How would it be like to apply the Law of Attraction to the matter of revenge?

I was wronged by someone, and now an overwhelming desire in my life is to inflict revenge on that bad person.

Perhaps, by LoA, I will be able to attract the forces of darkness onto me and thus effect revenge on the concerned person.

But then the problem is that these same dark forces that I attract, would have an effect on me and my soul too.

It consumes me each moment. For the last two years it is the only thought in my mind. It is much more important in my life than even the need for finding a romantic/sexual partner. I am ready to do so much sacrifice for revenge.

I don't like this. But I am unable to make any changes to this current path in my life. I see enemies in my mind all the time, I see red when I think of them, I have to take revenge. It would almost seem that I am living day-to-day life eating food cooked in hell. And that food is taking its ugly effect on my psyche and thus to an extent on my body.

So the question, what are the harmful effects of trying for revenge? By doing that what other forces might I attract?

This is an attempt to restore my life to normalcy through philosophical deliberation and enlightenment, by trying to convince myself of the perils and painful side-effects of my path.

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The way you've asked this question implies you've already decided that revenge is a harmful thing to seek.

I would suggest it is that attitude of feeling you are doing something wrong by thinking this way that is hurting you, not the desire for revenge.

To get a background in what I'm trying to say, first have a read of this answer: Why are people mean to each other?

If you understand what is being said there, you'll see that your desire for Revenge is a good thing! alt text

It all depends where your starting point is. If you are in those lower emotions like Jealousy, Insecurity, Depression regarding the painful subject then Revenge is a definite step up. (Obviously, if you are just feeling, for example, Disappointed about something then Revenge is a step down)

From Revenge you can springboard up the emotional scale to better-feeling emotions using methods like Focus Blocks.

The reason that the idea of Revenge seems so natural to you is because it is natural to you from where you are.

Where others get upset about you thinking about Revenge is usually because they feel that they or others will be vulnerable to your Revenge-ful actions.

But this can never happen - the Law of Attraction won't allow it.

If someone attracts the consequences of your Revenge then they were a vibrational match to it. It is simply not the case that you managed to enter their reality and assert the Revenge upon them. But if they really were a vibrational match to your Revenge, they would eventually get those results from someone else anyway, if not you, so don't be so willing to listen to the condemnation of others about your natural feelings.

Now, before I get stoned to virtual death on this website for encouraging your Revenge, I'll clarify a few things :)

  • It is never a good idea to take action from a place of not feeling good, whether that feeling is Revenge (No. 18) or even just Boredom (No. 8). Unhappy journeys will eventually lead to unhappy destinations. Far better to feel better first and then decide what action to take.

  • Though society condemns anger, you will never be free of these imprisoning thoughts unless you allow yourself to fully experience your anger even if just for a few brief moments as you pass upwards through it on the emotional scale. If you don't, you'll just drop back down again to the region of Depression etc. Ever wondered why we have so many depressed people in society? Now you know...society traps them there by insisting that they must not experience anger. Instead, make friends with your anger - it will help you in your life time and time again.

  • It is also never a good idea to stay in any emotion on any subject that doesn't feel good. You'll just start manifesting things in your life that match that emotion. So if you decide to stay in Revenge, you may start attracting situations in your life that just make you want to take more and more Revenge...perhaps you'll start getting into Road Rage, or fierce arguments with people at work, or whatever. I doubt that's the sort of thing you are seeking in your life in the long-term so use something like Focus Blocks to shift your vibration into emotional areas that suit you better.

  • And this is the one that you may not like to hear...if something in life happened to you that you didn't like, and the Law of Attraction states that everything that happens to you is a result of a vibrational match to your dominant attitude at the time, was it ever about the other person or was it about the way you were thinking at the time? Other people are just mirrors to the way we are. Is it really worth your time and trouble to destroy a mirror? It doesn't change anything to do so, because one day you may look into another mirror...


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Thank you the improved Emotional Guidance Scale (+1)

(07 Jun '10, 13:18) Gleam

Wow......... :)

(07 Jun '10, 14:17) A G

great stuff sting ray,, love it brother!

(24 Apr '11, 02:07) TReb Bor yit-NE
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"I don't like this. But I am unable to make any changes to this current path in my life. I see enemies in my mind all the time, I see red when I think of them, I have to take revenge. It would almost seem that I am living day-to-day life eating food cooked in hell. And that food is taking its ugly effect on my psyche and thus to an extent on my body"

It seems like you already know the harmful effects of revenge. It is great that you are here asking for advice and help with this because it means that you are becoming aware that revenge is not really the answer and on some level you know that by seeking revenge, you are in fact hurting yourself.

As you already pointed out if you attract these dark forces ( or play into the egoic drama ) it will affect your own being in detrimental ways and the negative loop you're caught up in will continue to spiral downward.

The ego's need for revenge will not give up easily but the more you can become aware of it's insatiable appetite and don't continue to feed it, it's grip will loosen. By trying to foster feelings of forgiveness, the vengeful thoughts will lessen and eventually dissipate.

You are moving in the right direction by asking here, continue in this direction and Don't give up. Good luck!


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How would I perhaps reconcile this with the other answer? Forgiveness will move me up the emotional scale or what?

(07 Jun '10, 14:18) A G

Without a doubt, forgiveness or letting go of those thoughts of revenge will move you up the emotional scale.You will no longer be stuck in those thoughts of 'revenge' or playing the 'blame game' and will begin attracting 'better feeling thoughts' which will gradually move you up the emotional scale.

(07 Jun '10, 15:04) Michaela

On the objective plane we have learned that a sharp knife, drawn across the hand, cuts it; but what we have not yet learned is that when we think vicious thoughts of any kind – fear, worry, anger, hatred, resentment, resistance, impatience, intolerance, condemnation, criticism, envy, jealousy, etc. – such thoughts generate an energy which causes us to relate with the things on the objective plane, both in the physical body and its environment, that we do not want. It is this relationship of effect to cause which we must learn before we can begin to permanently abolish poverty or anything else we do not want. From F.W. Sears The Law of Success (1914) There are many methods for manisfesting forgiveness into your relationships. I will name 3 methods that I have found useful in overcoming the source of the thoughts for revenge,angry,etc. The first is a visualization exercise where you find a place in which you can freely imagine the other person or persons sitting across from you. First explain what you feel, how you feel, how you were wronged then, forgive expressing this openly. This method works across many relationships. The goal is not to make objective amend but to change your inner frequency. The 2nd method is From Florence Scovel Shinn she said simply bless the person everytime you think about them, wish them the best and you will see your own manisfestation take place when you are not attached any longer to the negative thinking. The 3rd method is a inner realization that everyone we come across in this life we have a Sacred Contract with them, their interaction teach us something about ourselves that we have forgotten. A few times in my life as I was going through some apparent negative attraction I simply realize this person was only reminding me of what I am NOT. At that point everything fell back into its rightful order..The 4th word in the Emotional Guidance is Freedom. Revenge blocks your expression of you true self. This is not about changing the outside world or going and talking to someone about how they did me wrong. That can sometimes be ego expression. It is about your most Sacred Relationship...with yourself!


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Plain and simple, revenge in regards to Law of Attraction. If you show mercy towards others, mercy will be shown to you. If you act from atitude of revenge, revenge will be acted upon you.


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Revenge is not good. If you learn to forgive is better, you will have peace of mind and you will attract positive vibrations that will automatically yield good manifestations in your life.

The law of Karma is always applicable. You will always reap what you saw. If you saw forgiveness, you will reap forgiveness from someone some how. If you saw Love, peace and forgiveness you will surely attract them to yourself. If you saw vengeance you also reap it.

On the other hand, you can only take revenge the exact amount you have been cheated (an eye for an eye) or you just forgive and forget it, even though God will still judge for or against any action with just. Nothing goes free.


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I have learned that when I forgive the Universe remembers i.e. their Karma will catch up with them that is a given but if I keep thinking of revenge all the time I actually delay their Karmic payback. It is the same as with every desire manifestation, the more I think about it the more I delay its manifestation, the happier I am in myself and less I think about it the quicker the manifestation.


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I Think Therefore I Am

you reap what you sow! you will have the fruit good or bad! if you live by the sword you will perish by the sword! do not judge or you will be judge with the same mesure! so if you revenge it will be done back to you! and think about it is it more easy to construc or clean then to destroy or dirty something! if someone does something bad justice will be serve! do not engage in revenge or justice will be serve to you also!


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white tiger

The desire for revenge is like taking a poison and expecting someone else to die. You are really hurting yourself, and any of your loved ones who are being rejected or whatever, by your obsession with revenge. EFT is a very fast, effective way to eliminate negative emotions and restore good ones.


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