I understand that Universe/Source/God is that Power and it sounds so easy to say , "just be happy" .

Abraham says once you "get it " you will laugh at how long you kept yourself away from the things<(word used loosely , my word , not theirs ) and I have probably asked this in different ways before , so thank you again for your indulgence.

So am asking from Those who Have "Got it " is it that easy/simple ?

Know that if I keep myself happy regardless , I have the Big Guy/Source , right alongside and when I'm not happy , I have effectively blocked or pushed myself away from Source and all that I desire ?

January 3rd , I want to say a Big Thanks to all who have given me their answers and comments :-)

Last night I listened to an Abraham ( again ) on Youtube about Fear and within it , a Huge Gong Rang and I finally GOT IT ! Yay for me , lol.

I had listened to this a few times already , but yesterday , just like Esther says , some times things just jump out and grab you , for me in this was the part about "what do you think your Inner Being's perspective is , if emotion is a manifestation .....is proof of the mix going on within you..... How do you think We, Abraham and your Inner Being experience "our" manifestational experience .........as emotional ! "

I'll leave you now to listen to the rest yourself but I am SO SO Happy I've finally got it and YES, lol, tis SO Simple Self ;-) ♥♥♥

Abraham Hicks-Your fears reveal your point of attraction .....


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Thanks Barry ♥

(24 Dec '12, 08:58) Starlight

Thanks @ursixx , Nice Vibe ! ♥♥♥

(26 Feb '13, 06:55) Starlight
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Yes, when your feeling good your being who you truly are and your Allowing all good things to flow into your experience.

I believe what Abraham mean when they talk about getting it is when you reach the point where you genuinely want to feel good just for the sake of feeling good and not just for receiving the byproducts of the good feeling (The physical manifestations). Not that there is anything wrong with that either.

Once you overcome the need for the physical manifestations then it gets very easy because then your not placing conditions on your feeling good anymore:) You will get there if you haven't already :)

Turn up your love, even if you don't get what you want. Ken Keyes Junior.


answered 24 Dec '12, 05:23

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Thanks Satori , I will get there , starting to piece together "random' lol, signs and how I have been feeling :-)

(24 Dec '12, 22:08) Starlight

@Starlight- Your welcome. I should have added, I do find things are getting easier. This is thanks to the daily application of the Advanced Focus Blocks Method by Stingray & meditation, feeling good is slowly becoming my default vibration. I notice the contrast of living is becoming less exaggerated also.

(25 Dec '12, 14:20) Satori

And it's so much easier to think clearly from a feel good place.

(25 Feb '13, 22:46) clearheart
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Yes it is that simple. But you need to understand that in your own experience. Only then you will trust it. I was 2 yrs back questioning wow - is it really that simple. I was in a tough spot in life and i asked myself - really ?? whats the guarantee things will shift for me. it was even hard for me to have fun. But i started applying in 1 area. I picked up a new hobby dancing. Before i would have lot of ego / judgments but after learning from Abraham hicks i just did that only for pure fun - not to be better than someone, or not meet someone or not to judge myself how good/bad i am. And its incredible where i am now, how far i have come in not just dancing but really have a fun time. Many other areas like my relationships also improved amazingly. All those noise in my mind went away since i was busy focused on dancing and fun for so many days in classes and teams etc. When i picked dancing i was not even sure how much i love. But i just kept going since that seemed the best option and Universe guided more and more and i ended up really really loving it.

So best thing is pick something you know or even thing you possibly love. And just keep at it and see how things change.


answered 24 Dec '12, 05:02

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@abrahamloa, I work this way, too. I tend to be compartmentalized, and it can be overwhelming to think that I have to "be happy" or "just feel good", but if I pick something specific and go with that, I can make my way, and miraculous things begin to happen!

(24 Dec '12, 11:05) Bedazzled

yes Bedazzled i feel instead of working on things in my mind, its just far easier for me to just pick some activity that i love. Different people like diff things... Working out in a group, dancing, or singing, or hiking, joining some other club , movie group if you are into movies, yoga classes etc.. something that for the moment you might like, you need not even be very passionate. Just something that you can get busy and have a nice time with.

(25 Feb '13, 20:16) abrahamloa

And i like to pick something that has continuity, like i can do 4 times a week in the evening etc... then during those times i dont have noise in my mind and i am doing something that i reasonably like. i could see the difference. What i found was sometimes i am at home and lets say i did not have any plans, then my thoughts would come in and i would go into loop .. and staying home and controlling those thoughts felt hell of a task.

(25 Feb '13, 20:17) abrahamloa

i founds its better i go somewhere and have a good time like dancing for example. I love Abraham - when i first heard "you feel good about that one thing you find and fixate on it, then all the other 99 things where you dont have great vibration would come to you." I thought thats crazy. Now i understand to some extent since i have seen those in my life.

(25 Feb '13, 20:18) abrahamloa

And i would tell anyone w/o hesitation just like Abe says - just start experimenting in your life and see the results for yourself!!! I am grateful we have so much advise from Spiritual Masters nowadays. All you need to do is follow what they say and see how your life changes. !! Ofcourse once again this is JUST ONE WAY YOU CAN DO IT..

(25 Feb '13, 20:19) abrahamloa
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feeling good is only one of the result. the main key is truth. think about it this way,there is positive and negative in this world of duality. you have the choice between positive and negative. but often you do not see how all the pieces of the puzzle relate together. and some even try to delete,ignore or suppress their though.puting only more veils, but it is still all there. once it is solved there is no problem left to come disturb you,because you are in truth. then you feel good. but if you only try to feel good as soon as something unsolved comes bother you,you do not feel good again. and in this world of duality there is many things not solved yet. and if you cannot solve your own inner duality, how will you solve the outside world duality? then how can you hope to be in harmony? know your self. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx_B2a6fwdo


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white tiger

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@white tiger, feeling good is how I find the truth. But yes, I agree with you that resisting the negative will only entrench you deeper. Allowing and accepting everything is the key, I think.

(24 Dec '12, 11:07) Bedazzled

understanding in truth. then you can make wise choice with your free will.

(24 Dec '12, 19:56) white tiger

"and in this world of duality there is many things not solved yet"

Duality solves itself if you let it. In fact, there's nothing to "solve" in sense as if there was a trouble. Simply embrace both sides. But no, people hug the good and condemn the bad. And yet they want to find the happiness, how silly!

(27 Dec '12, 06:02) CalonLan
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I wouldn't necessarily say so, no. It is more for me a feeling of assurance. Not even expectation I would have to say. I think more a constant confidant consistent knowing that everything will always work out for my benefit. There is no worries or fears whether I am happy or even get depressed I find blessings come to me to let me know that I am not alone. I guess you could say a real feeling of no matter what I am taken care of even if I am depressed I am never on my own. It is a fathers pleasure to give his son what he wants or needs and I experience that joy of being that son of God.

I believe the real key is a allowing and accepting as I see bedazzled pointed out. This is why my mood has no affect on my manifesting anything. Because there is no when, or why, or how, it is just whatever happens, happens. I have no conditions on getting. Things come to me all the time no matter my mood because I am just allowing and accepting. The more I do actually I feel in a state of wonderment even amazement that God is with me, loves me and blesses me so much.


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For me, feeling good is the foundation of growth because that allows my joy to bloom. On my journey I definitly have down times where feeling good just isn't happening. So I try to realize that is also part of my journey.


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it is inside you the wisdom
to know why you are here and
how to make the best of it

when found activity in
its direction feels good


answered 25 Dec '12, 17:56

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In other words how do we attain freedom and enlightenment ... the answer to this question is beautifully given by Jafree Ozwald

"Every time you are not experiencing great joy, you are attached to something. It will feel like you are swimming against the river upstream, fighting the current and trying to force something to happen by pure will alone. Whenever you feel anything that is not connected to happiness, just ask yourself this simple question, 'what am i attached to?' Your freedom and enlightenment is as simple as that!"

thank you Jafree :)


answered 26 Feb '13, 03:01

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ru bis

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