Since we are infinite beings, and are here to simply experience various facets of life as offspring of God, then what is the point of even having religions, or 'life philosophies'?

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Doesn't that make you think what you believe might be wrong rather than all world religions and philosophers being wrong?

(20 Jan '13, 23:29) Kevin Flycatcher

Change the angle of the question and ask the right question. Otherwise you always get a wrong answer!

(21 Jan '13, 00:06) Kevin Flycatcher

We're here to serve and obey master slave as he terrorizes whole existence through our lives. He reaps what he saws through our beings. We are but mere means in his evil plan.

(21 Jan '13, 03:35) CalonLan
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Welcome to Inward Quest C1pher!

Yes, we are infinite and limitless beings and our true nature is pure limitless love. But because that can be a little bit boring at times :) we decided that we want to experience limitations. So we bought a flight ticket to earth where we heard one can experience some limits. Then we got a handy physical body that we inhabit for a while on earth now :). After the event we'll leave the physical body again and go back to realizing fully that we are infinite love and limitless beings.

So why not just live and let live? Because it's part of the game. Not letting live is part of the exiting limitation game just as live and letting live. And the irony of this is that your desire to live and let live is actually limiting behaviour. You try to limit others by wanting them to live and let live although there are many other ways to experience things. (no offense here, i just wanted to make a point:).

So at the end of the day all desires and preferences (such as wanting others to be religious or wanting to live and let live) are just limitations.

But does that mean that we do have to be part of all limitations such as religions or life philosophies? - No, because we have free will. So we can choose what limitations we want to experience. All things are neutral anyway. Just choose something and give it a meaning you like.

In the final analysis our true self or soul doesn't care what kind of experience we get out of the earth game. All experience is good and let's us expand. And expanding is the only job our soul has.

So all experience is reasonable and fine no matter how bad we feel sometimes. That can be quite frightening to the human brain when you think about it. Because what would "all is well" really mean at the end of the day?

  • War is a reasonable experience
  • Love is a reasonable experience
  • Killing is a reasonable experience (not only business as usual: killing animals, but humans too!)
  • Helping people is a reasonable experience
  • Having great fun while driving your car is a reasonable experience
  • Inventing things is a reasonable experience
  • Being depressive and suicidal is a reasonable experience
  • ...

This is what all is well actually means. After you leave your physical body you become limitless love again. Is Hitler limitless love together wie Ghandi now? Jack the ripper an inifinite being? Crusaders too? Yes, ultimately they and we ware all infinite and limitless love. And we're going to make a big party together after "death".


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Thank you, 'releaser99', for your response! It was more of a 'reminder' for what I already knew, and yet it was just as helpful as a question to which I did not know the answer. Since I'm new, and without enough points, then I remain unable to vote. However, I will be sure to do so when I am able.

(20 Jan '13, 22:46) C1pher

You are very welcome C1pher :).

(20 Jan '13, 22:58) releaser99

@C1pher your right it was helpful and insightful answer. and since I'm old here ;) I gave @releaser99 points for you ..ok and from me too..

(21 Jan '13, 02:50) ursixx

@C1pher Well I'm not old like @ursixx but I'm going to do the same as he did & vote both of you up. It was a very helpful & insightful answer releaser99. Welcome to IQ.

(21 Jan '13, 03:54) ele

@ele I'm not old I was just born a long time ago

(21 Jan '13, 04:07) ursixx

Thank you, @ursixx & @ele, for the votes!

(21 Jan '13, 08:57) C1pher

"So I say, "Live and let live." That's my motto. "Live and let live." And anyone who can't go along with that, take him outside and shoot the ############. It's a simple philosophy, but it's always worked in our family." - George Carlin

(21 Jan '13, 11:41) releaser99

release, it may not work the the way relate, though one may learn from any chosen experience that in itself does not necessarily make it good

(21 Jan '13, 16:10) fred
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