Man is an atypical animal. Most other animals have sex during the female's "season" for procreation. Otherwise most have no interest in sex. Yet we can go to great lengths to have sexual encounters, sometimes risking health, relationships, expense, ignoring other important matters, inviting social, familial and political ruin.

Our sexual drive far exceeds any possible desire for procreation. Why? One of our basic instincts that is deeply imprinted -- hardwired -- into our psyche.

It feels good! Sure, but why? If we accept the basic idea that our level of joy comes from the depth and strength of our connection with Source. Does this act somehow deeply connect us?

Why is infidelity such a serious matter? One instance can destroy decades of an otherwise happy relationship. How does infidelity strike such deep chords within us? Why are monogamous relationships so important in most societies? Why are there such serious penalties in so many societies for infidelity?

Maybe a part of this is a man does not want to raise another man's offspring that his own wife conceived, but the penalties have little to do with actual conception. They are usually invoked when the knowledge of the infidelity surfaces, not when/if the woman finds out she is pregnant.

Could it be a rejoining of the Soul, split into man and woman in the Garden of Eden? Could this be why people yell, "Oh God!" during climax?

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Dollar Bill


dollar bill why is infidelity such a serious matter are you really asking that? because it is a breach of trust. it can bring unwanted problem: sex disease, jalous fight etc.. you can find it your self. if you are together you are together in choice also. because each other choice will affect the other one. the problem is not really about having sex with only one partner. some couple do it open couple and they have sex outside of their couple but they booth know it and take the proper mesure.

(07 Mar '12, 04:04) white tiger

I feel that a monogamous relationship is necessary to develop deep, lasting bonds between people. Infidelity breaks those bonds. Perhaps women instinctively understand this better than men. But we have deep instincts for sex that go far beyond the mere idea of procreation. Powerful urges hardwired into us. Perhaps it is to achieve Unity. It would seem, however that I am in the minority position here in believing this. Works for me and my wife.

(07 Mar '12, 05:06) Dollar Bill
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Thanks to you mentioning Aleister Crowley, Bill . . . I can now answer your question.

It's an energy exchange/dynamic between two consenting 'individuals' & anything which brings you to ecstasy; naturally will bring you closer to the Source. It will put a smile on your face all the next day & each time you think about it; it should stimulate imagination & creativity.

"Intolerance is evidence of Impotency" --- Aleister Crowley

I hope no one will be inclined to down-vote my post; I have gay friends who have battled long & hard to gain the right to marry; therefore I am including all people in my answer.


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@ele Thank you for answering my question.

(11 Mar '12, 06:22) Dollar Bill

ele, it is a choice we make even if not with full awareness. our beliefs on what it is we wish it to be creates our vision. does that mean it may never adjust as we learn more of i am that

(11 Mar '12, 20:22) fred

Nice answer ele, i missed this question first time round. Glad its re surfaced.

(23 Nov '13, 13:31) Monty Riviera
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Well firstly I do not think that a lot of animals do not really have any interest in sex, the majority of them probably do it almost everyday without you knowing, it is just that they do not need to worry about the consequences as much as human beings do.

As for why human beings enjoy sex, yes one of the reasons probably is that most people think that they would feel good while doing the deed.. but it may also be because sex is a "luxury" good to most people in today's society and is something that is perceived as hard to get and only to be done with your loved ones most of the time.

Just like society has conditioned you into thinking that you might enjoy owning a Ferrari or Lamborgini, maybe society has also conditioned us in such a way that we think that sex is something of very great value to us, which is why we enjoy it. Society has also associated too much negative connotations to the deed, such as maybe abortion is a sin or that even having pre-marital sex can send you to Hell in certain religions.

The reason I say this because is that I believe if most people have sex with the same person every day, they would still eventually get bored of it, just like most other things in life.


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@kakaboo Yeah, another Lesson in the Law of Attraction! (attracting what you do NOT want)

"I believe if most people have sex with the same person every day, they would still eventually get bored of it, just like most other things in life"

Well, boo, while you may not always get what you want; you will always get what you expect.

(05 Mar '12, 07:23) ele

@ele I guess I can be still called a virgin and I don't have a girlfriend at the moment so I don't really care - I just mean that to me, sex is a pretty overrated thing due to its increased perceived value by society and I don't see anything wrong in believing in that. So I don't get what you mean by "all is well at home" as it all still ultimately comes down to one's own preferences and beliefs after all like you said.

(05 Mar '12, 07:36) kakaboo

@kakaboo -- I removed it . . . just sounded like you were down & talking from personal experience. I apologize for my error. Boo, trust me on this - it's NOT overrated; you're just not ready yet. I guess I've never thought of sex as a luxury; you brought up a good point, which I shall reflect on. Thanks...

(05 Mar '12, 07:46) ele

@ele - no harm taken, I just didn't see why it was wrong for a person to not have sex everyday. As for whether it is overrated, I guess it is just like you said - if a person believe it is, then it is, if he doesn't, then it isn't.. it all depends on what is better for the person at that particular point of time I guess.

(05 Mar '12, 08:28) kakaboo

@kakaboo Once upon a time I went out with many women, and could, at that time, agree that sex with the same person was like "scratching a place that don't itch no more."

@ele However as I matured I found that I like one woman, my wife, for my friend, partner and lover. We have been married for many years and making love is always a joyful experience. Always new. Always. Never boring. Never dull. We are together 24/7 and love it!

I wish that everyone could have such a relationship.

(06 Mar '12, 17:44) Dollar Bill

happy, you got my point - it should NEVER be boring . . . sounds like you have more than a committed relationship; you & your wife have a spiritual partnership as well . . . truly something to be joyful for & you're right, you are blessed, @Dollar Bill

(07 Mar '12, 01:00) ele

@ele please expand upon this idea and post it in an answer. Maybe we should distinguish between sex and making love.

(07 Mar '12, 05:21) Dollar Bill

I think you interpreted my comment different from what I intended, @Dollar Bill.

(07 Mar '12, 22:18) ele
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Well written, yet the source of our sexual orientation lies within our sexual organs. Desire is a twofold process beginning from an objective (sexual organs) then attracting attention (brain activity). Organs are constantly at work and most often it's activities are undetected by our senses. By the time we recognize the desire for sex, our sexual organs have produced enough semen and/or ovulation to procreate. Courtship is the process of sexual selection that differs from individuals and species, although most activities found in one species can be found in another. There are over 6.5 billion people in the world today, speaking 5000 to 6000 languages and an uncertain amount of societies. Mankind does not follow one pattern of courtship nor do we think alike. Monogamy (a long term dedicated partnership) is a preference selected by it's constituents and as with all preferences, monogamy bares benefits. Along with benefits comes disadvantages, which is the basis for decision making. Last, but not least is emotion. Our moral obligation to each other is our emotional obligation. "Am I my brothers keeper?" Cain.


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From "The Light of Egypt" Volume 1

Sex is a sacred law. When the 2 halves, male and female, of the same Divine Ego meet, love is the natural consequence, not the physical sensation. Discordant unions are the harbinger of sorrow, crime and disease. Celibacy in itself is not a natural state; it is purely artificial, because it ignores one of the principle elements of our being. Therefore, there is great spiritual danger in a celibate life, and 9/10th of the mystical manias and spiritual saturnalia of past history have originated amongst celibates. Without sex there cannot be external life, and to absorb or destroy these principles in the human organism brings about divorce between man and his divinity, and thus robs conscious humanity of its deathless immortality.


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gender is a part of the cycle
of our beingness, at one time
not there and then for awhile
it is again as we learn that
part of being human.

it will not always be so
as it is now, that desires
of the form sway our will
yet it is required that
we know before moving on


answered 03 Mar '12, 11:28

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Why do people like to have sex??

Why do Tibetan Monks abstain from sex? Why do Christian Monks abstain from sex? And yet these people live wondrous, glorious happy lives full of love!!...their lives are full of abundance!!

On the other end of the scale why do prostitutes (Female and Male) or sex addicts have so much sex? it because their lives are so full of abundance? No, it’s because their lives are empty/loveless/drug addicts/emotionless/gave up on themselves!!.......Strippers use $$$ex as a tool to get money!

Midway through the scale, ask any guy who came out of a divorce and he’ll tell you how sex was used as a “tool” to get him to sign on the dotted line for marriage…..after a year of marriage, sex drops off to next to nothing. (For the guys reading this, you know what I’m talking about)

The media really pushes sex! Because sex $$$ells!! And everybody, especially the younger generation, who are horny toads, “believe” the media!

Take for example a boy and girl who grew up on a farm who had no connection with the media, and compare them to a boy and girl who grew up in the city being completely influenced by the media. Not only would they “look” different…..their outlook/opinion on sex would be “COMPLETELY” different. ….(I can really see the city kids saying to the farm kids “go on! Give in to your desires!)

….so sex is a lure? A tool? A momentary sensation? A status? An Addiction?? a way to feel love? A way to get popular?.......sounds like animals??

….which brings me to: Recently I have come across information that we have a 2nd brain in our bodies! That’s right! It’s located in our “gut!” Scientists have found that there are millions of brain cells in our gut around/in our Solar Plex. This is our 2nd brain…the animal brain. (I would have just dismissed this information with a laugh)…..but, WAIT A MINUTE?? I have read this somewhere else??...…….in the “Master Key!” (written in 1912)….. This 2nd brain “controls” our primary brain (in our head) by demanding food, liquid, satisfaction for addictions, lust/sex, animal urges!!,……and by letting the 2nd brain control our “desires” we will live unhappy lives…a “hell” to be exact. These Monks I mentioned(for example) have “control” over the 2nd brain and are happy and full of love……and the prostitutes (for example) live by the 2nd brain and are empty, loveless, and mostly addicts of some kind.

….so casual sex sounds the same as casual alcohol, casual drugs, casual junk food… I too far off?? Sex is a drug! The smart ones use it as a tool!!


answered 03 Mar '12, 18:00

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eldoravo, yes we do have a choice to partake or not, to imbibe or not unless it is surrendered or under excessive duress

(07 Mar '12, 21:14) fred

well everything his 2 part; or has a duality. left right, male female, black white, negative positive etc. by uniting those duality you create and understand truth. male and female = kids off springs, black and white= contrast day and night, left brain right brain= creation of though in the cerebral cortex etc.. sex is creation union of 2 opposite how it relate to source? source is the creator and you are made in is image. experience and enjoy.


answered 07 Mar '12, 03:53

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white tiger

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Another good answer.

(11 Mar '12, 06:26) Paulina 1

@white tiger Everything HERE has duality. Source is Unity. We reach for that Unity because we instinctively know this.

Making Love is one of the ways we can achieve Unity, here and now, if only for seconds or minutes! Tantric Monks may take lifetime of rigorous, disciplined training to achieve Unity.

There are many paths that lead to the same mountain top.

(11 Mar '12, 06:42) Dollar Bill

Everything in moderation. I think SOURCE, being omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent made sex in order to continue a species existence. Life is to expand and grow and that which is most pleasurable would be the most important. Source made sex, ecstacy, joy, satisfaction, happiness, love, etc so that species will continue those activities that allow it to grow and expand.

Sex is a fundamental instinct in all animals including Humans.


answered 04 Mar '12, 09:39

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rplus, our thoughts may reflect the adventuresomeness of what it is for us or to settle forthat what is said to be as customary (by who?) could it be a necessary prerequisite for spiritual awareness, yet willed by choice even if over-run by desire or another lesson learned

(07 Mar '12, 21:24) fred

fred 1, I am the first to admit that human relations and intamacy is for character and spiritual development. (not necessarily a pre-requisite) I was saying that the act of sexual intercoarse is pleasurable for reason to continue reproducing the species. Only man can corrupt, defile, abuse, or sanctify this experience because of will.

(07 Mar '12, 22:01) RPuls

Halleluya, I finaly found an answer that dares to tells the truth. It was interesting reading all the answers but you RPlus can consider yourself of above average inteligence for you have hit the nail on the head and yes you are right the reason sex is so good is to make sure the human species survives at all costs.

(11 Mar '12, 06:25) Paulina 1
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To perpetuate the species, Otherwise we would go instinct. It's in our DNA and there is nothing we can do about it.


answered 05 Mar '12, 23:20

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The Knights Alchemy

There sure seem to be a lot of childless people out there "perpetuating!"

(06 Mar '12, 17:46) Dollar Bill

Spot on Knights Alchemy, The survival of the species is all important.

(11 Mar '12, 06:28) Paulina 1

Could this sexual union be something beyond one sexual organ crying out for another? Could that be just the physical yearning for a deep spiritual bond? A bond that transcends, by joining, the duality of male and female? A oneness? Yab yum? Tantric?


answered 03 Mar '12, 12:20

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Dollar Bill

dollar bill, what each of us has a masculine and feminine aspect, yet by physical design is alloted to man or woman. how close to the the other do we have to be to know of that what it is, or who we are

(03 Mar '12, 21:54) fred

@ele (Elle?) Love is the Law, Love under Will. All beings deserve Love. It is the Law. It is the basis of Source. I chose my capital letters carefully, but you know that.

When you receive a love letter, does it matter what Postman brought it? There is, after all, only one Postperson <grin>. only One.


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Dollar Bill

think Greek ... éleos

(21 Nov '13, 00:50) ele

Because human beings have to spend an inordinate amount of time raising their children to adulthood. The pregnancy period alone is longer than for most animals. While many animals can get pregnant/impregnate, give birth, and soon after abandon the offspring to fend for itself in the wild or to become an independent member of its society, human beings cannot. Human babies are completely incapable of surviving on their own and continue on a highly debilitated state for a long time. As such, pair bonding is critical for the well being of children and sex is part of the process of pair bonding. That aside, the other reason is that human beings have a very active imagination, while animals deal mostly with what is in front of them. Another critical factor is death awareness.

The reason infidelity is considered a horrible sin is because in monogamous societies, the husband has a duty to provide for and protect (with his life if necessary) his wife and their children. Most societies are monogamous because otherwise it is very difficult to keep children alive. Through most of history, there was no real "birth control" and no real "paternity test". As such, when a woman betrayed her husband she wasn't just "having sex" with another man, but making her husband liable to support another man's child, usually at great difficulty. Usually this sex would take place while he was working somehow to support her, adding insult to injury. Such a man would feel enslaved and defrauded and while I used to think this was horrible, I now actually understand the reaction of a man catching his wife cheating on him and immediately proceeding to kill both her and the man she was with. Strong sanctions against adultery were absolutely necessary for social cohesion. Remember, paternity tests are less than a hundred years old.

Men betraying their wives was not quite as serious (and was therefore, less frowned upon) but it wasn't harmless either. Women are rarely put in a position of having to raise another woman's child, certainly never unwillingly. They also historically (and in fact, still today) had to deal with a much smaller share of the burden of raising children. If a man had children with another woman he might end up shifting resources (both money and time) away from his wife to his mistress but that was pretty much the only serious consequence for women of male infidelity. Women are hurt because they sense they are losing power over their husband, while men are hurt because they sense they are being taken advantage of. One issue that was (and actually still is) important for both genders was disease.

These days we have a social safety net that has turned the state (or rather, taxpayers) into a kind of husband and we can actually check for paternity. Coupled with a liberalization of abortion and the widespread availability of birth (and STD) control, people now regard infidelity as a much less serious offense and promiscuity (and the expectation of promiscuity) is much more common. However, since this is deeply ingrained within the human psyche it is not likely to just vanish, especially since there are still very real issues with infidelity. It has however, made the issue more gender neutral because the heaviest portion of the "cheated husband" role is now played by all taxpayers (including women).

As a note, interestingly, we are also in a serious demographic decline that is only somewhat manageable because we keep extending life span. So perhaps our current system of promiscuity is completely unnatural and unsustainable and human beings actually need a hard-line sexual fidelity culture to prosper.

That answers the comparison between human beings and most other animals. How does all of this relate to source? I have no idea except to say that perhaps this is symbolic of the spiritual creative process and of the greater creative capacity of human beings.


answered 20 Nov '13, 18:55

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I don't know how I found this question or why I felt the need to post this answer. I kind of feel bad I did.

(20 Nov '13, 20:39) flowsurfer
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