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This is a Community Wiki message for our group to send out messages of prayer vibration and energy to the Universe, to the Law of Attraction to manifest a wish to help the people in Haiti to rebuild and restore their country.

The vibration and energy from all of us making the same wish will bring the Law of Attraction into full force into the Universe to manifest the rebuilding of Haiti. So, that people, and organizations all over the world will contribute to this cause, and the needs of Haiti to rebuild.

Let us humble ourselves in prayer on behalf of the people of Haiti, like the woman did in the Bible, when she needed healing for her daughter. She prayed and said: “Lord yet even the little dog eat the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.” Jesus answered the woman and said: “O woman great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire.” (Matthew 15: 27-28)

Let us send out this message on our wish list to the Universe to restore, and rebuild Haiti, so that the people will have a home to live in. And anyone reading this message can pass it on to others to do the same work for the people of Haiti.

We should all reach out, and send our message to the Universe to help others in need, and the people in Haiti needs our help, so let us joint our energy forces together, and help to make it happen for the people in Haiti

A special Poem for the people in Haiti

“Haiti Under The Ruins”

Under the ruins of the day.
Faith stands still in Haiti today. 
People dying, people living.
Under the ruins of the day.
My God, my God where art thou.
Your people in perils awakened. 
Cries of souls no more in pain.
People’s voices cried out in pain.
Standing in ruins, no place to rest a head.
No place to call a home, under the ruins of the day.
Help us Oh God this day, a place to rest, and sleep.
Together we stand in pain in the ruin of this day.
We hope for tomorrow a better day to come.
We ask if not in vain, in your mighty name.
A place to call home, within the ruins of the day.
We shall stand firm together, for we still have faith.
We know you will hear our cry for help.
See our hidden pain and fear, and make it alright for us.
We thank you for your help, from within the ruins.
We pray for others to help in Jesus name this day.

Written by Elsa.

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Yes I agree, I agreed the first time you posted this and now, lets unite in prayer, meditation and bring Haiti back to a happy prosperous land the perfect Haiti. As it already exist in the mind of God, we need correct the limited poverty struck disastrous image and turn it to an island paradise similar to Hawaii. I remember when Haiti was a vacation spot like St. Martinez or Jamaica there used to be advertisements that said "let go to Haiti!"


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Wade Casaldi

If we can send light and love everytime we think about Haiti, it would make so much difference. I do it everyday. Will you join me?

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