This question has to do with a comment that was made by Abraham-Hicks, in a transcript of a seminar included in the "Ask and it is Given" series.

In this sequence, an audience member asks Abraham, "How can I earn a million dollars, without working for it?" To which Abraham replies, "Well, you asked for a million dollars, but then you immediately offered a conflicting thought. Wouldn't a better question be, 'How can I earn a million dollars, in a way that is compatible with me?'"

Presumably, if you ask that sort of question, the universe would respond with guidance. What form would that guidance take?

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It's not really the universe responding with guidance - it's the broader part of you that is responding. It is already living the desire you have asked for and is now holding its point of focus there as the physical part of you gradually aligns with the desire.

Only in the brief moment of the actual rocket of desire (the initial glimpsed vision of it) was your physical part and your non-physical part in complete alignment about it.

Your non-physical, broader self expands and "stays" with the new desire but because this new alignment is not habitual for your physical side, this part of you quickly drops back into habitual thought patterns, usually before the manifestation can occur.

Then a process of conscious deliberate alignment usually needs to take place to bring about a shift in those physically-based habitual thought patterns, or beliefs as they are more commonly called.

The guidance from the broader self to the physical self comes in the form of emotion. This simply represents the degree of alignment (or not) with your broader self which is already enjoying the fruits of the launched desire.

Positive emotion means you are getting closer to what you want (i.e. more alignment with your broader self) while negative emotion means you are heading further away from what you want (i.e. less alignment with your broader self).

With some practice, it is also possible to receive more direct guidance from the broader self in the form of intuitive impulses or, in the case of channellers, conscious communication through the unravelling of blocks of projected thought into, for example, verbal and written form.


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The guidance can come in many forms. It can come in the form of a business idea which can be developed into a million dollar idea. It can come in the form of business partners who share similar vision and desires. Maybe you already had a product that could be marketed but did not recognize the value of it until now. While I can think of many other ways, I think its important to remember that we should wait for the Universe to show us the way rather than trying to figure it out ourselves. We may be able to come up with 100 ways to bring about our desires but the Universe can come up with a million possibilites.


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Here is a guy, Jack Canfield, talking about his first book "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and his manifestation. He recalls the advice of Clement Stone, the great motivator and businessman, who told him to set a big goal for himself that would ‘blow his mind’ if he achieved it.

At the time, Canfield was earning $8,000 a year, so he made it his goal to earn $100,000 a year. He taped a made-up $100,000 bill to his ceiling and every day visualized what it would be like to have the money. For a month, nothing happened. Then, he had what he describes as ‘a one-hundred-thousand-dollar idea’. He had published a book, and worked out that if he sold a certain number of copies he would earn his money target. In a supermarket, he saw the popular National Enquirer magazine and had the thought of getting his work featured in it. A few weeks later he gave a talk and afterwards a woman interviewed him who also wrote freelance for the Enquirer. Her subsequent article helped the book to take off.

Did Canfield ‘attract’ his $100,000? No, that year he earned $92,327. But it was close enough, his wife reasoned, to try the process on a larger scale; why not go for $1 million? In due course, for his first Chicken Soup For The Soul book he received a check from his publisher of over $1 million.

When I first went to the US more then 8 months ago I had a feeling that I will write a book there. I set an intention to finish the book before I would be coming back home.

So I was suppose to stay there for 3 months. After the 1 month I started to work on my novel. It was suppose to be a story with fictional characters that has some "deeper" meaning to it.

I researched a lot of things on how to become a writer. I made up characters, gave them names, put few stories together, but somehow it still didn't feel like "this is it". After a while I got tired "making up" all the possible stories so I let it go. I thought to myself that it can't be that difficult and left it at that.

So instead of 3 months I have stayed there for 6 months. By this time the thought about the book rarely crossed my mind.

So it got to be Christmas, about 5 months into my stay, and in the shower I've had an inspiration - why don't I write a book that will contain my answers to the questions that people on this site ask the most. I could share my ideas and stabilize my knowledge that way.

So I sat to write and after a week I finished a book that was 180 pages long at that time. It wasn't at all what I had planned to write, and if you're interested you can download it for free here

So the more I look at my life from a different perspective the more I see how the things I yearned for a year ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago, a week ago are starting to manifest. In fact, as I speed up so do my manifestations. It's called synchronicity - when you think of a friend that you haven't talked in a while and suddenly he calls you up or when you're thirsty your spouse brings you coffee.

It is really that simple and at the same time that huge. Why is it huge? Because there's no limit to what you will manifest.

I just got back from Egypt and one of the things I did there I went to see a Dolphin show. I was really excited to see the show and to swim with them afterwords. I'm not a rich person, and to swim for 15 minutes costs about 100$, which for me isn't cheap, but I wanted to do it so bad that nothing would stop me. I made plans and reservations, but when we finally got there it appeared that this particular day was impossible to swim with them.

I tried my best but i just couldn't make it work. Did it put me down? On the contrary. It is my experience, that if I want something really, really bad I will eventually get it, but I will get it in the best way possible.

So now I picture that instead of swimming with one dolphin for a 100$ I might swim with a bunch of wild ones in the ocean one day for free! That's how I see manifestation, trust and allowing life to unfold without judgment and saying it must manifest in this and that way, because if you do that you might deprive yourself from a greater way for the Universe to deliver the goods, because it ALWAYS does.


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Thanx for this answer, it really relates to a question I have just posted, espeacilly the last pragraph. Thnxxxx

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I believe guidance in a case like that, takes the form of inspiration and conviction.


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