I read this book about Frances Banks and it completely changed my opinion of life beyond.

What does anyone else think?

Book description of 'Testimony of Light' (taken from Amazon):

The classic book about life after death - and the amazing story of a friendship that endured beyond the veil-published for the first time in the United States.

Frances Banks died, as she had lived, fully aware of what she was experiencing and where she hoped to go. Her friend Helen Greaves was by her side as she finally lapsed into unconsciousness. Then, one evening some three weeks after Frances's death, Helen sensed her presence. This extraordinary encounter marked the beginning of contact between them from both sides of the veil-between life as we know it and life on "the other side."

Testimony of Light is based on these communications that Helen received telepathically from Frances. The writings have been authenticated by those who knew them both and who were familiar with their individual writing styles. Moving and inspiring, this classic book is a testament to the enduring power of their friendship, and offers an important message to us all-that the death of the body is but a gentle passing to a much freer and fuller life.

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I've never read it but sounds like a great read. Thanks!

(03 Jul '10, 20:01) Michaela

I have not read that specific book, however I recently read a book called "Many lives, many Masters". It was the most profound, educational and enlightening book I read on life after death and reincarnation. Our life's purpose was disclosed in this book as well as other critical things messages from other dimensions. I will read this "Testimony of Light" next. I believe it was referenced in this book too.


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