I am creating an experiment here. I want to know what influences manifestation. Is it that one has better intent? Is it because one is vibrationally on a higher plane? I think of the race to discover DNA. Watson and Crick beat out Linus Pauling. It turned out that the X-Rays of their assistant made all the difference for Watson and Crick. And finally, does the fact that more than one person wants the same thing to happen make it happen faster in general?

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The one with the least amount of resistance will get it first. This is to do with the Step 3 of the manifestation process which is 'Allowing the thing to manifest in your physical reality'. The process of manifestation being:

  1. Ask or desire
  2. The Universe creates it instantly in the non-physical reality
  3. Allow it to manifest in your physical reality

One could want the thing more that the other or have better intent, but if they are not allowing the thing to come to them and have resistance against it, it cannot manifest.

Resistance can be in many forms: feeling the lack of the physical manifestation of that thing; Having doubts about the thing manifesting; Needing the thing to manifest to make one happy instead of appreciating the thing etc.


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