Over the years every doomsday scenario movie produced by Hollywood presumes that every global catastrophe will start from USA. Be it alien attacks, or super volcanoes or the impacting of an asteroid everything seems to hit or start from USA. Is Hollywood unconsciously creating a belief in people about this and will LOA actually manifest a catastrophe starting from US if so many people are thinking about it and hence attracting this?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Nothing to worry about. Hollywood can create endless disaster and horror movies and it won't make much difference at all.

Here's why.

When people are watching these movies they are not in alignment with their broader selves and therefore the attractive power of those non-aligned thoughts is minimal. Abraham estimate that one person thinking aligned thoughts is worth millions who are not.

If people were watching disaster and horror movies and feeling joyful about them, then it would be a different matter.

To understand what I'm saying about non-aligned thoughts having minimal power, you have to understand that the conscious you actually consists of two parts.

There is a broader "you" which is the accumulation of lifetimes of physical (and non-physical) experience. And there is the projection of that broader you onto the physical plane...it is a more limited, but much more focused, "you" that is basically just an accumulation of the thoughts and thinking in your life up to now. It's the you that is reading these words on your computer screen right now.

Yes, the Law of Attraction responds to both versions of you but the broader you wins every time in power of attraction. The power that the limited you has access to is insignificant when viewed side-by-side with the attractive power of that broader you.

It is effectively like a giant standing next to a midget, except the giant is way larger than the picture below suggests.

Giant next to small person

This explains why so much of the application of the Law of Attraction is focused around aligning the limited you with the broader you...it's a much easier way to get to what you want than trying to use the limited attractive power that the limited you has. The broader you is already enjoying all the good stuff and all that the limited you has to do to get it too (on the physical level) is align with that broader you which is pointing the way.

Yes, the limited you can, through conscious mis-focus, stay out of alignment and thereby not benefit from the good stuff that the broader you already has....and that is what much of manifesting is about.

The indication of alignment with the broader you is good-feeling emotion. This is why feeling good is so important to getting what you want in life.

Now when you are feeling bad while watching a disaster/horror movie, it is an indication that the broader you (which has, by far, the most significant attracting power) is focused elsewhere. Remember, good feeling indicates alignment while bad feeling indicates lack of alignment.

So this is why the attractive power of even millions of people focused on disaster is negligible...they are doing all that attraction from their limited selves, not their broader selves.


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Or to put it another way, "It's just a movie?"

(10 Jun '10, 18:13) Vesuvius

I have listened to Abraham too and I remember Ester saying if you want to stop wars stop fearing wars. There is a war on drugs, a war on cancer, a war on violence a war on this that and the other thing and this just attracts more. So how does having a mass audience all with the same thought of disaster, horror and remorse in the alpha state for around two hours not have any effect?

(10 Jun '10, 20:09) Wade Casaldi

Wade, there are two different effects being talked about here. The questioner appears to be asking if this physical platform (Earth) can be disrupted by disaster movies. The answer is no to that...there is not enough attractive power from a place of disconnection. The other effect is upon the lives of the individuals involved. Sure, they can focus on things that make them feel bad and manifest in accordance with their vibration (on the physical plane). Happens all the time. It only affects them though, and those who are a vibrational match to them.

(10 Jun '10, 22:14) Stingray

That clears that up, thanks Stingray. Good answer yes I was referring to the personal affect.

(11 Jun '10, 03:52) Wade Casaldi

@Stingray Thanks. This makes sense.

(13 Dec '12, 05:49) releaser99

"If people were watching disaster and horror movies and feeling joyful about them, then it would be a different matter."

What absolute nonsense.

By corollary then, people in Nepal where the recent earthquakes hit must have all been thinking JOYFULLY about natural disaster.

And that then also implies you will never attract bad things by thinking anxious, angry thoughts, because you were not feeling good when thinking them.

As I said, complete nonsense.

(08 Jun '15, 04:53) cod2

why do people enjoy movies? consider this ... the hidden motivation behind doing anything including seeing a movie is Happiness (with a capital H); it's all about feelings and enjoying the largest range of emotions possible whether those feelings have a positive or negative label such as joy, frustration, fear, rage, anger, jealousy, happiness, passion ...

(09 Jun '15, 00:42) jaz
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The Critical Mass Theory

It is common for people to say "but what can we do?" or something similar. The critical mass theory explains why we need to be proactive and make the change happen quicker.

In his book The Hundredth Monkey, Ken Keyes, Jr. wrote about scientists who had been observing monkeys in the wild for thirty years. In 1952, on the island of Koshima, when there was a serious drought & famine, they provided monkeys with sweet potatoes which they had dropped in sand. The monkeys liked the taste of the potatoes but found the sand unpleasant. One day, an eighteen month old monkey washed the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught the trick to her mother and her playmates, who taught it to their mothers. As the story is told, perhaps 99 monkeys learned to wash their sweet potato between 1952 and 1958. One day the 100th monkey learned to wash the potatoes. Suddenly, almost every monkey on the island began to wash their potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this 100th monkey had somehow created a behavioral breakthrough.

But, more amazing, the scientists observed that the act of washing sweet potatoes had jumped over the sea, because the colonies of monkeys on other islands, as far as 500 miles away, began washing their sweet potatoes.

This phenomena is known as "critical mass." When a limited number of people know something in a new way, it remains the conscious property of only those people. However, there is a point at which if only one more person tunes in to a new awareness, that new awareness is picked up by everyone.

My Personal hope is that the awareness of the LOA and the other principle laws of life, will have the same effect as the 100th Monkey,and will change the Human Race for a better more positive conciousness. One author I read years ago stated that 5% of the Human race believeing or thinking a certain way would affect the mass conciousness in an observable way. Stingray's answer of alignment. WOW! Thanks.


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I'd never heard this story about the monkeys until 2 days ago - now I've heard it twice.It really helps to show how we can all help generate a growing awareness through our own personal behaviour. Nice answer:)

(11 Jun '10, 12:16) Michaela

Nice explaination. There are many realities and we each choose what we're up for or what we now choose to experience. It seems to me that you've already made your choice, so hope no longer applies. Just allow the LOA to bring your new reality to you. Btw, you'll find me there :-)

(11 Jun '10, 13:14) Eddie

That is because Hollywood movies are made in America for Americans to watch, if you want to see disaster movies about other countries I am sure you could watch movies made in other countries about disasters in those countries.

One more thing you will need to learn their language if you want to understand the dialogue though.

Bollywood is just one example, but there are movies made in China, Japan, England, Australia, Russia, I remember hearing Russia made their own version of Rambo type of movie years ago.

I'll bet every country makes movies for them selves about their country.


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Wade Casaldi

Yeah but Hollywood movies have such a global market and most of these doomsday scenario movies are international blockbusters which is why I specified Hollywood.

(10 Jun '10, 11:26) I Think Therefore I Am

Good point yes Hollywood movies do dominate the earth even though other countries make lots of movie. Other countries movies hardly ever make the big screen here unless it is Jackie Chan, I remember it started with Bruce Lee in the 70's. But a foreign disaster movie no hardly.

(10 Jun '10, 20:03) Wade Casaldi

I think this is a very good question and some food for thought.

I have believed, personally, that nearly all people understand that a movie is just entertainment. A couple of hours later, the scenes are not with them, and the story is far from their minds.

Before movies, there were frightening books which were very popular (Frankenstein, Dracula, etc) and these seemed to have little lasting effect on people as well, even though the imagination must be used with a book.

I am saying that for the vast majority of people, the things they saw and read did not manifest in their lives.

I do worry about some of the documentaries coming from sources that many people do believe in, such as the HISTORY channel and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, or even the TV News. They have been running stories on Doomsday, 2012, etc and I am thinking many people probably take these stories more seriously than they would a movie.


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LeeAnn 1

Yes - If we're looking for disaster,that's what we're going to perceive; if we're looking for entertainment that's what we're going to get.

(11 Jun '10, 12:21) Michaela

Nice answer. Story or fiction books and movies are not normally believed in by most people, so no harm done. Documentaries from so-called official sources can be more believable, so people may fear them. TV news is 90% negative and generates fear, so why bother watching it.

(11 Jun '10, 13:09) Eddie

Thanks, Eddie. And I agree with you about the TV News...I really avoid it!

(11 Jun '10, 14:08) LeeAnn 1
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Hollywood cannot determine how things are going to turn out. Its not going to happen.


answered 14 Apr '11, 14:19

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