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In your opinion, which religion, spiritual discipline, or life philosophy is best for humanity's spiritual progression - and why?

asked 24 Jan '13, 20:38

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Barry Allen ♦♦

There is no such thing.

(24 Jan '13, 23:23) flowsurfer

My answer is pretty simple. Feel good anyway you can, simply because it feels good to do so.

(25 Jan '13, 16:59) Satori

All emotions generate from within, through ones choice.

(25 Jan '13, 22:56) deleterjoe

right angles only exist here.

(25 Jan '13, 23:03) deleterjoe
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To answer your question - in a word, my answer is Love.

The following is from author Dr. Robin Smith

What in the world makes us self-destruct? Why do we harm other people? Why do we dislike people who don't think like us, whose skin color is darker or lighter, whose religious affiliation is different from our own, whose sexual orientation is different?

Dr Robin Smith says the answer is that there is a lack of self love. Not narcissism, she says, but true self love. "What that means is that if I love myself, I'm able, I'm capable, I'm equipped with what it requires to love somebody else," she says. "I'm talking about loving yourself so much that you would never cause harm to someone, to a community, to a group of people, who are different than you.

When we don't feel good about ourselves, that we act out that poison on others. She says the way to turn the cycle around is to stop condemning ourselves. "We've all said things that are wrong, we've made statements that are biased, we've been unfair," she says. "But … when you speak negatively and say derogatory things about another human soul, another sacred life, you are not just chipping away at their well being, but you are eating away at your own core, at your own sense of goodness and well being. ~ Dr. Robin Smith

I'll end with this thought. It's Always about the Flow. The flow of love is giving & receiving.

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answered 25 Jan '13, 02:14

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(25 Jan '13, 03:02) ursixx

Love, yes the flow of love, beautiful ... now why didn't i think of that? ... but wait a minute, the law of love is synonymous to the law of attraction ... ever had the impression of going round in circles!? :)

(25 Jan '13, 03:41) blubird two

expand beyond the circle ...

(25 Jan '13, 10:59) blubird two

Thanks @C1pher ~ and Thanks for asking such a Great Question!

(18 Feb '13, 21:12) ele

@ursixx ~~~ your link ~~ still receive an error message. I know the song tho... Thanks...

(18 Feb '13, 21:14) ele
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that is a powerful question to ask,
as if there is only one best answer.
to utilized our powers, as intended,
by the MasterPlanner


answered 27 Jan '13, 14:11

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not so much a philosophy but I think two things will be required for humanity to progress

1) Non competitiveness- instead a focus on giving/we are all connected

2) and a precursor to the above- people being willing to step out, take risks and proclaim their truths and dreams (and live by those dreams, refuse to do anything else but follow their dreams- there by deflating the current detrimental and limiting institutions set up, and setting an example for others to follow suit- creating a world where everyone is following their soul's desire- and seed for growth- I think alot of people refer to this idea as atonement- biblical or non biblical, no question we are seeing this shift happen right now)

There is an excellent film that talks about these things also here:


answered 24 Jan '13, 21:34

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@Kanda Like your thinkin'! Looking at the diverse answers given; it seems you & I were thinking along the same lines. Is it because we are both female & the other users who answered this ? are not or is it something else? Which reminds me, you asked a ? a while ago & only received male 'point of views'. I have a slightly dif perspective. I'll have to locate that ? when I have more time.

(25 Jan '13, 05:27) ele

I totally understand! Not in an ego sort of way- but I really believe that women today are acutely aware of a re balancing coming into play- we are knowledgeable about the past imbalance-and have the choice now to step into an unprecedented kind of power... and yet we are beyond the 'militant feminist/anger' stage of the 2nd wave feminists- the dali lama said the "western woman will save the world"- it might have to do with this kind of thinking you and I are talking about. -->Solutions/actions

(25 Jan '13, 10:19) Kanda

No I would not say so. That is because I have an old Rosicrucian book that explains this.

The angels came and gave Earth religion, and in so doing, each country a religion that fit the people in that country.

So each has what is needed by them to progresses from the level of which they occupy. Each has what they can understand and deal with. As each is of a very different need for growth as souls, so each gets what is most advantageous to the requirement of that soul.

So the idea of a perfect religion for growth to fit the needs of all is a moot point.

Some people need a Rolls Royce to get from Point A to Point B. Others are happy with a Geo Metro. You can not make a car even to satisfy all people of all needs, and that is easy. How could we ever expect to make something complex as religion satisfy all people and all their needs?


answered 25 Jan '13, 00:51

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Wade Casaldi

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They made religion out of the understanding they add about the jewel that came to testify about the truth and it shall make you free,because in truth there is no more ignorance and division that cause truth there is light,the word is truth,worship in spirit and truth.


answered 25 Jan '13, 01:15

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white tiger

Hello C1pher

By definition spiritual means all that is other than physical ... and progression is a forward or onward movement. Humanity is largely conscious of the physical world, spiritual progression is the expansion of human consciousness into the invisible world.

The invisible world is the world of vibrations, of subtle energies, emotions, thoughts. We communicate with the invisible using symbols which act as relays, the symbol is always in contact with the original idea ... for example this is how we are now communicating using these 27 symbols abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz, 26 of which are well recognized ... symbols arranged in infinite numbers of combinations allow us to express our thoughts to other humans not only in writing but also using various sounds ... there is an infinite number of symbols that can be used, graphic drawings, physical objects, just in the range of alphabets there are many possibilities, greek, chinese, russian, and of course the english alphabet :)


answered 25 Jan '13, 01:54

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blubird two

@blu ... love your answer. I just love when the invisible becomes visible or when I realize the invisible is really the visible.

(25 Jan '13, 02:24) ele
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