I have read so many books on manifestation, the LOA, magick etc and they all say that the most important thing is to imagine/believe that your desire has already manifested here in the present and live as though it has. For example, Neville Goddard says that your imagination creates reality so you merely need to "believe" that you have what you desire now, in the present, and it will appear.

The problem is that if you are depressed, a pessimist or just have a hard time maintaining a positive belief, it is very hard to maintain this belief as you are living your normal physical life (where what you want has not manifested) whilst trying to believe that what you want has. I just don't understand how this is possible and not confusing to the subconscious mind even more.

For example, if you want a car but have to walk/use public transport each day, how do you imagine that you are driving in your new car as you walk along the road in the rain with umbrella in hand or standing on a crowded bus listening to someone's music blearing out of their headphones? Surely this is verging on schizophrenia (to have an inner reality which is opposed to your outer reality)?

How do people get over this conflict of belief and reality? How do they stay permanently positive and in the right vibration? It is impossible to live in your head and live in the real world when these two states are diametrically opposed. Drugs? Meditation? Advice please.

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A lot of people like to use the phrase - "seeing is believing."

The better phrase to use would be - "believing is seeing."

You have to decide for yourself in your own personal human experience what you prefer to believe is real for you and what isn't. The simple way to maintain a belief about a manifested desire is to choose and decide to change your belief of what you think is in existence and what isn't.

You are at both sides of the chess board in this world. You make all the moves and then also make the counter moves.

Just because we can't see something with our eyes doesn't mean it is non-existent. There are plenty of things in this world that we can't see, hear, or touch, yet we believe in them completely.

alt text

For instance, if there were a deer walking through the forest so very quietly that we could not hear it, we could not see it, or be close enough to touch it, does that mean that it doesn't exist? Well our (limited by our own choosing) human senses would say that it doesn't exist. We have no belief that it exists and all we truly believe in is the darkness in front of our face.

If you choose to use a different filter though, that deer will pop up right in front of your face. You decide to use a new tool (night vision in this example) and your belief system knows it will work, then it makes that tool a normal everyday thing that can be used easily and effortlessly.

For example, if you want a car but have to walk/use public transport each day, how do you imagine that you are driving in your new car as you walk along the road in the rain with umbrella in hand or standing on a crowded bus listening to someone's music blearing out of their headphones? Surely this is verging on schizophrenia (to have an inner reality which is opposed to your outer reality)?

Imagination combined with feeling good.

Do you prefer using the bus or would you rather drive that car. Nobody else can make that decision for you. The car that you desire exists right this very second. It was brought into existence the very milli-second that you used your thought and imagined the having of it.

If you really want this to manifest in your life, paying attention to these things in your face that you don't prefer and feeling bad about them (matching the negative frequency waves or vibrations) will continue to give you more of it. It all comes down to a choice and a decision that something no longer serves you and you finally had enough of it and want something new.

Everything exists right now...everything!

You just need to match frequencies with what you desire. That car you want could be right next to you, waiting for you to become its owner, but if you are focusing on not having it and how much you hate the bus then you will never even experience it no matter how close it is.

How do people get over this conflict of belief and reality? How do they stay permanently positive and in the right vibration? It is impossible to live in your head and live in the real world when these two states are diametrically opposed. Drugs? Meditation? Advice please.

You have to want to stay positive and in the right vibration. You have to want to make feeling good the most important thing in your life. Even more important that getting "stuff." You have to be the change that you want to see manifest in your life.

What is the real world exactly. A label that most humans are repetitively fed throughout the years. You get to decide what is and isn't real through the frequency that you pulse out.

Did you ever have a dream that you were sure was the real you in the moment of dreaming it? Did you ever get into a movie so deeply that you thought it was real and the outside world no longer existed, even for a brief time? Did you ever imagine biting into a delicious food when you were hungry and have your mouth water even though nothing was actually in your mouth?

If you can get to the point and believe that you already have everything you desire, then you can start heading down the path of seeing different things pop up here and there. Just choose the belief that feels best to you in every moment. It is possible to have chaos going on around you and still hold the vibration of your choosing.

Sometimes we need to start small to build up confidence in what we believe we can manifest in our lives.


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@Cory - The quote Blessed are those who have not seen but yet believe comes to mind here. Excellent answer:)

(28 Dec '12, 17:10) Satori

I know this will seem like a cop out answer but getting in the vortex is the easiest and fastest way to what you want. If you can focus on feeling good now in every single moment you will be swept to what you want really quickly and you won't have to do any 'trying' at all. I climbed the scale and lived in the vortex pretty consistently and my thought processes changed automatically. It's so hard to explain but instead of thinking 'how do I maintain the belief that my desire has manifested' you start thinking 'how amazing it is that I have....X and...X all that I want, everything, it's all mine now, it is mine it belongs to me' and you really, really believe it too. I bought Christmas presents for a man that I was in love with but had not seen for many months because I truly felt he was mine. He was my boyfriend. I KNEW he was. That's the level of knowing you have in the vortex. He is my boyfriend now but he wasn't when I bought the gifts, but he was in the vortex I put him there and I knew that was enough, and so it was.

Abraham says 30 days of being in the vortex, downstream, is all you need to manifest ANYTHING, even 'big' things. Once I got to that stage my desires started showing up within 2-3 days and continued really, really fast too.

Get in the vortex and live there for a while. Do whatever it takes to do that. :)

**** UPDATE *****

Here is Abraham on 30 days to all you desire:

"If you make a decision that you're gonna try to make something feel better than it feels right now, then you're beginning to develop the habit of always turning down stream. And do you know, a week or two of deliberately turning downstream is all you need to start feeling wonderful? And do you know, thirty days of feeling wonderful is all you need to manifest the biggest of dreams you've ever had? Do you know you are thirty days away or less from everything you've been asking for if you would just stop doing this? In other words, that sounds implausible, doesn't it? "You've gotta be kidding Abraham. I wanted that all of my life and you're telling me that it's thirty days away?" And we say, it's less than that away if you get turning and going with the flow. Because you wanted it and it is created and the universe knows how to take you to it. "


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@Yes- Nice answer. Faith, Belief are only things you need to hold on to when out of the Vortex.

(08 Dec '13, 12:21) Satori

Thanks, Yes. Thanks for the reminder. It's so easy to get bogged down in minutiae, that the Obvious eludes us. However, getting INTO the Vortex is the hard part for me ... hence my physical technique, but I appreciate your technique, and I'll give it a try as well.

(08 Dec '13, 20:53) Beach Baby

"It's so hard to explain but instead of thinking 'how do I maintain the belief that my desire has manifested' you start thinking 'how amazing it is that I have....X" - @Yes, I totally relate to that. It is really hard to explain, but I have found this too, that as I can get myself consistently in (or near) the Vortex, my feelings of "I must control my thoughts" or whatever just... vanish. And turn into me thinking things like "Oh look! A butterfly. Isn't that nice?"

(09 Dec '13, 13:58) corduroypower

@Yes - This is what I do as well. Rather than try I just spend my time marveling at how wonderful it is that this is all mine, and I hang out in the Vortex as much as possible, reveling in that feeling.

Still, I am not manifesting at the rate you described, and had not even heard about what Abraham say about 30 days in the Vortex. I like it! Good for you, and thanks for the answer, reminder, and the encouragement! +100 :)

(09 Dec '13, 14:09) Grace

@corduroypower - That's exactly it, good example. I think people have trouble taking this seriously, precisely because it is so not serious. Being my goofy self has been the answer all along. :)

(09 Dec '13, 22:15) Grace

Great comments from all :) I think encouraging each other and reminding ourselves of what it's like in the vortex is a wonderful way to connect with those that may be struggling a little to get in on a consistent basis. Let's sweep them in with us! :) It is possible, hold on to your faith and keep floating DOWNSTREAM to all that you desire. Your desires already exist, the creation part is done, so you can't NOT have them. :)

(10 Dec '13, 08:22) Yes

Grace, I have now added the transcript of Abraham on 30 days in my main answer above, for you. :)

(10 Dec '13, 08:36) Yes

@Yes Nice answer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdoddb4OIBM It's funny that when we are out of the wonderful feeling state, all the nice insights written here seem stupid. Even my own in-the-Vortex notes in my personal notebook seem stupid to me when I'm out of the Vortex... Of course it's because I'm stupid when not in the Vortex :). See also

(10 Dec '13, 12:28) releaser99

Yeah, it's really the thing that has helped me most to understand how vibration works in terms of matching you up with thoughts and experiences. Because when I'm out of the vortex, I take everything seriously and I feel strongly that I must effort my way into feeling better. When I'm closer to the Vortex, an Abe quote about how "distraction, relaxing, and releasing" are the only ways in makes total sense. When I'm further out, I feel like "That can't be the whole answer! I need to work harder."

(11 Dec '13, 16:39) corduroypower

Of course, unfortunately, as soon as I slip out of the vibrational gravity well of the Vortex, I go right back to "I need a specific answer for my specific situation", instead of realizing that all I need to do EVER is pick the least-resistant thought available to me where ever I am, and start there and just let it flow. It feels too simple when you're far away from it, I guess? I really AM "stupid when not in the vortex". I wish I were better at remembering that.

(11 Dec '13, 16:40) corduroypower

@corduroypower - Thanks! It sounds like you and I are on the same page. Whenever I'm OOTV I keep thinking that it's some sort of emergency or deep mystery I have to figure out. Lol! Have you seen the Easy World post here from our @Satori? It helps me quite a lot: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/61903/do-you-live-in-easy-world

I subscribed to their Love Letters From Easy World; they send wonderful little reminders daily. I highly recommend if you don't already get them! :)

(11 Dec '13, 22:38) Grace

Corduroypower, Your quote is the best quote ever on IQ! It's the key to being happy in life and manifesting everything that you want. "realizing that all I need to do EVER is pick the least-resistant thought available to me where ever I am..."

(12 Dec '13, 06:25) Yes
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Neville teaches:

  1. Awareness (pay attention to the seeds you are planting in your imagination)
  2. Detachment (stop identifying with all that you want to remove from your world)
  3. Attachment (start identifying with all that you want to add to your world)

You don't have to like the current reality because you don't have to keep it. But to let it go you have to stop reacting to it; if it discourages you, you have not detached from it. Think of it like this, how would you feel if you were taking the bus to get to the car dealership and pick up your car? It's that sense of detachment that he advocates. He gave people examples, such as how he left the army during the second world war. He did it by ignoring the fact he was in his army bed, closing his eyes and pretending he was in New York, having been honorably discharged. He immersed himself in that, for that moment, there was no evidence contradicting his experience of being in New York, he had shut out the external world around him. When he woke up, he didn't walk out the door, ignoring the current reality. But he did feel certain that he had planted the seed, that he was predestined to be discharged.

Think of it like having a vision of the future. During the vision, it is happening "right now"; when you wake up from the vision you know it was the future and not the present, you don't ignore the current reality, you just know with certainty that you are moving towards the vision.

He spoke of man as a four dimensional being, like a snake spread out over time. Your imagination is like moving the body of that snake just like you move your 3d body. The physical man is stuck in the present moment, moving forward across the body of your greater self, seeing as unreal everything beyond the present moment. The spiritual man within you is free of the limitation of time, all moments exist at once for him, he only needs to move his awareness to them.


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@flowsurfer , I'm glad you've read this , I'm hoping now that it will help you move closer to that desire you have , we only need to know what we want ( you do ) and why (you do ) and trust in Universe to do the how and when , baby steps , perhaps today , you can start feeling like your definition of the PlayBoy , I think I might think of you as that from now on , no longer flowsurfer ;-)

(28 Dec '12, 19:10) Starlight

By practice!

Abraham says a belief is only a thought I keep thinking.

When you are in lack, at once you may not believe your prosperity but if you practice this thought daily even for a little, by time this thought will have a shelter in your mind, it will be a belief, your subconscious will treat it as a fact, since it doesn't distinguish between imagination and reality, as well as your higher self, the universe then it manifest, it must.

Feeling good means harmony, enlightenment, allowing, it is not just a big smiley face, it is the connection with your true self, the creator you and when the mind is clear it works better that why feeling good is recommended.

Pretending is advisable when there is disbelief, pretend the belief, the fact and the feeling so it can be a bridge to feel it on real more and more.

imagine, visualize, make affirmations, they are good exercises to maintain your feelings, then things will begin to happen in your reality.

That feeling good is not the magic, it is only a tool to make you align and allow, in the moment you think about your car, it becomes yours, it is just in the parking waiting you to allow, and when you allow, feel it, really trust, universe will have million paths to bring it to you, it could be some lottery in the super market for a car, some good deal offer from BMW company,

you can manifest it all for free, and you may pay for it, that will depend on your thoughts so think it good.

Try this, the transforming feeling formula, Abraham grid:

It would be through bank by debts, could there be just some competition and I got it all free without this painful debts, bank is more realistic one but hey people do win and so on

start negative (if you can't help it), pretend, imagine then be positive and align.


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First of all, confirm your belief. State what you want but say it like this... I have the perfect car for my needs. Then enter into your imagination and see the car you 'have'. While you are walking to the bus stop say to yourself "My car is ready now for me to pick up and I am merely walking to record the last time I will ever need to catch the bus to work." When you stand in a crowded bus look around you and say to yourself "This is the last time I will see this crowded bus because I now have my perfect car to take me to work". Then continue to imagine your car parked at home or at work or outside the shop ready for you to jump in it. Always maintain the belief that the universe is conspiring to meet your expectations and in the end - totally forget the 'car' because it is already yours and you no longer need to hammer the Universe with 'I want...I need... I must have'. Once you let go of your 'want' completely it allows the Universe to bring it into manifestation.


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@truthseekr, I agree. Just sit back, relax and wait for your car to show up. Allow the Universe to bring it in its own time.

(28 Dec '12, 14:03) Bedazzled

Here is the fault:

Is you are so focused on your current reality- "Walking in the rain, being on the bus" but you have to feel good about that reality- I.e. love the fact you are in the fresh air after the rain, using your legs, feeling joyful, appreciating the diversity and interesting ride experience on the bus. Only when you feel absolutely WONDERFUL about your current reality and greatful for its manifestation in your life, only then when you are at a higher more positive feeling can you manifest ( ie. ask for more)

hope this helps. Get your vibration up through appreciation and it all comes from there.


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This is key! great answer Kanda. This came first for me. I got to the point where I didn't care if my desires came or not because I was so happy anyway, without them. that is the point where my thoughts started to changing back to the desires I no longer cared about. The Universe goes, it's created, too late you're having it all anyway. But you don't need it to be happy by then so it's win win.

(08 Dec '13, 12:31) Yes

By using your memory. The most powerful manifesting tool you have.

There are a number of differing schools of thought on this one, I will try to encompass a few.

There are those who believe "all things" are already existent and that we are each on a life track with these various elements on them. Vadim Zeland believes and teaches that what you desire already exists in the space of variations.

Now Esther and Daryll differ slightly, they believe that when you desire a thing it instantly becomes a vibrational reality. So with them it doesn't exist until you desire or ask for it.

Now most biblical type people would say that when you ask for something you believe you've already got it at the point of asking ( believe you "have" received it ) So quite similar to Esther in a way.

Ok , that's just 3 views all slightly differing ( and not all views im sure ) but really semantics aside there seems a general consensus of opinion across most belief systems that there are "things" that are existent that we cant see yet. Now they may already have been in existence before you wanted them, or they may be "freshly" produced at the time of wanting. Either way they exist.

Now most people are trained or self trained to believe that this physical reality in its 3D ness is all there is. They find it very hard to see beyond this.

Now most on this site have at least an inkling that theres something "out there" or indeed " in there" that's more than they can connect to with there 5 senses.

Now the trick is to make this unseen reality that contains all the stuff you desire more real than what your senses are telling you. It all hinges upon this ability.

My way is simple, I "remind" myself of the unseen reality. I have to do this fairly consistently and almost would say as a daily ritual. The reason for this is that im "daily" reminded of the stark nature of physical reality. So I need to counteract this by reminding myself of the truth on many occasions.

I also remind myself that im not " creating" a reality or thing. The word "creating" for me conjours up words like make, build, manufacture and construct. These words for me imply "effort" The mere fact that what I desire is pre manufactured, already there, pre assembled, waiting like an off the peg suit or jacket relieves me of so much pressure. The fact its already there releases any pressure for me to build it.

However I have noticed through the years that I now need to do this on a far less regular basis. Over time the reality of my vibrational escrow, or favourable lifetrack or as yet unmanifested prayer requests becomes more and more tangible.

So I remember daily that my requests are as real as the things I can see thru my eyes. In fact more real. As what I see can change so so quickly, for the good or bad. But whats in my escrow neither moth nor rust can tarnish or destroy. Mixing a little Esther and Bible there :) So remember daily, constantly the contents of your escrow, until gradually they become your reality.

It wont happen overnight, but it can happen. Will everyone on this site see their escrow manifested? I doubt that very much. But a few will.


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Monty Riviera

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This is a really great answer. I agree totally :)

(08 Dec '13, 12:19) Yes

I think maybe kids have the answer. Children have this ability to believe in the unbelievable. Take Christmas for example. Kids who celebrate it will, from around October, start to become real excited. Yet they've no guarantee that their parent(s) will be able to afford the presents that Santa delivers. What kids have however is faith. They know that come Christmas there will be presents under the tree. That no matter what 'Santa' has to do to deliver those presents, it'll get done.

This aspect of being a child lasts only for a few years and then reality kicks in (laughs) but until it does, a child will enjoy the feeling of what it will be like to wake up on Christmas Day with all those gifts.

So my suggestion to you is to be child-like. That doesn't mean imagining that a big bearded guy is gonna squeeze through your chimney bearing whatever it is you desire (and if you see that guy - call 911!) But Life has heard your prayer - there's no stronger prayer than desire and the ability to say thanks in knowing that Life is delivering what you need.

So what you want IS on its way. Hasten it by imagining what it would feel like to have it - whether it's a job, a new relationship or whatever, ask yourself how would you feel if you were delivered what you desire right now? If you felt a buzz of excitement - despite the long months/years of waiting - then hold onto that.

Nurture that feeling of thrill and "Oh my God I can't believe it!" because you will send the most powerful message that any living being can send to the universe's energy that YOU ARE READY. I was going to say I hope that you get what you want but I know you will get what you want :)


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Have you ever felt fear? Haven't you felt fear of anything without that thing physically manifesting in your reality? Like getting hit by a car while crossing a road? Or falling off a high height? Did those fearful events actually occur? If you can believe in those kinds of events, see them in your mind's eyes & feel fear then why not believe in a desired event like driving a car you like to own, see it in your mind's eyes & feel the joy?

Your feelings(emotions - energy in motion) result from your beliefs & if you believe, you feel, if you feel you act & if you do the 3 you be.

The point is, if you can strongly believe in a future outcome & be sad about it then why not have a positive belief & feel the joy? It's up to you to feel fear or joy & see the reflections of either.

Failure to succeed in an expected way tells you that you can equally fail to fail the next time you expect failure in an expected way.


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What works best for me for maintaining the belief that my desire has manifested in reality is getting out of my head entirely. After I've thought positively, focused on what I want, etc... done the groundwork .... etc, etc, my next step is physically FEELING it already manifested. This doesn't present any logical quandaries for me, I don't have to "pretend" anything, or imagine, etc.

I imagine what it physically feels like in my body, to have the manifestation completed. I focus on the feeling in my gut, my heart, my brain (not my mind, my brain), my soul, my left elbow, right knee, etc ....

I think this allows me to bypass intellectual doubt filters, and my body is another tool I have at my disposal to use. Just a hint that I hope may help someone else. I manifested my last two jobs this way.

NOTE: this is not the only way I manifest, but it is the LAST step I use. I do do mental prep first, explore limiting beliefs, etc. I didn't repeat the other techniques because others have explained them already in previous comments.


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Beach Baby

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Actually it has relation with consciousness. It has relation on how to shaping our consciousness to a specific shape where we perceive it as different reality.

  • Pretending is the kind of making contraction. It's similar to case where we are now trying to stretch a specific shape (consider a specific shape of a balloon) to be changed to another different shape (consider another different shape of a balloon).
  • While we are doing stretching, actually we are doing contraction our beliefs to a different set of beliefs. It's like blowing a balloon, and commonly this contraction will be pushed backward to maintain previous shape of a balloon. So, if we don't have enough energy to blow this balloon, it would be pulled back to previous condition.
  • So, we need to always blow a balloon until it has new shape, and then the new shape, called manifested, would be that way as we perceive it as real object or real functions.


While we were doing it, pretending, stretching, contraction (blow a balloon), there would be an obstacle, whether we had to do another things (on our waking life, such as ... related to pessimistic) as the opposite to our pretending (for example, if you wish something, pretending for something, but eventually you were doing that had no relation with what your wish), or situation made your effort degraded (for example, freezing a water and bring it to a hot place).

But then again, it's just the same as doing contraction at the opposite direction against your wish. It's common, there is nothing special should be worried in this case. There is no conflict whatsoever.

  • In the sense, that we can do both, pretending and do the opposite. It's just that when we are doing something as the opposite to our pretending, we just have to consider that we are in the process of shifting the shape (by contraction it) to a different shape as we wish*. Like i said, it's just like when were blowing a balloon but somehow we run out of oxygen and temporarily the balloon slowly back to a previous condition, but as soon as we tried to (maintain "pretending" by) blow it again, then eventually the balloon will getting bigger and bigger.

The point is, pretending is just a contraction that commonly on physics, where there must be opposite force working on it against our ways while making a "pretending" (since we are within environment).

So, rather thinking we are just imagining which against what the fact is, better thinking that there is the fact as it is, but it's shifting now to a different shape because we are now doing stretching (contraction) our previous belief to different belief.


  • Don't try to think that you are keeping an illusion (while pretending), because it's real force, it's real act, a stretching, contraction.
  • And don't try to think when you are pretending, then it's fake compared to reality
  • Just confirm for yourself, that you are stretching, contraction (through pretending) and it allows us to stay within reality temporarily and the process of stretching will shift current reality and convert it to different shape.

So, "pretending" must be considered as possible act of stretching, contraction, rather than pretending as a belief that put us think it's away from reality. Pretending is real as it's an act of stretching, contraction our consciousness and we can stick to it "a belief". But when we consider pretending as a belief, then we can't relate a belief to a reality, and that's what made our confusion to synchronize in between reality and assuming that there is a fake within pretending.

So, pretending has no relation with fake. While we are pretending, we are not just believing something. We are really acting, doing something rather than just belief. So, it's easy to deal on our everyday life when we consider it against our "pretending", since there is no conflict on our belief system. There is only contraction, stretching that keep our common activity on our waking life, while on the other side we are trying to make a stretching to a different shape.

So, what we must concern on this case, that we are not trying to reduce the conflict of beliefs, rather we just have to consider that there are two different directions of stretching, but we are pushing it more to specific direction (by pretending). We give energy even bigger to a different side (different shape, different goal).

We just have to assert that, currently is real but now i am stretching it to a different shape, and currently is being stretched to the direction of our shape (wish). We just have to wait, because currently is shifting.

That's all that consciousness can do ... stretching, contraction. And the closest thing (function) we can do, it's by pretending.

As previously asserted, there are possibilities and probabilities. Where because of possibilities we can have hope, where because of probabilities we have to try to solve things. To be more specific, How do we apply the power of pretending correctly?

  • First, see our possibilities, know ourselves, don't imitate others, because relating your wish to it will put your wish away from manifestation. Why? Because we are always dependence upon (within) something (boundaries). Just be yourself

    • But how could we do it if we don't know exactly about ourselves? That's the power of "let it go!". Just believe in God's wisdom. Don't try to force our wishes (by giving to many details) that don't fit to the entire purposes. It's a standard level (because "let it go!" just trying to minimize our intention to always control the details of our wish, but maybe our wish is simple enough but still improper). Therefore if we can go to a higher level, there is word, rather than "let it go!" ... better "(total) surrender" (but this isn't easy!).
  • Secondly, see our probabilities, know situations, trying to solve obstacle, so we can provide our "pretending" smoothly. Because no matter what you may think for yourself as master of LOA, but eventually we have no assurance that ourselves, our weaknesses can always be controlled perfectly to conduct such LOA activity.

  • At this time we need a prayer, so if there is a little bit weakness, it will be completed by God through God's forgivenes
  • In a short: know possibility (don't try to focus on details or better surrender), make a pray to handle further obstacle, start contraction (stretching - pretending) to a different wish, and accept opposite reality as the fact that is being processed, shifted to different shape, and continuing the power of pretending... ("Well, it's real ... but it's shifting now, i just have to wait ...").

How do you maintain the belief that your desire has manifested in reality (in order for it to really manifest)? It's by understanding that pretending must be applied as an act of stretching, contraction our consciousness to different shape, rather than just trying to believe something.

  • When we are acting then we believe it to the specific extent, rather than when we believe something then followed by acting. Because, when we are acting as "pretending", actually it's a stretching, therefore we believe that stretching is possible, rather than thinking that when we are pretending we believe something that we may consider it as has no relation with reality.

Last but not least, how do we know that we are stretching, making a contraction? Simply put, it's by focusing on our wish and KEEP CALM.

  • It doesn't matter if we are dealing reality with fear, but as long as we are stretching calmly, then that's the whole idea, stretching it. The more we have (maintain) calm while dealing with stretching, the more we are continuing the stretching.

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