Are we all connected to the Universe in some unknowing way?

Is there truly a "Web of Life" that connects us all together in some vast way? Is Heaven part of that?

Blessings, Jai

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It is only the dualistic mind that perceives itself as seperate to All that is. The more we begin to awaken on this journey the more we realize that everything and everyone is interconnected and we are all part of one great system that goes through cycles and evolves. With this realization compassion and service take precedent over egoic self-satisfying needs and wants. It is no longer about us versus them because we are all One and we realize that by helping and giving we are in fact receiving.


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Well, Yes. We are all energy. We are connect to the earth, each other, God and plant life and all because we are made of the Earth the dirt of the ground and than God breathe the breathe of life into us and man became a living soul.

Here is a link of a neurologist of the brain and she had a stroke and live to tell about it from both sides of the fence it will amaze you how we are all connected. While she was having the stroke in the shower she notices that her arm had very tiny particles that blended into the shower which blended into the wall of the house and into the universe and she than said alright girl you are sick you need to get help stop analizing everything but she went in and our from the left brain to the right brain and she continue to get worse she was both the patient and the scientist and she tell her story.


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I believe there is a dimension just beyond our field of vision that supplies us as human beings with all basics that we need to survive.I believe that it is truly alive.

I see them as being an infinite mass of multi coloured, continuously flowing, microscopic energies.I see them as a harmonious, never ending stream of life force.

These energies are all independent rejuvenators of all life forms in this plane and each have a specific purpose.

I believe they also form our own personal vortexes and are our continuous link to Source.

I don't believe heaven or the other side exists in this Dimension.

And for whats its worth, thats the way I see it.

Love and Light


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I think prayer, clairvoyance, mental telepathy, dowsing, animal whisperers, greenthumbs all attest to this web of life.

In the Bible is says "what you do unto others you do unto yourself" and "What you do unto the least of the Brn you do unto Me" and "I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me"

All these sayings indicate a connectiveness.


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