Why do we thirst for revenge on someone who grievously wronged us? Why does a tit-for-tat reaction to an offense warm our hearts for a long time?

Why do we delight in hearing stories of "getting even"?

Why is revenge so sweet? The blood we lose from our own wounds, cry out to us to take equal measures. We feel a compelling need to extract the enemy's blood to even the score..

Another human being traumatized us. And we want to pay back in kind.

You got a gift from hell, through the enemy. And you want to pay back the courtesy, by giving him another gift from hell.

Why is this? Why do human beings make more and more hell? And until the score is even, why is one never never never never happy?

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I think the first thing we have to realize is that it is not our authentic self who thirsts for revenge, but rather our egoic self who is really only reacting to and feeding into the ego of the perpetrator.

"The tit for tat reaction does not really warm our hearts but adds fuel to the fire for the ego which feeds off these negative, vengeful thoughts and loves the drama that plays out between both parties. By reacting to this and delighting in those stories of getting even, we are in fact only playing into the hands of the perpetrator ( or rather their ego ) and are exacerbating the situation.

Revenge is only sweet to the ego because it thrives on creating hell. Unfortunately, few people realize the true power contained within forgiveness. By forgiving or letting go we ignore the ego's insidious demands for revenge and move closer to creating Heaven as opposed to hell.

This can be a hard pill to swallow because most of us have been taught otherwise. However, when we begin to respond from a higher place and don't react or buy into those egoic demands, we begin to realize true power.


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"Living well is the best revenge". Mark Myhre

"What don't kill you, will empower you". (I don't remember the author). This assertion becomed a supporting principle on my life and never contradicted oneself.

"If you find a way without hindrances, mostly probably it nowhere leads". John F. Kennedy

Forgive your hurting person. Without forgiveness, you cannot be again a FREE Spirit. Your hate dramatically blocks any your undertaking and will certify to your "enemy" that he was right. If you forgive (but this don't will just easy work), you could succeed on your initially self-realizing process, on the same or other way; than, the satisfaction and joy will be incomparable "sweeter" than any revenge. You will be truly an winner and your "enemy" - a defeated, bearing the hard burden of both culpability and regrets.

I used the quotation marks for "enemy" because it cannot be excluded 'a priori' that this person is mistaken about you and not a bad-intended, a true enemy. Maybe on some way you also mistaked somethings previously and you need reviewing wisely the happenings. Do not let the hate to dominate your life.


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