I have been in the process of becoming what I have been avoiding needing to become in my career- my lifes work is in a place that has alot of negative belifs around it in mass culture "no one can make a living doing that" "only lucky people make money doing that" "You can't be that for your career, you need to do something else on the side" just tons of negative and false beliefs about what I know deep down inside I am MEANT to do but am scared shitless of doing.

Has anyone made that kind of upleveling or transition? I know it comes down to a decision and then the steps will appear but I have done that before and proved my beliefs right... and made some mistakes. I am working everyday to clear up my awareness to be more in alignment with synchronicity and take corresponding actions that call to me but I have to step into my power and harness my faith more than I can see or understand.

Any recommended processes? Thanks in advance!

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There are no limiting beliefs. There's only fear. Fear of death being the ultimate one. If you live every moment as if your action were to bring the very end of you, you will truly live without fear.

Breath in as if you want to choke on air, and breath out as if you want the lack of it smother you. There it lies, the life you cry out for in the above post.

Don't be afraid of death, it's nothing short of life. Invite it with every act and move you do and you'll be inviting life as well.

(22 Nov '12, 08:05) CalonLan
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I first want to congratulate you on your achievements to come.I feel I am in a similar state of being on the brink of being what it is God and our will wanted us to be.

Now to harness the faith and the strength it takes you must meditate on these exact things...think faith repeat that you are full of faith and strengthen this with images of you in your new career.This is part 1

Part 2 is the action part your going to have to start being that character that is strong and full of faith...to do this I would recommend carrying out mini task of things you wouldn't do just to prove that your faith is strong like maybe adopting a new hobby one that requires patience like clay modelling,computer coding,gym? etc...although this may sound unnecessary I believe that true faith is an offspring of patience and in gaining this virtue you are not only learning a new skill but developing your faith as you will have had no skill to start with but at the end of the task you would have created something albeit small from no skill whatsoever....and what it was that got you through was your faith in knowing the thing was going to get done.

The more things accomplished and victories won will allow for your faith to grow. So repeat daily that you have faith whenever a doubt or fear pops up and this characteristic will come to be.

Hope this helps...you are perfect and that's how God created you.


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