I seem to find nearly everyone I encounter ends up having a wisdom often dwarfing my own. At times it even seems as though everyone in the world (with few exceptions) is what one might refer to as 'enlightened' or 'awake' while I appear to not be.

I've regularly asked people I respect and consider wise (more-so than the 'norm' wiser-than-me variety) their thoughts about the quantity of 'awake' people out there, and common responses range in the low percentages to 1/3 and some higher. This is a stark contrast from my "everybody-but-me" perception I get at times.

I've speculated since my decision to take every encounter as a lesson and learn from everyone (especially those I'm foolish enough to think I have nothing to learn from) I'm seeing something there that the individuals themselves may not even be aware of, or perhaps I am simply attracting large quantities of wise people because that is what my largest application of the LoA has always been (learning), but I don't have any strong feelings indicating to me either way what is correct or not.

Generally I have at least an inkling of what I believe to be true or some kind of indication, but on this topic I can't seem to make much headway. Pre-appreciation for any sharing, thanks for the time, et cetera. ^_^y

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"my decision to take every encounter as a lesson and learn from everyone" - One of the wisest things I've heard for a while ;) You can't attract what you are not a vibrational match to...so if you are attracting wise people, what does that say about you? :)

(12 Apr '13, 04:55) Stingray

If their wisdom dwarfs yours, how can you recognize it?

(12 Apr '13, 04:57) flowsurfer

I also think that learning constantly is very wise.

"Those who believe to be something, have stopped to become something." Philip Rosenthal

I admire your flexibility Snow. Reminds also of this :).


(12 Apr '13, 05:24) releaser99

personally i love the feeling of people much wiser than myself, it's very uplifting ... it reminds me of the phrase "i don't know how to do it but i know a man who does" :)

(12 Apr '13, 05:28) ru bis

Love the Bruce Lee, amazing man who I would have loved to know (and hope that through some miracle of the Verse I may still have a chance to in this life.) Thanks for sharing.

@Flowsurfer: Because, they're teaching me things, often things I have difficulty grasping.

@ru bis: At times I have a strong appreciation for this feeling, however it often also comes with a feeling of everyone is tired of waiting on me to 'figure it out', or they're impatient with my pace in learning their lesson.

(12 Apr '13, 05:42) Snow

@Stingray: I appreciate what you say, and it piques another question in me. As I mention above I often feel like they're impatient with me, or I'm slow, or that everyone in the Verse is in on a secret that I'm too daft to grasp.

Does this mean the impatience I experience from them is a reflection of some (unawares) impatience of my own on the topic? Would this impatience be with my own pace or the pace [I perceive] in others?

(12 Apr '13, 05:44) Snow

Wouldn't it be better to figure out the real topic you're after and learn about that. Than to keep learning random stuff from everyone, wondering where it'll lead you.

Not to mention there's nothing to learn about life. It's not an exercise and we're not in a classroom. Just btw.

(12 Apr '13, 07:15) CalonLan

come to think of it @Snow, real reality is the feeling of being in a sea of wisdom and intelligence, of being in contact with 'people' much wiser and more intelligent than my little self

(12 Apr '13, 08:35) ru bis

@Calon: To a point, sure. And I do have focal points where I learn more than other topics you may consider 'random'. I don't mind being a compendium of useless information. =) Actually, much of what I learn applies strongly to many things.

I agree we're not in a 'classroom', but we are all students; and clearheart is correct in saying 'we all have more to learn.'

I agree life isn't an explicitly an exercise, but it is an experience which [can] serve to prepare us for another experience after.

(12 Apr '13, 13:17) Snow

snow, our reality buble is individual, what we want it to be wheteher we know it or not. responders may be answering the sos you send out unawares

(12 Apr '13, 16:10) fred
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People share their wisdom in different ways and we all have more to learn.


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Love that @clearheart Simple but profound words from a very wise lady.

(12 Apr '13, 08:54) ele

thankyou equally wise ele :)

(12 Apr '13, 08:58) clearheart

aw thanks @clearheart You just made my day! (laughing)

(12 Apr '13, 09:13) ele
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