If my ebb and flow of money is really just a reflection of the beliefs and vibrations I hold about it, then what are people's opinions about saving it (not spending it at free will).

The reason this intrigues me is because of a story I read in a random self help book dealing with beliefs:

A butcher, struggling to save money due to his constant spendings of alcohol, decides to one day discard his drinking habit, and more importnantly, start saving money to pursue his bigger dreams in life. He had the pure drive to not spend a cent of it unless he thought it was absolutely necessary. He budgeted masterfully and honoured his word of no drinking or petty spendings. This process was successful for 3-4 months, until, one day, he was involved in a car accident. The repairs to his car were almost precisiely what he had saved in his bank during those 3-4 months...He was grounded back onto exactly where he was so frustrated to be again, despite his hard disciplining; broke on an exact same reality. His drinking began again, and thus, his concepts for saving money no longer existed.

Is saving money, in hopes we will one day be able to afford (whatever it is) a counter-productive way of going about attracting more of it? I understand that money is not the solution for abundance, yet I beileve it certainly plays quite a part in it. As Lisa Nicols would put it, "how am I gonna dream big and give time to myself when the power isn't turned on?!"

Should I save my money, or deal with any sort of (I dislike this term) limiting belief I have with it first? Or, would a wiser option be to absolutely discard the concepts of money, and just play along with 'the universe will deliver, somehow' slogan?

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To enlighten whoever is interested with my life at the moment, I saved dilligently for 2 weeks (I was always broke)...And it all went when I found out I had to pay the ambulance bill for those sicknesses I recently attracted. Hahahahha! Yes, I do not doubt LOA one bit- it seizes to amaze how situations and experiences all fall into place 'perfectly' all the time.

(05 Jan '12, 09:04) Nikulas
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It's an interesting phenomenon you've highlighted here and one that many success gurus have noticed and commented upon in the past.

I think that principle tends to be stated something like the following...

If anyone looks at their total annual earnings (from all their income sources) for, say, the past 10 years and averages them out then, unless something has happened to alter their beliefs regarding abundance, their earnings will be within 10% above or below that average even if the income came from radically different sources.

It's quite a remarkable demonstration of our money beliefs in action. Some people refer to it as an unconscious ceiling of abundance, but I think it's also an unconscious floor because you'll naturally find ways to attract more if your income is below what your self-allowing level is.

It's basically an indication of how much we are prepared to allow abundance into our lives.

So is saving money a waste of time?

I think it depends on how much money you have in relation to that unconscious ceiling and what your existing beliefs about money are.

Let's say you are someone that believes that money is scarce and "every penny counts". If you are below your unconscious ceiling then saving money is going to align with your money beliefs and it will accumulate from doing so. Spending lavishly, on the other hand, is going to work against you because that's not what you are comfortable in believing.

If, however, you are someone (again below your unconscious ceiling) that believes that money is abundant and you'll get it no matter what, then not bothering to save at all will align with your money beliefs and you'll still accumulate it regardless. Saving money in this case is not going to serve you - having to do so will probably just annoy and irritate you because you will feel there are things you want to do with it.

Both of those examples are when you are below the unconscious ceiling. When you finally hit that unconscious ceiling however then, like a heating thermostat, your financial situation will adjust itself so you stay at the correct financial "temperature" for your belief system.

This adjustment can happen at any level of income. A financial trader friend of mine with a few million in the bank used to complain that no matter what he did, he just couldn't get past a certain level of income even though, by most people's standards, it was an absurdly high income. Whenever he would get close to that level (or even above it for a while), he would end up (unconsciously) choosing losing trades that brought everything back into balance. Again, it's a remarkable demonstration of our beliefs in action.

So basically the time when you should really think about expanding your beliefs about money is when you are aware you are approaching that unconscious ceiling. Until then, you can just take whatever action aligns with what you currently believe.


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That's a wonderful explanation and something that shows again that there is no "fixed" or correct method or answer for everyone.. but how does one expand his beliefs about money ? (i.e increasing the unconscious ceiling cap) I just don't see how for instance focus blocks could help

(12 Jan '12, 07:31) kakaboo

@kakaboo - I would tend to agree with you that the concept of "money" is one of those things that underlies so much in our daily lives, and which most people cannot ignore, that just clearing up surfacing Focus Blocks about the superficial issues would probably be an inefficient approach since it would generate so many issues to deal with. For something as "core" to our lives as money, I would probably deal with the underlying beliefs using a more head-on approach such as the belief-uncovering questions in Manifesting Experiment 4

(12 Jan '12, 08:17) Stingray

Based on my understanding of the LOA, I would say that if you are saving money from the vibration of fear of not having enough, then it is that vibration that will attract more of the not having enough. However, if you are saving up for something specific that you are excited about, then saving for it should not be painful, but gainful. The vibration of excitement and anticipation will attract to you what you want faster.


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Fairy Princess

I like your answer very much Fairy Princess ... :)

(12 Jan '12, 10:34) blubird two

Thank you blubird.

(12 Jan '12, 19:12) Fairy Princess

Hi, I do not feel you attracted the sickness because you were saving money, could it be that you were lead to save money because the sickness was going to come ?

You should deal with limiting beliefs always (not first or second or third). Eventually you want to be free of all beliefs but start with discarding limiting beliefs and substituting positive beliefs in their place. Save money if you can, its always nice to have surplus, if you beliefs are right then you will not need to give any attention to save consciously because your inflow will always be greater than your outflow. If you own all the water in the lake, are you going to store water in a little tank in your boat ? May be you will until you realize that all the water is yours but you can only drink one glass at a time and you can take out as much water as you like from the lake. I did not realize this until my tank in the boat was full and then I was building a second tank to store more water in my boat, and then I saw the futility of hording water in my boat. So you can save till you do not need to save because you realize that you already have plenty.

Lastly, you have no choice but to play along with the universe, with or without concepts about money or anything else, you may play along willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, that may be you can choose. That is what everyone is always doing, knowingly or unknowingly. Or rather, that is what the universe is doing with everyone, playing along ;-) so enjoy the game.


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While I think its important to have a cushion (say you have a limit of how much you are unwilling to go under) I also believe money is like water- which would infer that its stupid to hoard water. Sure have a well in your backyard for safety, but if you inherantly are near a river,(river being energy/connection to source/spirit) why build a second or third or 4th well? Just have one well and easily use the river.


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