I am asking this question for someone close to me. We were having a discussion last night, where I was trying to explain some law-of-attraction principles, and she followed up with a question pertaining to her own life, that I could not answer. So I told her I'd ask the folks on Inward Quest for an explanation.

Many years ago, a month or two before taking a group trip overseas, while going over their group itinerary in class, she had a "feeling" that something bad was going to happen to the plane they were going to take. A week before their scheduled flight, her group itinerary changed and they got a different flight. The original plane that she was supposed to get on then crashed, or was shot out of the sky (TWA Flight 800).

She says that her initial premonition was not "a feeling she kept having," but was a one-time feeling she had while they were going over the schedule, and she never thought about it again until she heard about the crash.

Another time, more recently, we were at a large group dance. She had a "feeling" I was going to win the drawing for a free CD (for music we didn't like or care about at all). I then won the CD.

Her question is, are these things she manifested, or were they premonitions of events which were already set in motion by other happenings in the Universe?

It seems to me that due to the "lag" of physical reality behind vibrational reality, that there could indeed be events which are "already in motion" or already "in the cards" which the Universe could then communicate to you about in subtle ways.

From my own perspective, I can see how her second example (winning the CD) could have been a direct manifestation, however in the case of the plane crash I am not sure, since it involved so many other individuals--it does not seem likely that the Universe would "kill" all those people based on a one-time bad feeling that somebody has (who never ended up getting on the plane anyway). She obviously does not want to believe that she "manifested," i.e. caused, the plane crash.

She basically wants to know if there are such things as psychic premonitions which are not the actual cause of the future events...or if everything in your experience in the Universe is a direct manifestation of your thoughts or feelings.

I suspect that most people here on Inward Quest will tell us that the second statement is the true one, but I am having trouble reconciling it with her example.

We would be grateful for any perspectives on this. Thanks.

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@lozenge123, excellent question. I would like to know this too.

(08 Sep '12, 19:44) Grace
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There are distinctions between the two, although they are subtle and may require more experience with to differentiate (at least, in my experience).

This is actually an issue explored in parapsychology literature and something I and others I know have needed to work around when practicing psychokinesis (creation through expectation) and premonition, since it can be difficult to distinguish what one is actually doing initially. The research manages to work around this practically by statistics, such that, for example, if one were having "premonitions" of the rolls of a dice, the rolls should all obey what would be considered statistical norms (meaning, there should be a near equal amount of rolls for each number on the die).

However, when you are practicing "reality creation" you should be able to choose "1" as the number, and roll a statistically significant number of 1's - far more 1's than any of the other numbers (which would not be expected if one was merely predicting)

So the conclusion from that is, it is possible to "mold reality" outside of merely predicting the future. The reverse of that, unfortunately, is rather difficult to prove and I'm not actually aware of anything in the literature that has really managed such IMO(though it may exist).

When one is deliberately practicing these things, the "end state" reached is almost indistinguishable for both. The feeling of utter expectation is there in both. However, the required methods and feelings of approaching that state are different and utilizing the complete "methodology" for premonition as a way to perform psychokinesis is not as effective (though can admittedly still work) as utilizing the typical methodology for psychokinesis is at achieving psychokinesis.

Now that's all well and good in a lab, or in my own deliberate practices - but in the real world such distinctions are difficult to make...and I'm not sure we can really "prove" a difference...because they BOTH result in a final state of expectation. However, in my experience, premonitions typically occur suddenly and out of the blue...and they can be quite different to what you're normal thoughts, feelings and overall "vibrational state" is. They're often also temporary and fleeting, although might reassert themselves periodically. Something that is purely expectation is much more stable.

Metaphorically, I would liken the normal state of people as depressed (or deep in thought if you want to be optimistic) men and women walking down the sidewalk looking at their feet as they go. They don't see very far ahead. But occasionally they look up (receive a premonition) and can clearly see where they're heading. But they're only seeing what's ahead on the path they're already walking. "Attracting via expectation" is choosing a completely different path to walk.

.I actually shared a similar experience here a while back I believe. I initially had "a bad foreboding" that I should not go to India on holiday. But I am very stubborn at times and "want what I want". So I ignored it. It grew stronger and then since I kept ignoring it I had other hassles crop up in my life, until finally I ended up being a day late on my trip and was relaxing on the beaches of Goa, rather than in a hotel held up as a hostage like I would have been, had I been on time.

These kind of events make me think of "The Universe" as something that is very lazy and those spontaneous "premonitions" may be the very initial (least effort) way that "the universe" tries to place you on a path that is a "vibrational match" to you. When you don't listen, "the universe" sort of goes, "ah fuck it, now I have to do all this work to get them where they should be" and after that all kinds of crap can happen. :P

For the final paragraphs, I would recommend looking at Stingray's answer here. Short answer though - some part of you "matched" the event in some way (or you wouldn't have experienced it) but you weren't the sole and only cause for the plane to crash, your almighty royal highness. mocking bow :)


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@Liam, love the Lazy Universe Theory. Nice take on this, I'd never thougth of it that way before.

(09 Sep '12, 22:02) Grace

@Liam, thank you for this great response. I must say that this explanation certainly "feels" the most correct to both of us. You comment: "premonitions typically occur suddenly and out of the blue...and they can be quite different to what you're normal thoughts, feelings and overall "vibrational state" is. They're often also temporary and fleeting"... This described her situation exactly, which is why we asked the question in the first place...it didn't seem consistent with explanations...

(10 Sep '12, 01:21) lozenge123

@Liam ...pertaining to vibrational states. The "Lazy Universe" theory really resonated with us as well. I have never thought of it like that, but it does seem with certain things--manifestation requests, for instance--that the Universe typically takes the path of least resistance, at least in my expectation. So the Lazy Universe theory seems in line with that. Thanks again for the clarity and depth of your response.

(10 Sep '12, 01:23) lozenge123
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I have had a few "psychic" experiences over my life. I get what I call "nudges"- which I believe are direct messages from angels- I cannot explain them any other way than that.

The most recent "nudge" I received helped Wade find some missing documents that he had lost. I was aware that they were missing, but it was not on my mind all the time. One morning, I got the "nudge", and was directed to ask Wade about a stack of spiral notebooks on his desk. He told me that they were just old writing. I then told him that I was told to point those books out to him, and to tell him that something important was in those spiral notebooks. The first yielded nothing, but the second book contained the documents that he was missing!

Long ago, my ex-husband was on his way home from work, and I began to experience a feeling of "oppression". That feeling kept building. Finally, after he was only five minutes late arriving home, I called the police and asked if a yellow Gremlin had been in a car accident. The police were stunned- they had just been called about that very car! It turned out that John was rear-ended by a drunk driver- he was fine, but that incident proved to me that I had a connection with the Universe that was other-worldly.

I really do not think my nudges have anything to do with manifesting. The reason I think this is because they come out of the blue, and I am just "told" to change my "direction" or attention towards something completely out of the blue. My only explanation for this is our connection with the Mind of God and that within that Mind, communication is instantaneous and without forethought. (You can do a search on the Mind of God on this site for more info about that.)

The world consists of more than we can ever know- it is as simple as that.




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@Jaianniah, Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful stories. It does indeed seem similar to the incidents mentioned in my question. If you have any more stories about the angels, and are willing to share, I'd be very interested to hear them.

(10 Sep '12, 01:29) lozenge123

The coincidences that seem to happen, the chance encounters, the unexpected events - all of these come into your experience because in one way or another you have attracted them, even though their occurrences might seem to have insurmountable odds against them. Those odds - those impediments - do not exist in Framework 2 (inner reality).

Source: The individual and The Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book)

Realize you do not form events alone. You are involved in a co-operative venture. You are not, therefore, along responsible for an event in that usually others participate in its creation and for their own reasons...You cooperate together to form the physical reality that you know, telepathically, through ways and means that are unknown to you. You weave these webs of psychic reality that then coalesce into physical reality. You do not weave them, necessarily alone. You weave them together. Your thoughts intertwine with the thoughts of others.

Source: ESP Class 1-5-71

In that regard, those with similar intents, and for their own reasons, will act on information that comes from inner reality by choosing to participate in a mass event whereas those whose intent if different will not be part of it.


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You weave these webs of psychic reality that then coalesce into physical reality. You do not weave them, necessarily alone. That is an arresting thought. Love that, thanks for sharing, @T A.

(09 Sep '12, 10:28) Grace

Everyone has psychic abilities but we never realize it. You should have to do meditation. Go into your room, clear a space on the floor, close your eyes and start to clear your mind. This will helps you to communicate with the spiritual side. You can also do some practice with your these guesses..


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Premonitions or creating

Asked a similar question. @Stingray answered it very well for me. Thought this might be a useful answer here.


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Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - Thanks for this link, it was very insightful!

(14 Sep '12, 12:16) lozenge123

I know Zero Limits Ho'oponopono says you and only you are absolutely responsible for everything in your life. Now from a manifesting point of view that seems extreme to say you caused that accident. I feel that it is better used as what do you do with the information, how do you use it for the better?

If given a premonition this seems a gift of prophecy to be used to affect change in the course that what you prophesy can be changed from the course set in motion. At the very lest used to give warnings of what is coming. If those that hear do not listen it is on their heads of manifestation, not on yours. You did your part.


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@Wade Casaldi - Thanks...very interesting take on it!

(10 Sep '12, 01:24) lozenge123

to answer your question yes premonition can happen in dream in vision or in feeling or though. some people get premonition sometime. it is like someone that listen to the news channel and know the weather forecast,and some that do not listen to the news and do not know the weather forecast. but you are asking after is; did she manifest this to happen? well to explain this to you,we all create in this world. you could see manifestation as energy at work just waiting to manifest. when the right amount of energy is accumulated it happens.similar to lightening:

alt text

onless she has concentrated to make this happen over and over she is not more responsible that anny other people on earth that have bad though and emotion.

so she just picked it up on the news channel.


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