I have often wondered about this. You can make the statement that "God or Source is the seat of joy, creativity and manifestation." But you can also make the statement that "The right-brain (the creative, intuitive part of the brain) is the seat of joy, creativity and manifestation.

Is there any difference? Does it matter from a philosophical standpoint that manifestations could just be, as Morpheus put it, "electrical signals in the brain?"

Or is what happens in the brain just a reflection or projection of what happens in the universe?

asked 09 Apr '10, 17:42

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Definitely a thought provoking question Vesuvius - I'm not sure I can even attempt to answer it. I tend to think that the right brain is what God or the Universe uses to work through us - hence we are able to tap into creativity we didn't know we posessed because it is coming through us from a higher consciousness. I'd be interested to read some other answers on this.


answered 09 Apr '10, 18:20

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I like this answer it does seem so that the abstract right brain is wired into no time or space limitation the Universal consciousness connection.

(10 Apr '10, 09:16) Wade Casaldi

This could be looked at from the bicameral mind point of view, before the human race evolved to it's present state the two halves where separate and thus when one side or the other side "spoke" it would seem like a voice from someplace else said something.

I have a good site to explain this more, the S.O.S. explains it in detail but you have to belong or have the books, but I do know a good video that explains it anyone can see.



answered 10 Apr '10, 09:34

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Wade Casaldi

Not so sure about the right brain being the universe or god source. However, if the god source is omnipresent and permeates everywhere, then it would conclude that god source is part of the brain. With that said, I would say the autonomic nervous system is connected to the cosmic and is regulated by the pituitary, pineal, and thalymus glands which all reside in the brain.


answered 10 Apr '10, 11:18

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