What are your personal experiences with empty-mind meditation? What are the benefits you enjoy, the goals you achieve?

asked 15 Nov '09, 04:39

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Well meditation is a TOOL designed to help us LIVE in the NOW. What does it mean? It means that nothing is "pulling" you out out of the things you are currently occupied with.

I mean anything. Eating, breathing, sawing, reading, talikng, having sex. What that does it makes EVERY one of those activities as valid as the other one. Why? Because you are not doing the dishes while in your mind you are making a power point presentation for the next day at work. No you do the dishes, you smell the air, you feel the water on your hands, you hear it tapping on the dishes. You engage ALL the senses in this activity. Then, when you've done what you've done, you move on to the next thing, like power point presentation. You give it your fullest attention and act on it to the best of your ability.

What are the "benefits"? Well you save a load of energy. We are energy beings and we use ALL of our energy to just function in our day-to-day life. It means that we don't have any left for some "non-sensical" non0sense, like seeing aura, talking to angels, traveling to other dimensions. But their are ways of "saving" energy. On thing in to not drain yourself from activities that don't serve you anymore. Is it smoking, drinking, overeating, masturbating, indulging, getting angry, planning to far ahead. All these things drain your energy, but if you stop them you might find some day the "extra" energy to do extraordinary things, things you never even considered possible.

Another thing is a clearer communication to your Higher Self. If you here yourself agging all the time, worrying about this ad that, you don't give yourself the chance to utilize what your Higher Mind is telling you. And he's telling you stuff ALL the time. But the Surface Mind, upon hearing them, can talk-you-out of those things. Why? One reason might be that it doesn't see instant gratification in meditating, taking a walk, working on your belief systems etc. It has been given a part of hte one those in charge of everything that is overwelhmed. It does the best it can but the fact is it's never enough. Why? Because the Surface Mind CAN'T plan for the future. It can ONLY asses how something HAS HAPPENED and how something is HAPPENING. Any other thing is onconcieveable to it.

The one in charge of that is the Higher Mind. Why? Because as the Surface Mind wonders in the valley seeing only 50 feet in front of it, the Higher Mind is up on the mountain where it can see the WHOLE road to where you want to go and it can see that in 100 feet the bridge might be out. So while your surface mind tells you "Let's go" the Higher ind tells you "Wait, it's gona be longer that way. Take this way." And this might be something for the surface mind that is inlogical. It doesn't see how it will get their, but for the Higher mind it makes perfect sense. It knows that if you take this road it will be the road of least resistance. It will take you to a place of tgreater and greates clarity.

So the trick is to teach those to to get along. Stop attacking the ego aka surface mind and teach it to ease off of the job that has been put it to do, but hasn't got the capable tools to do it. After tme the communication will be clearer and the ego will start sabotaging you. It will SEE that it can ease off and let the higher mind do the work. That will bring you to a state of inner peace and trusting, that WHATEER is happening you are creating it and it is a chance for you to grow. Meditation is a tool designed for that purpose among many others.


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well said wild life you are experiancing and creating enjoy it and stop putting veils in your mind put the focus at the right place. i agree with that.

(07 Jul '11, 02:14) white tiger

Empty mind meditation has the benefit of clearing your mind of all thoughts whether good or bad. In the absence of thought, there can be no resistant thought or negative emotions within you which is what stands in the way of you getting things you want. This will have the effect of quieting your mind. Any resistance will subside, and your state of vibration will rise to its natural state, pure state, a state of thriving and well being (Higher frequencies).

The more you meditate, the more you get used to being at that dominant higher frequency and you will notice a dip in your vibration (a negative emotion or resistant thought) sooner and it will cause you more discomfort.

As a result, you will not want to focus on any resistant thought for very long and it will also become easier for you to change your resistant thought to try and regain that higher vibration which feels good and where your well being is.

Meditation allows you to reach a point where you find it harder and harder to hold any negative thoughts or emotions and forces you to get more and more in a state of well-being, therefore allowing more of what you want in your reality.


answered 15 Nov '09, 21:18

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Pink Diamond

well said rani i can tell you that it will change your enviromment. people that hit you with stone will not do that anny more. even if you do the same thing you do every day. it is weird that people around you act different even if you are still the same person.

(07 Jul '11, 02:06) white tiger

@Pink Diamond - Excellent response!

(29 Oct '12, 11:01) figure8shape

Your ''spirit'' starts to take control. by the word ''spirit'' I mean the subconscious. I experienced unity with what we call God. and that's the most important thing ever happened to me in my life. and the most important thing that will ever happen.


answered 15 Nov '09, 22:15

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Adel , how did you experienced Unity with God, i want to know more

(23 Feb '10, 23:17) mirrorimage.myid.net

I'm sure many of us would love to know more, if you're willing to share. :)

(23 Feb '10, 23:44) Vesuvius

Me too, I would love to know what it was like. How did you know you had reached that stage?

(24 Feb '10, 03:38) The Traveller
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The closest thing to emptying your mind is to keep your mind on one thing. The mere fact of emptying your mind is a thought in itslef and therefore you can't really not think of no-thing. I try to keep my mind on one thing like my breathing, the sound, the feel, the visual, anything and everything is about my breathing. This prevents other thoughts from entering my mind. (the closest thing to empty is one) If there are thoughts that enter, I observe and bring myself back to breathing.


answered 11 Aug '10, 18:42

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the only way to have nothing in the mind is to solve everything.

(07 Jul '11, 01:56) white tiger

Emptying ones mind during meditation is done by emptying the consciously chattering mind, or monkey mind, which is driven by the egocentricly s/c.

Are you ever caught up in thought about how you are going to address someone who may have embarassed you in front of friends? Or what you dinner plans are? Or how you are going to get enough money to pay the bills? Or? Or? Or? Without getting to deep in explanation, this is the conscious mind attempt to try and resolve problems stemming from s/c drives (such as fear, or habit).

When you focus on one thing, like breathing, you can eventually quiet that chattering mind. In hypnosis, we call it boring the mind. And it will escape into what meditators might call emptiness, or nothingness: Gate Gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.


answered 29 Oct '12, 09:35

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I have been meditating for more than a year now and honestly have not managed to totally empty my mind during meditation. I do have fleeting moments of no thought but most of the time thoughts still come and go. At the beginning I would get frustrated that my mind would not quiet but after a while came to the realisation that when I did not try so hard to quiet them, but merely watched them, the thoughts subsided much quicker by themselves. Those fleeting moments I did have with no thought are probably the most peaceful I have ever experienced and I just get a feeling of something coming towards me, however I have found when I go into my meditation just looking for that, it almost never happens. So I guess we can't force it. To date I haven't really set any goals going into my meditation, maybe I should start looking at that.


answered 15 Nov '09, 21:53

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you have to keep focus and solve those though that you see

(07 Jul '11, 02:01) white tiger

When I reach a certain level of meditation it is like a layer of something has been peeled off my brain, soul and eyes.

It is hard to explain but I can "see" with my mind and heart much easier.

The mind seems to be most awake during and after meditation, the other times it is alomost asleep in the physical world.


answered 11 Aug '10, 18:25

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yes it is experiance and enjoy.

(07 Jul '11, 01:58) white tiger

u can never actuly clear your mine but focus on one thing like breathing for instance u no ur going to breath in and out but then your only focusing on one thing.


answered 15 Mar '11, 09:51

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This reminds me of Harry Palmer and the flotation tank. He came out enlightened about life. The book Living Deliberately came from this, it tells all about the story of what he experienced.

I believe when you can get your mind that much off of outside influence it must turn from the conscious to the subconscious for it's stimulation.

That is where our thought originates from deep within our minds so it is similar to opening a box. There could be unimagined treasure or it could be like Pandora's box with unimagined fears! Very similar to our dreams, we could have delightful dreams, exciting adventures, dull boring dreams, science fiction, strange wondrous dreams or terrifying nightmares. This all depends on what we expect to find do we go in with fear or wonderment?

I remember projecting to the void, to me it was cool and amazing, now this same projection that I did with different expectations. Lets say I arrived and felt like, "What just happened? Where am I? Am I lost? I seem to be nowhere!!! Is this hell!?" I wonder what my experience would have been like then? The same place with different expectations, I think it would have been terrifying and I wouldn't want to ever get back!


answered 06 Jul '11, 18:15

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Wade Casaldi

well wade if your mind is empty no more fear or anny negative emotion no more though or belief unsolved because you have solve everything to empty your mind. example: you fear dying well you could have seen that every body will die sometime it is a natural cycle of life do you really need to have this fear trouble you every moment of your life? the answer is no you don't need that so you have understand it it does not bother you no more it is put to rest.

(07 Jul '11, 01:54) white tiger

Yes when I went there there was no expectation so I experienced nothing. The funny thing is experiencing this nothing was amazing so my feeling was of amazement actually. :-D

(07 Jul '11, 02:54) Wade Casaldi

(dhyna) no more veils of the mind pure mind and hearth. only awareness and focus are left. after you can leave the body and go to god (samadhi). both of those state brings their reward.


answered 07 Jul '11, 01:47

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white tiger

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