 Aug '11, 17:29) Stingray

thanks Stingray,I totally agree.suppose I was just thinking of an in the moment sort of remedy. So just to clarify focus on feeling good in the moment and let any negative emotion come to me,if any and make a note instead of looking for it. :)i can see how meditation would help this process by increasing in-the-moment awareness. Brilliant Stingray,thanks for sharing;)

(22 Aug '11, 18:27) Satori

Yes, the value of meditation lies in the fact that it sharpens up your vibrational sensors so you pick up on negative feelings more quickly. I prefer to deal with stuff later in the spreadsheet when I can be quiet and alone and really get to heart of vibrational issues, but the best alternative "real-time" approach I've come across is EFT. You would just tap out the emotions as they come you do in the 4th Manifesting Experiment but without all the analysis beforehand. More info here:

(22 Aug '11, 20:41) Stingray

You've helped me again Stingray.really appreciate it and thanks for the links:)

(22 Aug '11, 23:12) Satori

hi Stingray,

i really like your advanced focus blocks as it incorporates a lot of processes.if im molding beliefs like monetary wealth or a subject i would be do i continue the focus block if i was already in a goodfeeling place with it ? do i have get into the vortex on another subject and then continue it? or do i just leave it in that goodfeeling place.i hope you understand the question STINGRAY,thank you:-)

(30 Aug '11, 18:46) Satori

@Satori - Sorry, only just noticed this last comment...nearly a year later :) You can either leave the Focus Block alone or you can use the subject as the basis for a Positive Aspects list, since you now feel good about it. Doing Positive Aspects on a subject (when you are already feeling good about it) will keep you in that good feeling about the subject longer...and thereby solidify that vibrational setpoint.

(26 Jun '12, 04:45) Stingray

@Stingray-Thanks for that, I had forgotten about this;).Ive noticed that I can now use this process better.As my general vibration has rose I can feel my way through this process better and can approach it as a game to play to feel better in the moment and not to create a change.Maybe that's why some people have problems initially with this process.:)

(26 Jun '12, 13:50) Satori
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Can't Wait, I worry about most of my ManEx 1 things so I hope this helps.

A hint with writing down things that bother you: I always have a cell phone on me so if you're like me, just save anything that bothers you as a note or a text draft.


answered 08 May '10, 18:14

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Michael 1

edited 08 May '10, 20:43

Looking forward to it! I have been having a problem of keeping my attention from wandering towards my desire. Also I have been having a hard time for the past day or so in feeling positive and good so I can't wait. In the meantime thanks for the link to the Focus Wheel it clarifies a few questions I had on the subject.


answered 08 May '10, 23:48

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

Stingray, I want to personally thank you for your time, insight and great contribution in this area (i.e. the law of attraction or manifesting). I know many here are benefiting from your answers and experiments you are posting.

I just wanted to extend my appreciation to you.


answered 09 May '10, 01:38

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Frank 1

Despite trying to forget whatever is there in the box, it gets harder and harder.. Unknowingly I will be thinking about things in the box because they are in some way related to my day to day life.. Looking forward to your further instructions in Manifesting Experiment 2, Stingray. God bless you for giving that slightest hope to those of us here who may be in the same boat as me.. Thank you..


answered 09 May '10, 16:19

AVBhat%201's gravatar image

AVBhat 1

Hey Stingrey, I am looking forward to this!

I put some wishes on my box and I have great expectations about them but, as you pointed out:

  • I can't stop thinking about the things I want sometimes for the only reason that I like looking at them on the net. (I look at them with happy anticipation though).
  • They are health-related (so they are always with me).

I have a difficult time with the "forget about it" process, so I think this new experiment will work best.


answered 10 May '10, 14:04

BridgetJones09's gravatar image


edited 17 May '10, 13:43

Hi Stingray,

Thanks for all your effort in this area. Sometimes I feel that I am making such great progress and then I get hung up on one thing and it frustrates me. The other day I was so frustrated I took out all my requests out of the box and destroyed them. But a few days later I was with a group of friends and I realized that this was one of my requests and I was experiencing it and did not even realize it. Actually two out of my four requests have manifested, another is looking promising and the other has not produced absolutely no vibrational match that I am aware of.

I am looking forward to you new experiment.


answered 10 May '10, 14:36

Drham's gravatar image


Thank you for sharing that personal story Drham. I once destroyed all of my requests as well!

(10 May '10, 19:18) LeeAnn 1

Stingray God bless you, the number of vibrating physical objects. I hope this will not be too much a blessing. I'm obliged.


answered 10 May '10, 18:56

MUHD's gravatar image


I Am looking forward to even more excitement, I am only coming to fully enjoy your first experiment :) I love the idea of being able to watch it's unfolding.I am so sorry Stingray that I have not keeping up on my end , but Life seems to be going in fastforward and its all good! And to think that I only put one wish in my box. Thank You, Love and Light


answered 13 May '10, 03:28

Roy's gravatar image


edited 13 May '10, 03:37


i read your given technique, even i tried it, but i failed to understand "How to fill Focus Block from 1 to 12?" My exact confusion is what shold i write in it. and after writing what should process or think about it.

Have a nice day, Kamran Ahmed


answered 15 May '10, 14:17

Kamran%20Ahmed's gravatar image

Kamran Ahmed

If you take a look at Step 3, you'll see that the Focus Block is just a different layout of a Focus Wheel. So the way you construct a Focus Block is to use the same method as for constructing a Focus Wheel. Information on how to create Focus Wheels is here:

(15 May '10, 14:26) Stingray

I want to say this is awesome Stingray, just reading it put me in a positive vibration concerning certain areas in my life. Love the graphics they really help to bring everything you talk about together.

Thank you so much.


answered 15 May '10, 23:09

AboveBelow's gravatar image


Hi! I'm starting my first 2 focus wheels now. How do I eliminate any doubt that I have whilst using this process? I am using it for 2 things that I want rather badly and am therefore worrying about not doing it correctly or about me being the one exception that it doesn't work for or about it not happening in time etc


answered 08 Jun '10, 12:30

butterfly's gravatar image


It's simple enough to deal with doubts about your Focus Wheels/Focus Blocks not working. Just create Focus Wheels/Focus Blocks to deal with them. :) So clear up your doubts first then, after you've cleared those up, then work on the things that are bothering you. Please ask any further questions as separate new Inward Quest questions so that others can contribute answers and other people with the same questions can find them more easily in future.

(08 Jun '10, 14:57) Stingray

I just read this, thank you for the material.
Looking forward to Manifesting Experiment 3. ;-)


answered 19 Jul '10, 10:10

Asklepios's gravatar image


You're welcome. I don't know about Manifesting Experiment 3 yet, but I've been working on an extension to Manifesting Experiment 2 (Focus Blocks) for some time now. But it still doesn't feel clear and simple enough in my mind to release yet, which is an indication to me that more clarification and testing is still required.

(19 Jul '10, 10:37) Stingray

Your method is a bit counterintuitive to how Law of Attraction works.


answered 28 Jun '11, 01:35

Reefs's gravatar image


Please elaborate. And welcome to the forum/site/love fest

(28 Jun '11, 02:00) you

Hi Stingray a thought to run by you.......... for all us Iphone junkies , could this be converted and used as a interactive pdf ? Cheers SL :-)


answered 26 Jun '12, 01:44

Starlight's gravatar image


@Starlight - I presume you are talking about the example blank pdf that is provided? You certainly could convert it into an interactive pdf but I'm not sure how much value that would be. A single Focus Block is just 12 lines of text and, if you are going to use this method properly, you will probably end up with a lot of them to randomly choose from. Trying to get all that working slickly on an IPhone would be like trying to sweep your back yard with a toothbrush. Good luck if you try it :)

(26 Jun '12, 04:56) Stingray

Hi, @Stingray, I have a question: What should I mold if the problem bothering me is actually a result of several other problems that are too bothering me? My gut and feelings are telling me that I should mold every single one of the problems. Is that right?


answered 25 May '17, 12:05

Marin's gravatar image


@Marin - "telling me that I should mold every single one of the problems" - Sounds good to me...with a BIG warning attached :) Do not attempt a whole life clean-up - you'll never win that game. Instead, allow Inner Being to dictate your clean-up curriculum. The elegant use of FBs is to use them to generate relief which then moves you towards Vortex alignment

(25 May '17, 15:39) Stingray
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