Do you think that looking for free stuff on the Internet comes from a belief in lack?

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I think it probably stems more from the belief of "If I can get it for free, why should I even pay for it?" I'm guilty of it sometimes too

(07 Oct '11, 03:13) kakaboo

Yes and no. If you are looking for free stuff coming from a place of not having, not being able to, from a place of lack."I don't have the money for this and I never will" then yes .
But if your not looking for free but free is finding you then no.If you have the belief that free things find you and you deserve them! I just got 2 months of premium television channel upgrade free no strings attached.
There is also the mind set on the internet "Sharing is caring" .So what you are calling free is not really that. Someone down the line has paid for it and now is just sharing.


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Thanks for another great answer.

(07 Oct '11, 13:15) AboveBelow

@Kings Mind: Glad you liked it :D

(10 Oct '11, 07:29) ursixx

Not necceserily for some people have more than they need and still look for free stuff because they enjoy it. Some do so because they dont have what they need and try to find it for free and others just hate paying for anything. A lot of people have been burned by shopping on the internet and dont want to get caught by clever crooks again.

Its to each its own and there are many reasons but the biggest reason is that they dont have money or credit and if they can get it for free, well why not. It will give them a momentary high. The universe sometimes provides in strange ways but making a habit of it when you do have more than enough coud just send the universe a wrong message and you might land having to seek for free stuff.


answered 06 Oct '11, 15:14

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Paulina 1

Thanks for your answer.

(06 Oct '11, 16:56) AboveBelow
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