This question is meant for us to understand LOA and the Universe better, NOT CREATE DOUBT. Also, I'm curious how eclectic our methods are in this community. Enjoy and keep manifesting good things.

Something always remains resistant to The Law of Attraction
Everyone's life-story has something that remains resistant to The Law of Attraction. You may dissagree, but most of us have side of our life that doesn't manifest. I believe we should work through everything (God) The Universe gives us, if we're granted the time, but we don't always have that privilage.

Do you use other methods for things Law of Attraction can't attract?

Different Methods
Prayer, positive thought, and meditation seem to help, but it's categorically in the same method. Perhapse practices, philosophies, eclectic magic, and ideas that are different than yours also work. Maybe your strength and determination make up for what you can't manifest. Any thoughts?

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I want to be in The Vortex and in a responsive state of mind when I read these. Thanks so much for responding, and I'll be back soon.

(15 Nov '12, 00:54) AlicianFields
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Hello AlicianFields, the loa is a fundamental dynamic principle of the universe and as such is always active ... as you so wisely point out there are many ways to put a flow of energy into motion ... one of my favorite methods is radionics ... for example using a diagram of a vortex ring really get's things going ... bb2

The question " do you use other methods for things loa can't attract" ... for me the loa is infinitely dynamic in our physical world and can attract anything that is humanly possible.

My definition of radionics is to put subtle energy into motion for a specific purpose. Take the vortex ring for example


To use it, put something containing your own personal vibration (a snip of hair or fingernail, photo, or simply a piece of paper with your signature written on it ... something containing your own "personal code bar") on the concentric circles in the center of the ring, it's useful for ... getting into the vortex.

It's important to always keep in mind that the physical/non-physical (visible/invisible) worlds form a dynamic and interdependent couple, there is a permanent relationship of interactions.

Here is a list that when fully assimilated will provide a deeper understanding of the process;

every hint contains a grain of truth ... each thought is creative and materializes itself in some way ... function creates the organ, in other words a desire to achieve a specific aim creates the physical possibility ... objects possess a virtual energy that is often expressed by it's symbol or shape ... energy exists everywhere even in our thoughts ... thought is energy that goes into action instantaneously ... virtual concepts become part of our reality

have fun ... bb2 :)


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blubird two

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@Blubird two- Welcome back:)

(08 Nov '12, 08:53) Satori

@blubird two- hi.., can u please explain a little about "radionics"..,just curious to know..? :)

(09 Nov '12, 02:12) supergirl

@Blubird two I've never heard of radionics (have just googled it so know a bit more now) - could you recommend any books or other materials on the subject, it looks really interesting.

(09 Nov '12, 02:23) Catherine

@Satori - Hi, and thanks for the welcome :)

(09 Nov '12, 04:47) blubird two

@supergirl - Hi, i'm editing my answer to make it clearer .

(09 Nov '12, 04:49) blubird two

@Catherine - My favorite teachers are Servranx and Jacques Bersez ... both french speaking. However i feel sure there are plenty of english speaking books on the subject that would suit you.

(09 Nov '12, 04:53) blubird two

@blubird two- thank you :)))

(09 Nov '12, 08:57) supergirl

Hi Blubird Two, I avoided this question for a month, because I was having too many negative thoughts. What I like about your answer is the inclusion of a physical vibrational component.

Before I read your answer, I realized I needed a physical match to my vibration. For example, an old Thesaurus and notebook I carried around, seems to carry my imprint. It sounds superstitious, but it's just energy. I'm going to make a serious attempt with this. Thanks!!! AlicianFields

(14 Dec '12, 18:00) AlicianFields

Hi AlicianFields, yes personal objects become imprinted with our unique vibration ... for instance we can easily feel the difference between a new pair of shoes and a pair of shoes that we have used often ... the phenomenon of objects possessing a specific vibration is the basis of revealing information about objects,people, events ... have fun :)

(15 Dec '12, 03:19) blubird two
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Hi :), I believe there is only one way to attract things in your life, you put out an intention and you wait until it manifests, BUT some thing just don't want to. As I understand it, there could be several reasons why they don't work. The main reason is that your vibration is not compatible with what you wish to create, this usually happens when you are at a very low vibrational state, if you are depressed, sad, ill and so on. You have to be at a Higher vibrational stat to manifest things that you wish. The other one, is just my opinion :P, there are things that you are not meant to have, I wanted to learn how to play guitar, I struggled to get there but after a time a realized that is not what I should focus on, some things would serve only as a distraction in your life, maybe that's why we cant have them, think about it, would the things you wish for rely help you advance in life, would it rely help you and everyone around you, or maybe they are just things you want for your self. Best wishes, and good luck :D


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@Odym - Hi, yes intentional thought is the starting point of any manifestation that we wish to come about ... however if we find that "something just don't want to", providing that the thing we wish to manifest is accepted as being possible, then it probably means there's a blockage in our emotional makeup somewhere ... all the best :)

(12 Nov '12, 01:43) blubird two

one easy method understanding,truth,harmony,inside and outside. if you cannot understand something it remains a problem for you. if you are not in truth,truth is a problem for you to accept, if you are not in harmony you are fighting against stuff for no reason. hurting your self and other. can you see how that relates to the inside and the outside?

"When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter [the kingdom]."


and that all start from with in you . know yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKxQM1NY2kQ

for the matrix lover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWG1tvgL4ig

for those that needs more pointer and advise it is always around you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8CaC4RMwsM

by know you should now what it is all about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CiVFBxMlWE


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I have found that the Law of Attraction "doesn't work" when we have hidden beliefs that counter what we are trying to manifest. When I clear my fears, anxieties or shift my beliefs (using Emotional Freedom Technique or PSYCH-K) then what is supposed to manifest does. It might not come in the form that I expect it to, but I trust that the Universe will bring me what I NEED, which is not the same as what I WANT>


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