What I mean is this: Lets use the example of worthiness. Lets say I so much want to believe I am worthy, but I'm coming from a very internal belief of unworthiness. No matter what I do, if I still try to resist my internal belief of unworthiness, I will never win.

I understand the concept but I want someone to give me their experience with it. a video that might help describe what I mean even better can be located here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7weJyjdxCH0&ab_channel=MarissaGinty )

The full version is found here

Another concept, from that perspective is the idea of not trying to fight this belief of unworthiness. because technically, it's right. Technically, from that perspective, you are, always was, and always will be unworthy. And thats just because that's the level/vibration of unworthiness and you can't change that. The solution is to instead accept the belief (Looked another way, accept where you are). "Yes, the idea that I am unworthy is true from that perspective" and to just fully accept and emmbrace that belief. And from there, it no longers has a hold on you.

So again, can someone elaborate, or give me their experience on this concept. I realize that in my life, I never fully accepted where I was and CONCIOUSLY tried to impose a belief that I didn't truly believe in. This would cause very intense negative emotions. And honestly, it never really amounted to anything substantial in terms of manifestations

However, I'm also afraid of just accepting where I am because I think it implies that I lose in some way. That I've given up and will be like this forever.

But another quote from the video goes something like this: "Why would you still play a game if you internally know you will lose? Would you rather waste all your energy only to lose, or to just accept that you can never win from that perspective? " He even goes on to say something like "Even if you win, you lose. Because you will never truly believe that you won"

These arent exact quotes but you'll know where I'm referring to if you watch the longer version.

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1. First of all, thank you very much, with this question and video you let me feel something.. a resolving to what I've been thinking. I was thinking about books and how people react to them. That I as a writer want people to love and enjoy my books - and there exactly I "never win from inside the negative belief."

Abraham once was speaking about that to Esther - that she shouldn't pay attention to the feedback she doesn't like.. but that she shouldn't pay attention too much to the feedback she does like, too! I couldn't really grok it. Until now, with that separation of layers - and maybe, this is another layer, and in the future I will see it even more beautifully.

Or that question will stop existing for me - you know, Eloheim and The Council have this Levels description, where Level 5 is "This trigger is mine", and Level 6 "What trigger?"

Here in this video they provide an example of Levels, for one particular question. And, how synchronous, it also elaborates on your question! :)

Eloheim and Levels of Creating

Level 3, by the way, is not that glorious "I create my reality" we strive to feel, it's the first discovering of LOA and going "I create my reality, and it sucks." That's why "I take responsibility for my reaction to my creation" is a step higher from it.

2. The video you posted is very interesting, and soothing. Thank you!

3. When you say "I am unworthy, I admit" - you already go into a higher level. That's why you feel better. Because on that level where you were fighting that belief, you didn't have enough resource to handle it (it was like, it was above you). Now you do, and you admit.

How? You go into a higher level to take the observation, that you're fighting a negative belief (AH would probably say you go to a more general thought), and from there you summon the power to handle it, so that you could.. step forward and admit.

When Bentinho says, "I am afraid" - it is, too, a higher level from being afraid - because the focus is already not on the subject the person is afraid of, but on the person's feelings, and they usually are ..easier to think about.

What do you feel about this?

4. I think, what's in the heart of the situation you're asking about, is judgement.

That's why "you never win" inside of it: even if you convince yourself, that you're worthy - or even if someone becomes slim, or a writer gets lots of fans, if they still deem being unworthy or fat or readerless as wrong, they will always be trying to run from it, they will never get true satisfaction inside of that judgement.

AH some time ago spoke about Hitler. They said, many of us would like to just "close the case" on such people - we want to just decide that they are bad, and put it aside, stop considering the case again.

But our Source sees them differently, and that's why as long as we bear this judgement inside, we can never truly be happy.

5. And judgement is a layer, too! A layer we can step higher from.

When we see it that way, we can find different ways to go higher, not only what Bentinho offers. We can take what he says, as a layer, a level, too, and go higher.

Let's see: what if trying to convince yourself otherwise, was just too far from where you were?

I mean, AH in their explanations of Focus Wheel, when someone came up with a thought they were not ready for yet, said "out in the bushes!"

So you cannot say to yourself "I am worthy," but what if you could say to yourself, "What if I could feel better no matter of that?"

I mean, you want to go higher, you can admit that, too. Like AH say, "being content with what is and eager for more."

I think we tend to see in agreeing with what is, agreeing to focus upon it "as a final goal." It feels like saying to ourselves "and I don't deserve more than that" - obviously it feels bad.

But if we could see in "accepting what is" something else, we might feel better with it.

For example, as in the video above explained by Eloheim, we could see in it that we stop fighting a part of us.

Or as Bentinho says, that we could accept that it's a layer.

Lana Shlafer in the following video speaks of how she and Bashar looked at Surrender:

Lana Shlafer and Bashar

And I developed for myself a model, which allows me to feel better and do the vibrational work more effectively. I feel home in it. Here's a bit about it from my book 33 thoughts to feel better:

#5. When you "fell back"

I so love AH, but I as much disagree with what they say after "We love you very much, but..."

(At least disagreed until they formulated the notion of step 5, which made it softer.)

I disagree with the approach, that we should take responsibility for everything happening in our lives.

Because AH themselves say that it's impossible to be in the Vortex all the time, because life must expand!

So I formed this view of life, this model I love, that serves me much better (confirmed by my feeling), that says: the streams of us (the streams of our desires) expand, that's the way life goes.

When the streams expand, we, our physical parts are not aligned to this expanded part immediately and that's when we feel bad and start having bad feeling thoughts.

In my opinion, in my model, we cannot and shouldn't take responsibility for those cases when we "fall back" - we can take it as the streams expanding - we can take it as a benefit for us.

Because when we realign to this new stream, then we get to these new peaks of New Happiness, as I call it.

And that's why the thought I offer when I "fall back" to the worse feeling thoughts, is:

"It's not I digressed, it's the stream expanded."

This gives me the feeling of perspective, it removes from me the feelings of guilt, that I didn't hold the good thought long enough.

And it proves itself, because as I said before, it works like a spiral, and realigning after every such "falling back," I feel a new, better, richer experience, I feel that something else is added now.

So, the next version is (and I rarely can think this as the first step in finding a relief, only the second):

"It's not I digressed, it's the stream expanded, and now there's New Happiness available to me."

The matter is, seeing it all as we may - we find our own way to go higher (and I think that's where our home truly is, in the process of finding it). And stopping fighting what is, indeed, frees us for that.

With that said, I think if you don't like that admitting as Bentinho puts it, you may look for other ways, more suiting you. More delicate.

Like that "I'm tempted" on Level 4, that Eloheim mentioned in that video. - It's instead of admitting "Ok, I'm unworthy" or trying to convince ourselves "No, we are worthy!", we can just notice "I'm tempted to feel unworthy" or "I'm tempted to judge myself" - it can work softer.

I Love softer work :)

And it doesn't mean I'm about to allow myself only "pink" emotions. No, the way higher from fear may go through hatred - from that level of feeling unworthy or fearful, we may say "I hate the circumstances that brought me to it!" or "I hate it that I am built as wanting to feel good, and yet, these are the circumstances I have to go through!" When I let myself go through these hateful thoughts, deliberately, it frees me, too, for going higher.

And what do you feel, after all that being read, thought and viewed, what would be your preferred ways to live?


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Olga! Thanks for this message. I'm glad I was help to, as you were help to me. On of the major concern I have is that I will accept where I am, and nothing will really shift. You know what I mean?

But the more I think about it, the more it would still be a win win situation (if only to a lesser extent) because worst case scenario: even if I don't shift externally, I'll be ok internally.

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Over the year I've come to realize that I haven't been applying integral parts of what is needed for attraction and manifestation, so I'm still sort of working on gaining that trust. Maybe a better word is letting go. It's only when I'm in a sort of "alarming" situation I begin to actually apply concepts such as "being totally ok with where you are" while "being excited for whats to come", and also "Being INTERNALLY what you want to experience EXTERNALLY".

(16 Aug '16, 10:22) lilfrankster101

Over the year I've come to realize that I haven't been applying integral parts of what is needed for attraction and manifestation, so I'm still sort of working on gaining that trust. Maybe a better word is letting go. It's only when I'm in a sort of "alarming" situation I begin to actually apply concepts such as "being totally ok with where you are" while "being excited for whats to come", and also "Being INTERNALLY what you want to experience EXTERNALLY".

(16 Aug '16, 10:22) lilfrankster101
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the problem come from not being at the center and being in division. worthy or unworthy are the two end of the same balance. going to much on the wide one side or the other makes the balance unscaled. one needs to find is proper balance to be at the center and never go in to extremes. when one go in to extremes issue arise from him self feeling over confident or to much worthy or feeling unconfident or unworthy, making is relation with other problematic and making issue and division and darkness on the outside with other that reflect back also inside. why wash only the outside of the cup. first start by cleaning the inside of the cup. find your balance on that water and walk on it. the world is not worthy to untie the shoe of such a person.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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