to anyone that believes that you need a specific thought of heaven to make it exists is a fool, one does not simply will death. you can not simply die through thinking about it. well maybe if you starve yourself to death, or eat yourself to death, wait freewill would have to cover every aspect for the concept to exists without an outside observer.

asked 12 Jan '13, 01:24

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Freewill?... of course you are free to choose from options, but you will always choose that option which you would have chosen anyway. It's just an illusion for those who feel in desperate need for the control over their lives.

(12 Jan '13, 08:22) CalonLan
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I would say it does.

Heaven is a state within you, which at the same time is around you.

So if you have freewill now in this state, you will still have it when you enter another state.

Remember heaven is allways within. Its not a place....but a state of being.



answered 12 Jan '13, 04:35

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Monty Riviera

I always thought heaven was the fifth dimension where we come from and where we operate these vessels from.

(12 Jan '13, 23:46) deleterjoe

It may well be Deterjoe, and if so my guess is that we will have all the freewill we have here, when were there. Or maybe are already!!

(14 Jan '13, 10:04) Monty Riviera

of course free will exist in heaven why do you think you are here right now? you decided to come to this world you have used your free will to come here. also you can use your free will to communicate with people in this world and in heaven.right now you experience free will to create stuff in this world with every one else in this world.if you add no free will you would be a robot.and would have no choice and could not speak for your self.You can also use your free will to be at peace,to understand,to love,to learn,to be in truth.And to experience this world like you decided in the very beginning when the holy father asked you if you wanted to have this experience.


answered 12 Jan '13, 21:44

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white tiger

edited 10 Feb '13, 23:54

Nope, in heaven you are your highest self of complete peace and happiness. The choice of suffering occurs here.


answered 10 Feb '13, 23:30

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