We know the power of positive thought, together we have the power to change our direction and live a better future. Think positive about the future for more understanding, compassion and peace. United we stand, at some point we became divided and we need to unite our conscious again, now is the time.

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I love the idea

(16 Nov '12, 10:04) MoonWillow

if you want to change the world take a look at your self and make that change. love your neighbor as you love your self. solve conflict in you and outside of you.be a peace maker.make your heart pure.respect every one has they should respect you.be sincere to your self and other. tell the truth as other should also tell you the truth.learn and grow.

(16 Nov '12, 22:36) white tiger
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This worlds a mirror Student. It reflects back to us what we believe and put out. World peace? The worlds not at war, neither is it at peace. Its just doing what its always done, its neutral,entirely neutral.

There are 6.9 billion different worlds in our reality.Some at war some not at war.

Theres never been one world. We all have our own one. Mines at peace.

The mirror never changes, it has no need to.



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Monty Riviera

William Lee Rand does this. He has meditations for world peace.



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Wade Casaldi

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Nice to meet you Student. I believe that for a being such as myself to remember Oneness and work with an organized collective conscious,such as https://www.childrenofthesun.org/,we can and do have a huge impact on all those we come in contact with.I have been working with Children of the Sun for about two years and it has been totally life changing experience.We have been working on a series of twelve initiations which started nine weeks ago and ends on the winter solstice.It is a most interesting journey.Please take a look. Love and Light.


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