Astrology has been around for thousands of years. In the Hindu religion astrology plays a very significant role, birth charts are made for every newborn baby, traditionally marriages would be arranged after matching birth charts and still are in the traditional households. Even today auspicious times are considered for everything from weddings to shop openings. Futures are predicted, past lives are revealed all through astrological calculations. So how does LOA fit into all this?

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I Think Therefore I Am

If you strip away the fatalistic fortune-telling aspect, Astrology amounts to the mathematical study of the metaphysical cycles that underlie this physical reality.

You could say it provides a description of the background effects that we are all subject to by playing within the confines of this physical platform that we choose to incarnate in.

I think that, at the exact moment of birth, the birth chart (Natal Chart) is a remarkably accurate indicator of the individual's personality because it is a precise description of the vibrational doorway that the individual used to enter this physical reality.

And if that individual deliberately took little or no responsibility or conscious control for their life, the mathematics of Astrology would continue to predict quite accurately the various push-and-pull forces that would influence him or her throughout their life (Astrological Transits).

However, as soon as that individual did start taking conscious control of their life through, say, an understanding of the operation of the Law of Attraction, they would be able to step outside of the forecast trends and influences.

And while their natal chart would still be an accurate snapshot of their birth personality, it would no longer have much relevance to who they have now chosen to consciously become.

But since the vast majority of people on this planet still don't take much (if any) personal responsibility for their own lives, Astrology (in my view) still remains a fairly accurate indicator of who they are and what influences they are feeling from those background metaphysical cycles.

Hence the reason that Astrology has endured for thousands of years but still isn't accurate enough to satisfy the materially-based scientists' need for it to work all the time to be considered a valid science.


answered 05 Jul '10, 03:48

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Thanks Stingray. The distinction between taking responsibility for our lives and letting life play out itself makes a lot of sense.

(05 Jul '10, 08:46) I Think Therefore I Am
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