How can actively supporting a sports team fit in with the concept of oneness. How do you incorporate wanting your team to win, which means another loses and feel at one with everyone and every thing?

asked 27 Oct '12, 17:14

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If I watch a sport I watch it unattached to the outcome. I watch it for the enjoyment of watching everyone play their best, both teams doing their best. It matters not who wins, it is the action of the teams doing their best that matters. When I see a man make a home-run whether it be one team or the other, it is equally impressive and worthy of praise.


answered 27 Oct '12, 19:31

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Wade Casaldi

I appreciate that Wade Casaldi and thank you for your answer. I find as a neutral, its very easy to enjoy sport for what it should be, as youve described above. However as in my case, when u have ardently supported a particular team since you can remember, it becomes much more difficult to just observe and appreciate, your emotions get involved and before you know it attachments are being made to the outcomes of things like refereeing decisions, minor passages of play , fouls etc let alone the final score. The joy that erupts in the stadium when the home team score is something I've probably never seen replicated anywhere at that scale.So I guess what I wondering really is can you actually support a sports team and embrace oneness at the same timetime

(28 Oct '12, 06:44) fredo
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