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I am sharing this, for the sake and hope it may help anyone.

I just Googled "how to believe in anything." The link provided is of such great value (to me) that I found it impossible to not boradcast on IQ.

The article, I don't feel, is of a metaphysical perspective, but nonetheless, us metaphysical thinkers should be able to amp up some of these ideas into our vibrational toolbox:) Enjoy!

asked 19 Dec '12, 09:13

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edited 19 Dec '12, 09:15

Wonderfully perplexing!

(19 Dec '12, 09:41) CalonLan

@Nikulas Thank you for sharing that, I really enjoyed it :)

(19 Dec '12, 15:14) LapisLazuli

Good Stuff Nikulas , Thank you :-)

(19 Dec '12, 17:45) Starlight
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