I have come to the realization that most things I am trying to manifest are my needs rather than desire, perhaps that is why the manifestation is not happening? For every need I have my desires are actually absolutely opposite to it e.g. financial abundance is my urgent need but I have come to realize that my heart actually yearns for solitude where I can find myself. I need my business to flourish but my desire seems to be of less responsibility. I want to learn, write, grow those are my main motivations in life. There seems to be a constant churning of thoughts in my mind lately and each thought makes me more confused regarding my desires and my own self. Any ideas on how to reconcile my needs and desires? And if something is merely your need can you successfully manifest it?

asked 06 Sep '10, 08:36

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I Think Therefore I Am

The problem with focusing your attention on your needs is that it is hard not to notice the lack.

The key again is to focus your attention on anything that makes you feel better. If focusing your attention on those things that you need, such as money, you are only ever going to notice that you don't have enough.Put your request for more money out there and then place your attention elsewhere on something that makes you feel better.

You can indeed manifest what you need but only when you're not noticing the lack of it and are not feeling bad about not having it.

You can "learn,write and grow" right Now even without the financial abundance and as you begin to do these things anyway and start to feel better, th financial abundance may begin to show up.

The one thing I have noticed, I Think Therefore I Am , is that these processes often require quite a bit of practice and fine tuning before results start to show up, so don't get disheartened - affirm that you're moving in the right direction and persistence will pay off. Keep a lookout for that old enemy doubt and don't let him sneak in. Good luck:)


answered 06 Sep '10, 20:16

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Know what you mean Micheala,ive suffered fro that but am now trying to think on the answer or desired result rather than the lack off so to speak.

(06 Sep '10, 21:50) Monty Riviera

Simple, short, but very substantial.

(21 Oct '11, 07:11) Aphrodite

Beloved, you are basically trapped between the old paradigm, which emphasizes finacial success and fear of lack, with the new you that is struggling to emerge, wanting to follow your heart and be who you are. You have to trust that your "desires" are more than that. Do not suppress yourself. We all have basic needs. Make an inventory of the most basic things in your life, need of a roof overhead, nourishment.....discard all else especially fear of what will become of you if you follow your heart. Trust and it'll happen.........



answered 06 Sep '10, 08:55

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I think theres a power and an intelligence big enough to supply the NEED and the WANT. Your only human and like us all you have a to do list and a nice to do list. It always strikes me as funny that one chap can be trying like hell to get the basics met and another almost trips over abundance he or she has hardly got room for. I wouldnt sweat it too much,your desires may be just as pleasing to the Almighty as your bread and butter needs. If i had kids i would want their needs met AND a few luxuries too wheather they were solid physical things or more mental/spiritual. If i can think that it must follow God can



answered 06 Sep '10, 10:21

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Monty Riviera

What is the difference between a need and a desire? There is not much difference as your desires also originate from your needs. Remember you are the creator in your life. You can decide on whatever you need or deisire. You can ask the Universe for any combination. Do not limit yourself.


answered 06 Sep '10, 19:33

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